7 Jeep Accessories Every Off-Roader Must Have Immediately

jeep car accessories

Jeep people are different from normal people. That is to say: If you drive a Jeep, you tend to be more adventurous on your weekends and open to new experiences.

Jeeps are superlatively excellent vehicles for plenty of reasons. Jeeps always have eye-catching design, which makes them some of the most desirable cars on the road, and one of the most recognizable. Jeeps are safe, with more protection against rolling and stronger restraints than other vehicles of their class. Jeeps are made in the United States, which means that whenever you purchase a Jeep from a local dealer, you are putting money back into the American economy. And, as most Jeep-lovers know all too well, Jeeps are rugged, which means they can withstand the ordeals of off-roading with ease.

However, that doesn’t mean Jeeps couldn’t do with a few custom upgrades to make the Jeep off-roading experience even more thrilling. Here are a handful of Jeep accessories that make off-roading more exhilarating, more comfortable — and easier to clean up afterwards.

1. Door Hanger

One reason so many drivers gravitate toward Jeeps is its removable doors, which add to the sense of freedom and risk during off-road adventures. Yet, it feels sacrilegious to toss a Jeep’s doors on the garage floor. Instead, a strong and sturdy hanger can store the precious doors while off-roaders are away, keeping the doors scratch-free and safe.

2. Washable Seat Covers

Off-roading is dirty work; off-roading in a Jeep with the doors removed is even dirtier. While a mud-covered vehicle is a badge of honor for the days following a fulfilling off-road excursion, most off-roaders don’t want to find that dirt and dust all over their clothing come Monday morning. Thankfully, off-roaders can purchase washable, stain-resistant seat covers to protect their Jeeps’ interior upholstery for times when muddiness isn’t a source of pride.

3. Device Mount

Keeping both hands firmly on the wheel is important no matter the terrain, but when a track is riddled with ruts and rocks, maintaining control of a vehicle is absolutely paramount. That’s why off-roaders need a dashboard mount for any devices they need during their excursions. Plenty of new model Jeeps come standard with excellent technology panels, and most allow for easy connection with devices. With a properly installed mount, devices are near enough to check navigation guides or quickly switch songs, but they are far enough to prevent distraction when the road gets rough.

4. Exhaust Jack

Wheels and tires are some of the most integral parts of any vehicle, but is particularly important to keep them rolling during an off-road adventure. When Jeeps become mired in the mud or a tire pops from the pressure, off-roaders need a fast and easy way to get going again. Exhaust jacks connect to a vehicle’s exhaust and inflate to lift it out of ruts or off the ground. The balloons can withstand 8,800 pounds of pressure and work fast, so off-roaders can get back to business in no time.

5. Switch Panel

Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 8.04.02 PMMost avid off-roaders augment their rigs with extra lights, speakers, and compartments to suit their special needs. Unfortunately, in most vehicles (sadly, Jeeps included) unused dashboard space is at a minimum, so there are precious few spaces to add auxiliary controls. Switch panels are excellent space savers and attractive on the dash, so they provide the perfect solution to control conundrums. Plus, off-roaders with a sense of humor can add novelty switches to make passengers chuckle.

6. Heavy Duty Floor Liner

Off-roading, when done properly, results in a mess that make mothers everywhere tear out their hair. Mud gets places most people don’t know exist, and when (not if) it gets inside, it can be nearly impossible to eradicate. The more durable an off-roader’s liners, the easier it is to clean up most of the mess.

7. Hammock

After a long excursion, most off-roaders just want to lie back and relax, and most Jeep lovers will attest that the world holds no more peaceful place than their vehicles. Fortunately, one savvy company created a hammock that is easily hung from the cage of the Jeep. When the day is won, off-roaders can start to unwind without even leaving their vehicles.