Tips To Online Shopping

Online shopping is the best way to shop today. It is convenient, easy and most often cheaper than shopping in store. But, online shopping can be tricky if you don’t know where to look and how to do it. Stick to these tips next time you online shop to get the best products at the best price.

The most important thing you can do when you online shop is to shop around. There are so many different online retailers who all compete for your business. If you are looking for a specific product that one website doesn’t have, go onto the next. Taking this simple step can you get features like free shipping, discounts and more. Shopping around will help you find the best possible product.

When you are shopping around, I recommend using search engines to look up these products. Type the item name, brand, or number into the search engine to find the product you are looking for. Utilizing search engines is a great way to compare price. The results will show you the product at many different stores and often, different prices. Compare these prices to find not only the cheapest product, but discounted shipping or additional savings. Utilizing search engines is a great way to find the product you want at the best price.

Next, you should research the product you are shopping for. This tip especially applies to bigger purchases. When you are shopping for something that is very expensive, it is important to do research before you buy the product. I recommend doing this research on an online resource like A website like this offers tons of information on a lot of different products. It is a great place to learn information about your potential purchase. Additionally, a website like this can help you price compare on your purchase. Because they carry so many different products, you can find the best price. A resource like is a great example of how online shopping improves your shopping experience.

Most online retailers offer reviews of their products. A great trick to online shopping is reading these reviews before you purchase an item. People tend to dislike online shopping because you cannot see the product in real life before you purchase it. But, reading reviews is a great way to get a real feel for the product. Reviews often comment on the size, quality, features and use of the potential product. They are written by real customers and answer your questions about the product. The review feature helps you online shop confidently knowing good information about the product.

Lastly, always check discount and coupon sites before you purchase your item. Today, there are so many different wholesale and coupon websites that can help you save big on your purchase. Though it takes some time, I recommend checking these before you buy your item. Utilizing these sites can help you save more on the product or website you are already looking at. They are a great feature of online shopping and can help you find the best product.

Online shopping has revolutionized the shopping industry. With many retailers now offering fast and free shipping, it is easier than ever to online shop. Checking discount sites, doing your research, utilizing search engines, reading reviews and shopping around will get you the right products at the best price. These tips are sure to help you save money and feel confident in your online purchase.

Driving Offenses: When You Need a Criminal Lawyer

Today, owning and driving a vehicle has become so generalized and integrated in our lives that we tend to trivialize careless driving. Have you never used your smartphone while driving? But the road is a danger zone. And this is why lawmakers had to set up some rules to protect both vehicle users and pedestrians.

Driving a motorized vehicle in Canada requires an official driving license and the observance of traffic regulations. With the right to drive, come responsibilities and duties. Behind a wheel, you are responsible for your security, the security of your passengers and of pedestrians or other vehicles around you.

The Canadian Criminal Code is crystal clear: driving offenses are punished under Criminal Law. Penalties can reach up to $50,000 or a jail sentence. It is essential to seek a criminal lawyer’s counsel if you have to plead your case before the Court.

Do Not Underestimate Your Crime

‘Small’ mistakes like underestimating the braking distance, bad handling, a few kilometers per hour over the speed limit, checking your smartphone, talking to a passenger, dangerous driving etc. could lead, in a split second, to someone losing their life because they were crossing the street at the wrong moment.

If you are guilty of any of these, you are breaking the Law, and depending on the damages caused, you might have to face a Judge in a Criminal Court. You then will face, if guilty, not only a cancellation of your driving license, a significant fine, but you could also get some jail time. Contrary to public belief, driving offenses are not only made up of speeding and parking tickets. Driving offenses are also made up of:

• Dangerous driving causing bodily harm or death;
• Failure to stop during police control, causing bodily harm or death;
• Street racing;
• Fleeing the scene of an accident or failure to provide assistance;
• DUI;
• Refusal to obey a road officer’s order;
• Manslaughter;

If you are charged with one of these felonies, your situation must be taken very seriously. For these highway traffic offenses, you will need a criminal lawyer.

Preparing to Defend Yourself Before a Court

Because of a bad decision or a lack of attention you will be asked to defend yourself. You had better be prepared. A repeated reckless driving offense, or multiple fines, may result in the opening of a criminal record and the appearance before the Judge. To challenge the charge or plead your innocence, you will have to negotiate with the Prosecutor, which is really complex without the assistance of a legal counsel. A Criminal Lawyer may obtain an acquittal, a reduction of penalties, or build your defense in order to bring forward your non-liability, provide additional evidence, negotiate, or make a request for remission. It could be really complex and hard for someone who is not comfortable with the legal process to defend their case. In case of recidivism, a traffic lawyer could prevent the accumulation of your convictions which would have made matters worse.

Did you know that breath test results cannot be used to prove impaired driving if they are not read by an expert? A lawyer does. You can ask for a lawyer before giving a breath sample if you are accused of drinking and driving.

If you cooperate, in the case of a minor offense (parking ticket, speeding …) plead guilty and pay the amount of your penalty without further debate. Clearing your fine will discharge your traffic violation offense. But, if you refuse to clear the fine and dispute the infringement, you are pleading not guilty. The next steps are the notice of court hearing and the trial. Ponder a consultation with a lawyer to know your rights and the risks you are facing. A consultation is a small investment which can save you much larger expenses in the end.

How to Make Your Home More Attractive

An attractive home can be a source of pride for its owner. Well-appointed interior design and beautiful landscaping can also lead to a higher resale price when it is time to sell the property.

How to beautify the interior and exterior of your home?

Everyone seems to want to offer their opinion on this subject, but their tips can often contradict each other. For example, some people will tell you that taking a do-it-yourself approach is best because you will be investing time instead of actually having to put money into your home. Others will say that a better return on investment will only come from hiring a professional to make the necessary improvements.

There are good arguments for each of these home improvement strategies. It is also possible to combine them, or, at least, look into the possibility of combining them. You can get professional advice before starting any home beautification projects and then decide which improvements you can do yourself and which you should hire a professional to help you complete.

Professionals should be able to tell you what improvements will add the most value to your home. This is why it is a good idea, for all landscaping changes to get professional advice. The same is also true for interior design projects.

Here are some things that professionals are most likely to tell you when you ask them what you can do to make your home more attractive inside and out.

Create an interesting look by painting trim or staining wood features

Instead of painting the entire home a new color, you can simply change the color of the trim or stain wood doors and window frames. This can add visual appeal to the home. Also, it is relatively easy and cheap (even if you hire a professional).

Install paving stones

Paving stones can make landscaping much more attractive. A new walkway through the garden, an enhanced patio, a cobblestone path through the front yard: these elements can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your outdoor spaces. Of course, the quality of the installation of paving stone features is important when it comes to the actual overall value of the improvement. Keep in mind that the materials can cost quite a lot, and professional landscapers may be able to get them for a lower price. This means that the cost of hiring a professional may actually not be much more than it would cost to take the do-it-yourself approach.

Lower your outdoor maintenance time with the right plants and flowers

You can enjoy some short term benefits by creating a more attractive outdoor area using carefully selected plants. How does this work? Certain plants, trees, grasses and flowers are easy to care for. A landscaper will be able to help you choose species that are attractive AND low maintenance. You can not only enjoy a more attractive home with a higher resale value, but you can also lower the amount of time that you have to spend caring for the plants on your property.

Upgrade the lighting

Lighting can make a home more attractive both indoors and outdoors. Solar-powered lights can bring some attractiveness to the landscaping at nighttime, when plants and paving are invisible. Indoors, recessed lighting, LED strings and other modern installations can create a modern, welcoming ambiance. Because of the wiring involved, these projects usually require professional expertise. However, the benefits, both in terms of value and attractiveness, can make lighting improvements a worthwhile investment.

With professional help, you can increase attractiveness and value with improvement projects both indoors and outdoors.

10 Ways to Earn and Save More in the Spring

This is a guest post from Pauline of

Spring is just around the corner, and what better time for a little spring cleaning of your finances? Today we will cover areas of your financial life that may help you save more, earn more, and invest better.

  1. Have a financial audit

It is not as bad as it sounds, with a quick audit, that should take you a few hours at most, we are going to make sure you are not spending in areas that don’t bring you value, or paying more than you should for products and services you do need.

Going through a few months of bank statements, try to challenge your expenses. Are you still going to the gym? Now that the weather is getting better, it may be time to cancel and go for hikes instead. Do you watch enough cable to justify your monthly fee? Can you transfer your credit card balance to a 0% deal and stop paying interest for the next 12 months? A one time phone call to your internet or utility provider to get on a better deal can save you a couple hundreds over the course of the year.

Also make sure you open a high yield savings account to earn interest on your cash, instead of keeping it in checking.

  1. Use your tax refund wisely

A tax refund is not free money. It is money worked hard to earn, and overpaid to the state, that is being given back to you. With the average tax refund from the IRS around $2,800, we are talking serious money. You don’t want to spend it mindlessly. Since you weren’t missing it before, that is the perfect time to open a brokerage account and start investing it.

Pick a low fee broker, and simply start with index funds. You don’t need to understand much about investing to get started. Just know the average returns for the S&P500 over the past 30 years are over 8%, and that is much better than any instant access saving account on the market right now.

But if you are in debt, you will get even better returns by paying off your credit cards or any outstanding balance with a high interest rate.

  1. Prepare for Spring break

And summer holidays, while you are at it. You will need cash, so make a budget, and divide the sum you need by the number of weeks until your holiday. That is how much you need to save every week. Better yet, start locking out the best deals in flights and accommodations, instead of waiting until the last minute.

Consider a cheaper holiday, like a road trip to a nearby state, or a camping trip to a state park.

  1. Go out!

During the winter, you were probably tempted to meet with your friends at a coffee shop, or order comfort food from the take out. Now that it is getting warmer, and the days are starting to get longer, it is time to go out. Meet in a park and bring a picnic, dust off your bike and go cycling, or try Meetup for fun activities with people from your town.

Exercising outside will allow you to ditch the gym membership as mentioned earlier, and doesn’t require more than a pair of shoes and an old t-shirt.

  1. Check your local calendar

There are tons of free events all year round, but spring is a great period for cultural events, outdoor concerts, garage sales, and more. The nearby college, the free newspaper, or the city’s Parks and Recreation department should have a calendar listing all these cool things. Instead of resorting to the usual diner and a movie, get creative and use these for affordable dates or family outings.

  1. Get a side hustle

It is easy to get lazy in winter, and just want to go home and snuggle by the TV after work. But with more daylight, you should have more energy and time to make money on the side. You could either look for one off ideas, such as selling water bottles at a sports event, or more regular activities, like tutoring a kid after school to make sure they finish the school year strong. Many side hustles don’t require you to spend a lot of money, if at all. If you are just going to market your skills, like with tutoring, or offering a service to your neighbors such as dog walking, you can get started in no time. Just ensure you will have time to commit for a few months if the job requires you to do so.

You can use the extra money to pad your holiday savings, pay off your debt, or simply for fun money.

  1. De-clutter

De-cluttering your space will make you feel good, and can make you money too. You can organize a garage sale or try to sell your stuff online. Go over your books, clothes, and any item you haven’t used in a while. While you are at it, try to organize all your important documents in one place. That will save you a lot of time later. And make sure the things you don’t use regularly are still working. Nothing worse than needing that leaf blower and finding out it’s broken. Fixing up things is generally not as complicated as it seems, there are tons of tutorials online and it is a cheap hobby!

What other suggestions do you have to earn more and save more during spring?

Tips on Travelling to Paris

Paris is a beautiful city that’s normally incredibly welcoming to tourists. Even if you had never visited before, there is a good chance that your trip will go off without a hitch. However, if you want to get the most out of your trip to Paris and avoid any negative situations, here are some useful tips:

Bring a decent pair of walking shoes

Paris is big and driving is a big no-no. You’ll find that there is no on-street parking in Paris, a lot of streets can be quite narrow and some of the best places to see are all within walking distance of each other. Even cabs can be very expensive, so ditch the wheels and pick up some comfy shoes that won’t let you down when you need to walk long distances. If the distance is especially long, simply use the Metro.

Put the diet on hold for a day

While it’s still important that we keep our health in mind, if you visit Paris you’re not going to get the full experience without tasting some of the amazing food. Sure, the salads are nice, but you won’t find anything like a real Parisian Croque Monsieur or Paris Brest anywhere else in the world. So, give yourself a treat and taste some of the best things about Paris.

Dress respectfully

If you intend on visiting the churches and religious sites it’s important that you cover up. Absolutely no shorts should be worn in the churches or cathedrals and bring a jacket to cover your shoulders and midriff if you have them exposed. While you might not necessarily be kicked out for dressing down, it is considered to be very disrespectful, so be careful.

Get an EHIC card

If you live in Europe and you’re travelling to Paris it’s a good idea to play it safe and apply for an EHIC card or look into renewing the E111 card. These cards will give you a certain amount of health insurance while you’re visiting Paris, which is always useful to have. If you haven’t got one of these cards you can apply for and receive one for free from the official EHIC website.

Secure your belongings and look out for scams

While it’s not particularly common, around certain busy tourist sites in Paris you can find some pickpockets and scammers. Be cautious around ATM machines and any people selling things near the monuments. To avoid being pickpocketed, keep your luggage secure and close to you. Don’t keep your belongings in your pockets and if you have zips on your bag keep them zipped up. You might want to even consider putting some small padlocks on pockets if you want to be extra careful.

Learn some basic French

To get the best service in shops and restaurants and to avoid some uncomfortable conversation, you should learn at least a few French phrases before you visit Paris. You should always greet the servers with “Bonjour Madame/Monsieur” when you enter an establishment and thank them when you leave. By at least trying to speak a little French as you’ll receive a much warmer welcome than you would if you were to just shout at them in English!

How to Make a Living Day Trading

The minute you tell someone you are a full-time day trader, everyone wants to know “how.” Well, in today’s blog post we are going to walk you through the first five steps on how to make a living day trading.

Start Calling Yourself a Day Trader

You have to first believe you are one before you can become one. Pretty Zen, right? Day traders have confidence and part of that confidence comes from knowing they “can” do something; not that they “will” do something, or that they will “try” and do something. From this point on you are a day trader. Now you have to figure out how to make a living being one.

Get Your Equipment in Order

If you want to make a living day trading, you are going to need the right tools. Here is what we consider the day trading starter kit:

  • a dedicated place to work (this can be your home office, an executive office you rent, or a quiet Starbucks but you need to find somewhere where you can concentrate and not be distracted);
  •     a highly functioning laptop and fast internet connection (you do not want to miss selling that tanking stock because your computer crashed or your internet is too slow); and
  • time (dedicated, non-distracted, fully alert, not watching ESPN, not doing laundry time).

Find a Community

You are not reinventing the wheel here, learn from the people who have already figured out how to make a living day trading. Warrior Trading is our favorite place to find a community because they put a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips and their chat room is both friendly and welcoming to beginners but also engaging enough for more advanced traders. And don’t forget to connect with DayTradeWarrior on StockTwits. Trust us, you do not want to miss his mid-day recaps!

Set Time and Money Goals.

Set your work hours and set money goals. Start slow in regards to both and ramp up as you get more comfortable with the systems and processes. Make sure you schedule time off. Some beginners make the mistake of diving head first into the deep end of the pool and quickly realize they forgot their life vest. Healthy, well-balanced day traders are more likely to find success making a living day trading.

Now, you are all set to start making a living day trading. Best of luck to you and let us know in the comments below what questions you may have about how to make a living day trading. You never know, you might just inspire our next blog post!

5 Tips For Going To America

If there is one thing people love most about crossing the Atlantic and visiting the states is that it’s all about chance and being able to take part in new experiences. The country’s spirit is reflected in America’s bold outlook and ever evolving nature. From the stoic skyscrapers of New York to the beautiful rolling hills of California, America is such a fantastic place to get acquainted with another part of yourself and try things that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. Brits in particular are fascinated with America’s youth in comparison to that of Europe – America has only been alive for a few centuries, whereas Europe has a history that can be traced back thousands upon thousands of years. If you are looking to travel to America this year, here are a few tips to get you by, regardless of when or where you go…


Before you book your trip, it is very important to apply for an ESTA, as the UK is part of the Visa Waiver Programme that means that those countries part of the programme are able to apply for a piece of documentation called an ESTA rather than have to apply for a full blown visa. An ESTA grants you entry into the states and was introduced shortly after the Twin Towers attack in 2001. It essentially runs a background check and ensures that you are safe to enter the US. Without an ESTA you will not be allowed entry into America, so it is imperative that you apply for one by visiting this website:

Sales Tax

When shopping in America, it is important to remember that when looking at the price of something, the price is not what you will pay as the sales tax that most states have is not included on the sticker or label. The actual cost of the item that includes tax will be determined at the checkout which is certainly something to keep in mind when you are only carrying certain amount of money with you or are budget conscious. And no, there is no tax refund like the VAT that is possible in other parts of the world, although if you are shipping back to the UK you may not have to pay tax.

Medical Insurance

Be sure to purchase substantial medical insurance before you go to America as it can be hard for many Brits to realise just how expensive medical treatment can be in America. A broken leg can set you back $9,500! Also bear in mind that you will have to pay first and then apply for reimbursement when you return to the UK, so you should have access to funds.


Tipping is common courtesy in the US and since Brits are notoriously tight tippers, it will be helpful to remember that tipping is commonplace in America and comes in at about 15-20 per cent of the service you receive.


Go easy on the swearing when you are visiting America as most American’s don’t swear a lot, particularly in the South where they might apologise for saying ‘damn’! Similarly, while it can be interesting, don’t start a discussion on politics, religion, guns, obesity or war.

Three Ways to Stay Connected with New Clients

Your customers are the lifeline of your business. Every successful business owner understands the importance of having great customers. To ensure the loyalty of your customers, you have to be able to connect with them on a consistent basis. Competitors, hectic schedules, and technology can all get in the way of staying on the same page with your customers. A lot of business dealings include the use of technology, which can hinder the personal touch you want to provide your clients.

To make sure you remain connected, you want to utilize the technology to really get to know your customers and have them get to know you as a business. Here are some ways to get started:

Hold an Event

Even though your goal as a company is to sell a product or service, you must first educate your customers on what exactly your business is about.One way to show them who you are is to hold a conference. With so much technology surrounding us, it has never been easier to connect with your customers all over the world. However, nothing says customer service like meeting in person. New product launches and innovations are best presented face to face.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use technology to make your event special. Using a conference app like DoubleDutch, you can enhance the conference experience for you and your clients. You get access to real-time analytics and data streams that may, over time, improve your ROI. Attendees get access to conference schedules, more information, vendor contacts and more.

Use this opportunity to introduce yourself as a company and get a little more in depth about what you believe in. You can also use a conference app to help get your attendees engaged and excited about your products using live marketing.

Utilize Data

One way to really get to know what your customers are about and spend time engaging with them is through real-time data. People of all ages are flocking to social media to connect with friends and family members. You can tap into what’s trending during your event and stream it into other avenues, allowing more people to connect to your company. It also allows you to see what your customers are particular interested in and what they may not be. Even more so, you can build a community with your customers so that they remain loyal and attached to your company. This also provides you a way to stay on top of trends so you can adjust your business model to remain active and present in the industry.

Improve Your ROI

There are numerous ways to get your company’s products and services in front of your clients, but you have to turn your client’s purchases into a profit. In order to do this, you can use the conference app to improve your ROI. Tracking data trends and getting your attendees excited can help improve your sales and business. In return, you walk away with a bigger profit with less invested.

Why You Might Choose To Move Abroad

Thousands of people leave the UK every year and settle in another country. There is a big world out there, waiting to be explored, and there’s nobody saying you have to stay in the place you were born for your entire life. Moving abroad can provide plenty of opportunities to try a new career or progress in your existing one, meet new people and live in a climate preferable to the one you currently live in. here are some of the key reasons that many people choose to move aborad.

Job Opportunities

Careers are among the most common reasons for people to leave the Unite Kingdom and live abroad. In some cases their company is expanding into new territories and they’ve been chosen to head up things abroad. Alternatively they may be actively seeking new employment opportunities, they skills could lie in a saturated industry but there are more options abroad. Relocating offers a fresh start for many people every year who find the job of their dreams waiting for them across the ocean.


British weather can be dreadful, at best, the majority of the time, with very brief sporadic bursts of warm sunshine. Many companies who provide international removals to Spain that high numbers of people move abroad because of the warmer weather and pleasant living conditions. A Spanish villa with its own outdoor pool that you can use all year round should be a mouth watering prospect, and it certainly beats waiting for the bus in London during torrential rainfall.


A lot can happen in a very short space of time, and 2016 is the ultimate testament to that fact. With the high number of celebrity deaths, big political changes like Brexit and the US Presidential race, it’s not surprising that a large number of people have had enough of where they live. Moring abroad provides the opportunity of a fresh start in a new country, a new neighbourhood and the chances to make new friends and experience an entirely different culture and way of life.

Cost Of Living

Statistically, Britain is the 12th most expensive country to live, and when you break it down, the goods and services we receive aren’t light years ahead of everybody else’s. With that in mind, it makes sense to move abroad (and providing you can find a job that offers the same pay) and you can make your wages go a lot further than they do in the UK. You should even have a lot more money left over that you can put towards things you really like, possibly leaving a bigger pension once you retire, and along you way you can have much more time to relax in the sun.


Thanks to the internet, the world has become a much smaller place. It’s now possible have real time conversations with your friends in Australia while you’re relaxing in your London flat. More than 35% of relationships start online today, which means it’s not unfathomable to meet the love of your life online who happens to live in a completely different country. In that scenario, one of you may decide to move to the others country so your life together can really begin.

Ways to Get Money when Your Credit Sucks

Credit scores seem to dictate your financial future. If you happen to have a bad credit score it can seem nearly impossible to get the money you need. Thankfully, there are a number of options open to you. It’s still possible to get money when you have a low credit score. This article is going to show you some of these options.

Get a Credit Card for Those with Bad Credit

Need a small loan? You might not qualify for the best credit cards but there are still cards available to you. These cards are designed for people who need help with rebuilding their credit scores. The credit limit may amount to no more than $500, but if you need a small amount of money fast they can be great. In many cases the lenders perform no credit checks for a loan. More importantly, using them correctly will help you to repair your credit score.

Opt for a Payday Loan

Payday loans are short-term loans that can allow you to borrow in excess of $5,000. These are for the emergencies that hit before you get paid; hence the name. These loans are designed for short-term use only, which is why they always come with high interest rates. Make the repayments and you’ll never be hit by these enormous rates. Shop around online for lenders. The money can be in your account on the same day and you can take advantage of online calculators to help you with determining how much you’ll eventually have to pay back.

Consider a Secured Loan 

Sometimes you have to think about a secured loan instead. Secured loans are better because they rarely take into account your credit score. A pawn shop is the best example of a secured loan. You submit a valuable item and if you don’t pay the money back you lose that item. The item is always worth more than the loan, so the lender never loses out. A type of secured loan is a mortgage. As you can see, if you have an asset you can get one of these loans.

A Cosigned Loan

Some lenders will give you money if you can find a cosigner to guarantee that loan. The way it works is if you fail to pay back the loan the cosigner is responsible. The cosigner can be anyone from a family member to a friend. Think about whether you can pay the money back before asking someone to take this position of responsibility.

Borrow from Family and Friends

A final alternative is to borrow money from family and friends. Tell them what you need the money for and ask if they’ll grant you your request. Set down the terms of the loan in writing and treat it as seriously as you would treat a loan from a bank.

Conclusion – There are Options

As you can see, there are options on the table for those with bad credit that need a loan. Take a look at which one works for you based on your personal financial circumstances.

How will you get money if you have a low credit score?