6 Cool Christmas Gifts for the Person Who Never Rests

We all know at least one person who never has time to sit down. With a schedule bursting with meetings, kids’ activities, social gatherings, and more, these people are always go-go-go, meaning they have very little room in their lives for extraneous and time-wasting junk. However, every year when the holidays roll around, we have to find something practical and heartwarming to give them, just the same. If you’re struggling to come up with a pleasant present for your busy recipient, here are some excellent and useful ideas for this Christmas.

1. Quick and Simple Cookbooks

Just because your recipient is busy doesn’t mean she should have to suffer through fast food and microwave meals. The benefits of cooking one’s own meals are countless and varied, from increased nutrition and safety to stronger connections with one’s friends and family. There are plenty of cookbooks available that provide simple instructions for quick and filling meals with few ingredients and steps. You should find one that offers recipes for the more important meals in the day — breakfast and dinner — to encourage your recipient to pay closer attention to their diet. You might even cook one of the meals together to demonstrate just how little a home-cooked meal intrudes on a busy schedule.

2. A Disposable E-Cigarette Kit

Many busy people take up smoking as a way to enjoy small breaks throughout the day. A smoke break is a short, calming period perfect for gaining temporary distance from the task at hand. However, smoking traditional cigarettes takes more time and money than most hardworking individuals have in a day. Not only must they find a location where smoking is permitted, but they must locate and purchase their perfect pack as often as once a day, which can become expensive. 

You can save your recipient this hassle by starting him or her off with their very own e-cigarette. These handy tobacco-less devices are gaining popularity as they are more customizable and potentially healthier than traditional cigarettes. A disposable e-cig is ideal for an on-the-go person who doesn’t have time to tinker with all the modifications and settings of a more complicated model; however, if he appreciates the experience an electronic nicotine device provides, he can further explore the world on his own.

3. Of-the-Month Clubs

Everyone has a pet interest, be it make-up, books, or fancy cheese, and for the most part, these fascinations aren’t substantial enough to take up time in a busy person’s schedule. You can encourage your recipient to indulge in her minor attraction throughout the year by giving any of the myriad of-the-month packages available for purchase. This present includes a shipment of samples once a month for a selected period, providing your recipient more than one opportunity to indulge in her neglected pastime. Plus, the gift is delivered right to her door, so she doesn’t have to worry about picking it up or seeking it out.

4. Stylish Notebooks or Covers

Pen and PaperBusy schedules tend to include weeks upon weeks of meetings, which means your recipient never has enough notebook space to keep track of everything. If you know just what kind of notebook your recipient uses, go ahead and purchase a few to add to their supply; the more fashionable or luxurious the notebooks, the better. 

However, if you aren’t sure what type of notebook they prefer it might be smarter to buy a stylish notebook cover instead. Notebook covers provide more durability and protection to their most important information while adding a touch of flair to separate him or her from the rest.

5. Instant Coffee

Drip coffee machines take forever, and more often than not, they still fail to provide a satisfying coffee experience. That’s why so many people are turning to quicker methods of achieving their caffeine high. If your busy recipient is still relying on good old Mr. Coffee for her daily (or hourly) caffeine fix, it’s time to encourage her to upgrade. The Keurig is the drip coffee machine for the 21st century, which eliminates the need for filters or coffee beans in favor of simple and handy K-cups filled with the good stuff. However, Keurigs can be costly, so if your budget doesn’t allow a coffee machine, opt for packages of instant coffee, instead. Starbucks’ Via is a popular and beloved choice for instant caffeine, but there are plenty of brands and varieties to choose from for your recipient.

6. A Vacation Package

When a busy person’s schedule becomes concerning, there is only one present that will slow them down: a prepaid vacation. Everyone has an ideal travel destination, and it’s likely your recipient has mentioned more than once just how much he wants to see Niagara Falls or spend time on a river cruise. There are plenty of affordable vacation packages that include world-class amenities and experiences, and if your recipient works as hard as you think, he deserves to relax in style.