Best Female Comic Book Characters and Super Women

Comic book characters - Female

Most people have grown up with comic books and have fond memories of flipping through those colorful pages and reading the word balloons. Comic characters have entertained millions if not billions of kids worldwide. Comic books usually center on a superhero and the superhero is the main character. The comic book character of a superhero always fires up the imagination of young as well as those young at heart. The popularity of comic book characters can be testified by the fact that many of these comic book characters have raked in billions of dollars for the movie business. Besides comic books with a superhero protagonist and an evil genius, comic characters have also been based on ordinary people as in the eternal Archie’s series which is extremely popular among tweens as well as teenagers.

Female Comic Book Characters

Comic have usually been the domain of male superheroes with few main female characters. Though, few some female characters have left their mark in the comic world. Top female characters include female characters cast in villainous as well as heroic roles. The most popular female cartoon character is probably Catwoman of the Batman series. Catwoman had made her first appearance in 1940 and has undergone many changes since then but she still continues to attract many fans. Mary Jane Watson of the Spiderman series on the other hand is one of the few women cast in a positive role in comic Dom.

The comic character of Mary Jane had one of the most remarkable opening lines in comic book history. Mary Jane was the love interest of Peter Parker the Spiderman to begin with but with time she emerged as a very strong character herself, Mary Jane proves her strength in the controversial 2007 version of The Amazing Spiderman. Mary Jane evolved from the role of damsel in distress to become a hero of her own kind in her own right.

Female characters presence in popular mainstream comic books is breaking a boundary in itself but the character of Storm from the X-Men breaks more than just that one boundary. Storm is one of the first female characters to be given African-American origin with the power to control the elements of weather. Perhaps the most well rounded female characters of all times, Storm also lead the X-Men. Other popular female characters include Barbara Gordon as Batgirl of the Batman Series, Wonder woman, Sue Storm of the Marvel Universe and more.

So, who’s your favorite female comic book character?