The bride’s mother will take longer to choose an outfit

It should not really come as a surprise to hear that some mothers of the bride will take around six days longer than their daughters in choosing the perfect outfit for the big day, according to research.

While a bride will take around 12 days looking at wedding dresses to choose ‘the one’, and many of them will choose their gown in their first visit, it’s not quite the same case for grooms or the mother of the bride.

That’s because they will take, on average, an incredible 18 days to choose their outfit for the wedding and visiting more than one outlet looking for designer wedding dresses which will offer them a variety of tastes and budgets.

One reason for this is that many mothers have been dreaming about their daughter’s wedding day for many years which means they believe they need the perfect outfit for the perfect day.

This delivers a challenge for the mother of the bride who then must take advice to avoid wearing the same colors, or even the same style, as the groom’s mother is wearing. However, the research reveals that just two in five mothers will know what their counterpart is planning to wear when they begin their search for a wedding dress outfit.

A spokeswoman for the firm that undertook the research said it was surprising how many mothers preferred to leave their choice of dress to chance rather than have what could be an awkward conversation with the groom’s mother.

One in five mothers of the bride also confessed to researchers that they began planning their wedding outfit search immediately after they had celebrated their daughter’s or son’s engagement with one in three saying they tried on many outfits before deciding what was the perfect ensemble. They also they had to find matching shoes, bags and hat with some also looking for designer evening dresses to change into.

This does not really help the 90% of mothers of the bride who confessed they worried about their outfits for the wedding and felt under huge pressure to look the part.

The research reveals that just two in five mothers know in advance what the other mother will be wearing and 5% said there had been a disagreement between the mothers over what to wear.

It’s always a huge help to find a bridal shop London where the stylists can give advice and tips on what to wear for the mother of the bride since they will have more extensive experience and expertise in judging what is the perfect outfit.

Shaking It Up In The Armoire

Everyone has A Look. The capital letters are there for a reason; we all have a unique style in our fashion, hair, makeup, and accessories. The way we present ourselves makes a statement about who we are. Hair tightly pulled into a bun says you’re all business, while unfettered locks hanging about the shoulders with little attention beyond shampoo will flag their owner as, uh, earthy.

So we shop around for cosmetologists, hair stylists, and clothing stores that match our little mosaic of preferences. But many times we neglect the one component that is often the most durable: jewelry.

What goes on ears and around necks, wrists, and fingers has changed a great deal from what your grandmother wore 60 years ago. Today you can find far more variety, and your selections from this eclectic mix of styles will do as much to define your look as any garment you don.

How is all that variety generated? What are the influences that have fed into the massive pool of jewelry styles and types that are available? There are several main reasons why we’re seeing an overwhelming selection at our jeweler today.

Doors Open To New Ideas

Let’s face it. There’s a treadmill in fashion, created by the perpetual need to do something that’s never been seen before. In many cases, that’s achieved by presenting things that actually have been seen before but were in style so long ago that, as they say, everything old is new again.

Most innovation comes from placing truly new ideas on the market. As one example, the standard was once that any diamond other than a pristinely clear stone was not desirable. Now unique black diamond rings are surrounding fashionable fingers, giving a sleek and beautiful accent that, of course, matches everything. Little black dress, meet the little black diamond.

International Influence

While France largely ruled the day when it came to nearly all fashion many years ago, a jet-setting world is now far more esoteric. The influence of Asia and Africa is far more significant now. While their established jewelers and history of creating beautiful pieces will always keep Europe on the fashion stage, there is certainly room now for more performers. This incredible variety of influences is generating an amalgamation of looks that provides more flexibility than ever for the fashionista looking to distinguish herself in the crowd.

The Accumulation Of Generations

It’s not just geography that is broadening the world of jewelry fashion. It’s also time. That ongoing cycle of new looks we considered above is giving some long-term variety to jewelry styles. After all, new lines are released frequently but most women keep jewelry for many years. So the piece you buy this year may go with one from your college days, and they may be joined by an heirloom piece that goes back many years. And the daughters you raise will pick up ideas and items from your generation, and the evolution of style will continue.

Trends in jewelry fashion change like the sands of a desert. Things come and go like the wind, adding and subtracting but also rearranging. The impact is a growing base of ideas to work from and a greater chance of identifying what works for you.

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Must-Have Hair Accessories For Women

Every woman knows that her hair is her crowning glory. Thus, it requires more than a fair bit of maintenance. But we’re not only talking about having the proper cut and style, or undergoing special treatments to keep them healthy, sleek, and looking like a million dollars. The entire look of a woman can change with the use of one or two hair accessories. Here are some of the must-have hair accessories that every woman should have in her ‘hair arsenal’.

  1. Wide-toothed Comb or Round Hair Brush
    No, finger-combing would never be enough. Get rid of those tangles by running a wide-toothed comb through your hair. A brush could easily restore volume, bounce and shine whenever your hair starts to go limp or frizzy because of the wind or heat.
  2. Hair ties and elastics
    A girl should always have hair ties or elastics with them to tie their hair back when the situation calls for it. There are so many designs for hair ties out there right now: knotted hair ties, hair cuffs that add elegance to what would have been a plain ponytail, and even some embellished elastics that could double as bracelets when not worn on the hair.
  3. Hair clips and pins
    Wayward tufts and tendrils can be quite distracting, not to mention ruin the sleek look you’re aiming for. Have hair pins on hand. If you’re not keen on using elastics and hair ties for your ponytail, use barrettes instead.
  4. Headbands
    Headbands are no longer those boring strips of cloth that are mainly utilitarian in nature. Nowadays you’ll find many embellished headbands (floral designs, spikes and studs, and even cat’s ears!). Depending on what look you’re going for, you can be edgy, sweet and romantic, or chic and sophisticated. It’s all in the detailing. And best of all, they could keep your hair out of your face and keep it contained!
  5. Headwraps and turbans
    For those who are more adventurous when it comes to fashion, wearing headwraps and turbans is a must. It gives a woman that hip vibe, indicative of being free-spirited. These are for more casual looks, like when you’re going to an outdoor concert or music festival. Turbans, on the other hand, are more suitable during colder weather, since they could keep your head warm, protect your hair from the elements, and still make you look great!
  6. Hats and caps
    Now, you’d probably think that anything that will cover your hair does not qualify as an accessory. That’s not true. With the right hat or cap, you can actually draw more attention to your crowning glory. A fedora, a floppy hat, a baseball cap, a cowboy hat… all these can

Now don’t go thinking you’d have to spend a fortune on these women s hair accessories. You can easily make them from home. DIY knotted hair ties, for example, can be made from simple elastics. Add a ribbon or some beads if you want to add more flair to it! You can even use a simple scarf as a headwrap or a Bohemian headband. You just have to use a little bit of that creativity and a whole lot of imagination!

What is my Body Type? Female Body Types Explained

What is my body type‘ is not exactly a question that most women ask themselves. But knowing own body type and shape is extremely important for women as this will help in deciding how to dress for your body type. The following are the major categorization of women body types.

What is My Body Type?

Body types or body shapes are mainly determined by the bust, waist and hips measures plus the shape and bread of one’s shoulder.

Straight or Rectangular body shape

Majority of the women fall into the straight or rectangle body type (first one in the picture). In this case, the hips and bust sizes are almost the same while the waist size, while defined, is not significantly less than either of these sizes.

Hour glass body type

This is the model type of body shape and probably the most feminine and blessed one! The bust and hips size in this case is roughly one and half times of the waist size. Perfect curves! (Second one in the picture – also known as sand-glass body shape)

Pear body shape

For a woman, the pear body type (also known as triangle body type) would mean that her hips size is more than the bust size. There’s probably a well defined waist but because of the larger hips, the waist line slopes out to the hips.

Inverted triangle body shape

This is more of a mannish shape. In this case, the bust size is much more than the hips size. Waistline in this case is not well defined and hips are noticeably narrow.

female body types
What is my body type?

Other body types

While the four types mentioned above are the typical body shapes, there are the following four variations of the above mentioned body types.

  • Spoon body type: This shape is sometimes called the ‘figure 8’ and is somewhat in between the hour glass and pear shapes. In this case, the hips are larger than the bust but there’s still a decent shape with defined waist. Upper thighs and tummy are usually on the bulkier side in this case
  • Top hour-glass body shape: This is a slight variation of the hourglass body shape whereby the bust is larger than the hips (while still having a very good shape)
  • Oval body shape: The waistline is larger than both the hips and bust in this case. The breast may be right sized in this case, though kind of offset by the middle bulge and usually the hips are narrow compared to the bust.
  • Diamond body shape: In this body shape, the waistline is larger than the hips and bust though the shoulders are narrow (compared to the hips). The breast size may be small in this case

You may quickly calculate your body type using this body shape calculator

Now, how to dress for your body type the question that follows ‘what is my body type‘ and we will be back with those tips soon.

How to Find the Right Pair of Sunglasses?

The most important thing to consider while choosing a pair of sunglasses is the shape of the glass frames and the shape of your face itself – the latter being more important. Do your face shape and the sun glasses frame go together?

Let us find out what is that exact shape and color of sunglasses that’s most suitable for you.

Sunglasses based on Face shape

If you have a round face, you should stick to angular and geometric frames in order to sharpen your facial curves. For example, the best sunglasses for round faces would have rectangular frames. Also, narrow frames will make your face look longer and less roundish.

Those with oval faces are probably the luckiest because most types of frame shapes will work. And just like the round faces, the oval faced people may wear square and rectangular frames that will add angles to those soft curves. The best sunglasses for the oval faces are those slightly wider than the widest part of your face.

If you have an angular square face, stay away from angular glasses and choose glasses with rounder edges and frames. This will help reducing the focus on your angular facial features.

For those with pure triangular faces with narrow forehead and wider cheek or chin, frames that are wider on top would be ideal. However, if you have an inverse triangular face shape (i.e. Upper part wide and narrow cheeks or pointed chin), you might want to go for rimless glasses with wider bottoms.

Finally, if you have an oblong face, avoid long or narrow frames but go for wide and square frames with good depth from top to bottom.

Color of the Sunglasses

The next thing to consider is the color of the glasses. Choose the color that goes with your skin tone, make up and the outfit that you are wearing.
The natural color of your hair also plays a big part in determining whether you would want to go with cool or warm colors.

Cool hair colors are brown, white, blue-black, strawberry blond etc. For such hair colors, the best suited sunglasses would be in colors like blue, pink, magenta, tortoise, plum or black.

Warm hair colors include Blond, red, black, golden brown etc. For such types of hairs, you may go with gold, copper, orange, off-white, bright red or coral colored sunglasses.

Other Tips

– If you have a smaller face, go for smaller frames. Larger faces may need larger glasses
– Unless you have the perfect oval shape, try to make the sunglasses line up with the side of your face.
– And don’t hesitate to try as many sunglasses as you want before picking the best sunglasses that suits you.

Believe me, selecting the right pair of sunglasses is a real time consuming task. But the right one will make all the difference!