Black Friday Meaning

black friday meaning

Black Friday means just shopping frenzy for most of United States but have you ever thought why is it called Black Friday?

Black Friday is the immediate next shopping day after Thanksgiving. It’s called black because historically employers gave this day off for their employees to help them with shopping but it remained black due to many road accidents and at times even violence and stampede when so many people went to the streets to grab post Thanksgiving shopping deals. The police department termed it Black Friday due to the huge traffic jams and overcrowded streets and sidewalks that gave headache to the law enforcers.

When is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the Fourth Friday in the month of November, which immediately follows the Thanksgiving day (fourth Thursday of November). It is used by the vendors and shops for massive discount on shopping in order to clear excess items post Thanksgiving. The Black Friday denotes the start of Christmas shopping season in the United States which continues till the year end. Most consumer electronics, home appliance, clothes shopping deals are at their best during the Black Friday shopping season than any other time.

Black Friday in 2011 was on November 25th and 2012 Black Friday date will be November 23.

The Monday following Black Friday is known as the Cyber Monday and it symbolizes another shopping spree after the weekend break.

There has been many stampede related deaths reported during Black Friday shopping madness. It is hence advised that you go for Black Friday deals online than venturing into the nearby shops and risking yourself. It indeed marks the start of the celebration and festival season for your family but safety has to be given utmost priority.