5 Out-of-the-Ordinary Careers Ideal for the Highly Organized

You’re so organized, people tease you for it. Translate your talent into a career that requires your organization skills. You might picture the only career for an organized person is in a general business office, but there are many options for the highly organized you might not have considered. Whether it’s been a dream of yours to work in the medical field or in the hot-button political industry, there’s a job for your talents.

Health Care

Combine your passion for helping people with your talent for organization with a career in patient care services administration that offers stable work and competitive wages. Start off as a nurse or medical assistant for insight into the demands of the jobs and for ideas on how to streamline and transform the medical facility’s practices. Focus on administration as you earn your advanced degree and become a medical facility’s go-to person for providing health care efficiently in your community.

Volunteer Coordinator

No matter the cause that speaks to you, there’s an organization that provides support and aid to address the need. Although sometimes a strictly volunteer position, a volunteer coordinator is such an essential person in the typical charity’s operations that it’s more often a paid position perfect for a highly organized individual. As coordinator, you’ll be in charge of distributing supplies, budgeting donations and tasking volunteers and employees with the work to be done. You may also be in charge of efforts to get more volunteers and spread information about the organization.

Academic Researcher

Not everyone has the drive and analytical mind required for thorough academic research, but highly organized people often do. If you’re passionate about a subject, an academic research position may prove to be an even more rewarding career for you than professor or teacher. As a researcher, you’ll be in charge of collecting and analyzing data, running trial experiments (if appropriate for the subject), pouring through previous research and sources and producing unique conclusions. You’ll write papers, give presentations and meet with other likeminded individuals for engaging discussions about your field of study.

Political Consultant

If you’re passionate about politics, put your organizational skills to use as a political consultant. Rather than tying yourself only to campaigns, as a consultant, you’ll be in a position to manage a person from her initial interest in campaigning through her campaign and even with her image after election. You can switch from one candidate to another or even from one party to another as you earn a reputation in the field. Perform market research for a candidate’s viability and the issues most important in her district, brainstorm ideas for an election and manage the politician’s public image through speeches, appearances, websites and social media.

Financial Advisor

Whether it’s a person in his twenties eager to know when he’ll be able to afford a home and how much he should have in the bank to start a family or a couple nearing retirement wanting to make sure they have enough money to live off in their post-career years, people need financial coaching at every stage of life.

As an organized person with a passion for numbers and accounting, you’ll be able to put together a viable financial action plan for each of your clients based on income, assets and financial goals. Because life doesn’t go as perfect as planned, you’ll also be expected to adjust plans as necessary to reflect a job loss or decrease in wage, a divorce or a change in goals. Because you’re highly reliable and have a keen insight, counseling people about their financial goals will prove an excellent use of your talents.

The International OCD Foundation estimates between two and three million American adults have OCD. Whether you’ve gotten an official OCD diagnosis or you simply notice you have a strong desire to keep things organized, channel your talents into a stable career. People may tease that you’re too uptight, but there are careers in a variety of skills looking for people who can commit to the hard work necessary to keep things operating and organized. Stop focusing on the drawbacks of needing organization and celebrate the advantages by looking into an interesting career.