Advantages of buying a Used Car


There are number of reasons why going for a used car is a good and sensible idea for car buyer. The following are some of the arguments in favor of a used car vs new car.

Affordability: Used cars are usually available at reasonable prices as the old car discounts the prices big time considering the depreciation of the vehicle.

Large selection: Used car agencies usually have a wide range of cars varying from several makes and models and you just need to pick the car that’s just made for you.

Car facts check available: The used car market is now highly organized that every car that’s out there for sale can be tracked for any past accident records, body repairs etc by using services such as carfax. Hence the reliability factor is higher than ever before while going for a used car.

Lower or no sales tax: Depending on which state you buy your used car from, there are sales tax benefits. In some states, when you buy from private sellers, there are no sales tax at all.

No wait period: Unlike some car brands, you don’t have any wait period for used cars that is applicable to customized new cars.

Lower insurance premium: Since insurance premium is directly linked to the market value of the vehicle, slighly used cars get the benefit of lower insurance premium.

New car vs Used car

On the flip side, the used cars may have the disadvantages that the manufacturers warranty, roadside assistance and free services may have already expired. Also, the used cars in certain countries come with a higher loan interest rate.

A lot of people believe that new cars come with an added reliability factor. In fact, this is not always true. Modern motor cars are build to last 100 or 120 thousand miles and hence buying a car with 40 or 50 thousand on the odometer is no ask riskier as it used to be.

Good luck for finding your dream used car!