Online Entertainment Also Provides Relief From Stress


A great deal has been written about how modern forms of entertainment may increase or decrease our stress levels. While some have claimed that spending too much time playing games, watching movies and interacting online increases stress levels – many are quick to proclaim the exact opposite. What can be said for certain is that attitudes towards online entertainment have shifted considerably over the last decade or so. Nowadays besides reading a book or listening to a record almost all aspects of entertainment do or at least can involve an online aspect. The good news is that the evidence is growing that online entertainment can actually provide some relief from stress.

Escapism Is Key To Lowering Stress Levels

Let’s face it – modern life can be extremely stressful. While we may have different stresses to those of our ancestors, the world has never been more complicated. Every day people are bombarded with information both at work and play, with it seeming that society puts ever more demands upon our time and attention. Gaining a sense of relief from this pressure is what entertainment is ultimately all about. That special song, engrossing movie, attention grabbing TV show – all of these allow for people to feel a temporary sense of detachment from their daily worries.

Escapism has always been the key to lowering stress levels and it takes many forms. Nowhere is this more the case than when it comes to online entertainment.

How Playing Online Games Lowers Stress Levels

Modern games – be they for money or free play – have caught an entirely new market in recent years. Largely this is thanks to the ever growing take-up of people playing games on their mobiles, alongside ever improving production values. For example, players can enjoy Royal Vegas Australia’s massive selection of casino games with the timeless escapism of exciting slots games. There’s such a range of games to play at Royal Vegas casino that are specially configured for smartphone users – and best of all they can be played anywhere!

It’s not just casino games that have been shown to reduce stress levels. There’s tens of thousands of online games which people can participate in, and compete against, other players from across the globe. There’s no doubt that this social aspect of engaging with strangers is a fascinating new trend in entertainment, and a key reason why so many of the major console games now focus primarily on their online modes. After all the benefit of playing with people online is that it’s completely without restriction or recourse – people can behave as they wish to, and contribute as much as they wish towards the game they are sharing.

Returning to the online casino games as one of the leading examples of this. Online poker has been around a long time, and one of the reasons why it has gained such popularity is because of the social aspect. Interacting with other players from across the globe is an incredibly relaxing and liberating way to spend some leisure time. Interestingly and thanks to the rapid improvements in technology the major online casinos such as Royal Vegas are now focusing 90% of their development upon the social element of their games. More and more often you’ll see tournament promotions that encourage regular repeat play with a community aspect.

Alongside poker this kind of anonymous community has also long been the preserve of online bingo halls. Of course bingo has always had a strong social aspect, and the developers of these kinds of gaming sites knew that they had to develop this feature from the very beginning. There’s no reason why this kind of community shouldn’t be transferable to slots and other casino games – and expect to see massive developments in this over the very near future. After all, there’s few better ways to chill out and lower those stress levels!

How to Have Fun Online and Make Money In the Process

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Playing games and making money are usually two completely different things. Most people think you can’t do one while you do the other – except if you are a game tester, which is far from what I would call “fun”. But there is one way in which you can combine possibly making an extra buck and playing a bunch of entertaining games online.

Meet the All Slots Casino

This mysterious activity that can put cash in your pocket while you’re having fun is online gambling – playing casino games over the internet. This is a form of online entertainment, no matter what some people say: people pay for playing a bunch of fun games, and occasionally they win money while having fun. Of course, winning is not guaranteed. This is why the games are called “games of chance”.

The All Slots Casino is among the places I would recommend for you to visit if you wish to try online casinos for the first time. It is a reputable gaming destination, with a long history behind it, and has a massive collection of games in its library. Besides, the All Slots Casino is available for desktop and mobile play alike, allowing its users to play its games on any device, anywhere they are.

The All Slots Casino offers its players the possibility to play free of charge. But to benefit of its promotions and specials, as well as to win real money, players need to commit some cash to the cause.

More than simply online entertainment

Casino games are fun – this has been proven by their history of unbroken popularity. People have been playing roulette and craps for centuries, and even the slot machines, these mechanical games of pure chance, have a history of over a century. But aside from giving players “entertainment value”, these games offer something more: a chance to win real money.

But winning is not necessarily the reason why gamblers play their games. Instead, they appreciate the thrill of putting money on the line, even if the amounts they wager are mere pennies. Many players hitting jackpots in Las Vegas, or at the All Slots Casino, will simply keep on playing instead of cashing out. It’s much like when a man chases a woman: the hunt is often more important than the catch.

Games with profits

If your goal is to make an extra buck while playing games online, you have to choose your games carefully. Slot machines, although they are fun to play, are far too unpredictable to be a reliable source of income. Other games, like blackjack or video poker, are far better to be played for profit, as players can use their skills and strategies to improve their chances to win.

10 Addictive Mobile Games Over the Last 20 Years

The mobile game industry has been growing apace and now, gaming on phones is frequently more popular than using a console. This year is set to be another year of great year for mobile games, but what are the best ones from the past?

1. Snake

This started out as an arcade game before moving to Android and iOS mobiles, where it is available for free. It requires you to manipulate a dot that grows into a longer and longer line, while not touching another part of the line, the border or the obstacles. It has led to sequels such as Snake II, Snake III and Snake EX.

2. Candy Crush Saga

This oddball game can be played on either iOS or Android and sees lines of candy that you have to match in formations to make ‘special candies’ – scoring you points through clearing the other around them. It has several levels and is free to download – with some in-game purchases required.

3. Metal Slug Attack

This is a free game for iOS where you complete missions by saving weapons and prisoners and storming the stronghold of the enemy with your troops. It has impressive graphics and is great fun to play.

4. Alto’s Adventure

This iOS game is set in a snowy mountain landscape. Alto is a shepherd chasing a bunch of runaway llamas, and you have to manoeuvre him over the mountains on a snowboard. The appealing visuals and relaxing music make for an addictive game.

5. Ridiculous Fishing

It has a great name and this free game for Android or iOS sees you use the touch and motion controls to catch yourself fish and fire them into the sky. It is one for people who enjoy curious and amusing games and it certainly works on that level.

6. Soccer Safari

Talking of curious and amusing, this five reel online pokies available at sites like involves a football tournament played by animals – including lions, giraffes and warthogs. The graphics are really funny and – like all slot games – there is a jackpot and good odds of winning some sort of payout.

7. Angry Birds

This game is available for both iOS and Android phones and has achieved legendary status. You have to recapture your eggs from the green pigs by catapulting your birds at them – which the birds have volunteered for. It’s absurd, but great fun.

8. Cut the Rope

An iOS-only game, this one involves feeding the hungry monster Om Nom sweets by working your way through a system of winches, bubbles and ropes using the touch screen. It’s easy to grasp, but hard to actually get good at, making it addictive.

9. Bonsai Blast

Now available for either an Android or iOS phone, this is another game with a simple premise – stopping the coloured balls from reaching their target as they roll down a path. It gets more complicated as you go along, making it hard to stop playing.

10. Peggle

At the moment this is iOS-only, but is free and fun – requiring you to shoot balls at the blue and orange pegs to score points, with the eventual aim being to get rid of all the orange ones.

With the likes of Armello and Submerged coming this year, even these great games could be surpassed.

Dining Out and Saving Money

Nothing feels more like a punch to the gut than realizing your restaurant tab chewed quite an unexpected hole through your budget. When it comes to dining out, there are countless money traps disguised as harmless additions, and being a cheapskate can help you keep within budget. To name a few, this post contains the top 3 to-don’ts that will help save you money when dining out on a budget.


Ordering More Than You Can Eat.

Most every restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes with tantalizing menu descriptions that are more than twice the size of a regulated portion. This results in a lot of food – and money – wasted.

To avoid spending money on food that will inevitably end up in the trash, don’t order more than you can eat. Instead of ordering an array of appetizers, entrees, and sides, order one dish at a time. You can also order meals to share with someone at your table; not only will this guarantee an empty plate, but it will also cut your total in half if you’re sharing the price as well!


Chugging Your Money.

The amount restaurants charge for drinks can add a heavy weight to our already heavy total. Instead of drinking your money, request a glass of water instead of a soft drink, which costs an average of $3.00, or an alcoholic beverage that can easily tack on another $7.00. Whatever you do, beware of the super duper, frozen, fruity, iced tea/slushy/smoothie/milkshake specials loaded with additional charges and tossed into a blender to justify charging another extra dollar or two.


Paying Full Price.

If you could save a little extra money on anything, why wouldn’t you? As far as dining is concerned, there are countless possibilities to save money with discounted gift cards and coupons. You just have to know where to look!

Groupon – the leading company in supplying outstanding coupon codes – has recently developed a very useful restaurant directory called, Groupon Pages. This is a compilation of restaurant listings in your area that includes great deals, informative details, and reviews! Take a peek at this Groupon Page for The Emerald Restaurant in Austin, TX.

Don’t throw your money away with wasted food, don’t chug your money in alcohol or restaurant specials, and hunt for deals and discounts before you step out to dinner. As long as you abide by these three guidelines, you’re sure to save a considerable amount on your next meal!

3 Tips for a Great Home Entertainment System on a Budget

Who doesn’t want a great home entertainment system? Technology has improved significantly in the last few years, making it possible to get that movie theater experience in the comfort of your own home. It feels great to skip the crowds and overpriced popcorn and enjoy an evening with the family while the car stays parked in the driveway.

The biggest hurdle to this experience, though, is getting the right setup without getting a second mortgage. With a little due diligence, it’s definitely possible to build a great home theater without breaking the budget. Here are 3 tips to getting the most bang for your buck on a home entertainment system.

1) Skip the Smart TV

Smart TVs are all the rage today. Practically every major brand is pushing the ability to stream online content directly to your TV without the need for external devices. It is a great feature, but it increases the cost of the television significantly. The cost of smart TVs are typically 25% – 30% higher than their “dumb” counterparts. That means you are paying hundreds of dollars in order to watch Netflix and YouTube on your TV.

A better option is to buy the cheaper set and then purchase a streaming device separately. Companies like Amazon, Google and Roku have various options that cost $35 – $100 to add most if not all of the options you’ll find on a smart TV.

2) Over-the-top Sound Systems are Over-Rated

Next to the TV itself, the sound system will be the largest expense for a home theater. It’s easy to spend thousands of dollars if you’re not careful. Don’t get caught up in the marketing hype. Unless you’re trying to fill a very large room, a low to moderate-range sound system is more than adequate. In fact, once you move past the $1,000 price-point, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to distinguish the difference in sound quality.

3) Don’t Neglect the Content

So many people get caught up in the perfect equipment, but don’t give much consideration to how the content will be delivered to their home theater. If you don’t have high-quality content, it’s not going to look good no matter how much you spent on the equipment.

Consider the following:

  • If you have a 4k TV, you will need to see if you cable or satellite provider offers Ultra HD content.
  • Physical media, specifically Blu-ray Discs, will typically provide the most consistent quality.
  • If you are using internet based content, make sure that your internet connection is at least 25 Mbps.

With regards to cable and satellite providers, DirectTV is doing a great job making the switch to Ultra HD. Unless you have a fantastic internet connection, satellite is your best option for the highest quality content. Packages vary by region, so find DirectTV in your area and see what is available to you. It will likely be the best option for content.

Don’t feel like a great home entertainment experience is only available to those with thousands to spend. You can easily get a great experience on a budget.

Online Shopping Resource – One Central Location To Save You Money

Shopping is a necessary aspect of life, but it can be bothersome when product costs add up quickly. Shopping online becomes more costly when shipping and handling costs are calculated. Luckily, shopping online can be beneficial in that product costs can be easily compared against competitors this way. Following a number of money-saving tips can make the overall shopping experience much less expensive.

Use Online Coupons
Using coupons helps shoppers keep track of the latest deals in their favorite stores. Some stores even feature multiple retailers from which customers may use coupon codes or take advantage of sales. These coupons offer significant savings that other shoppers may overlook. If similar stores feature deals on the same item, compare the prices with a coupon provider that lists multiple stores at once, such as Chippmunk. Coupons can also be used in-store. Some online coupons can be printed and used just as those found in flyers and shoppers’ guides.
Make a List
Write down every type of item to be bought, and categorize them for easy searching. Next write a maximum price to spend on each item. From these plans, create a total that is within budget and only shop for items that fall within their individual budgets.When deciding on the target price always round up in order to avoid going over the allotted budget and to leave extra money after everything has been purchased. Keeping track of each expenditure helps guarantee that no purchases are forgotten or that impulse buying does not occur. Any money left over can be saved for emergency purchases.

Shop in One Place
One-stop shopping is a great way to save in comparison to buying multiple items from various specialty stores. Shopping at one store is easier and less time-consuming and may result in reduced shipping cost and sales tax. Some sellers will combine shipping costs into one shipment.There is an added advantage in accumulated purchase costs as well. Many online retailers offer free shipping once a certain amount has been spent. Buying all necessary items at one store helps the total increase to meet the spending requirement. Along with free shipping, some retailers will even throw in a free gift.

Take Advantage of Holiday Sales
Retailers offer largely publicized sales at multiple points during the year. Some of the most common include Labor Day, President’s Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, among others. These holiday sales present the chance to find coveted items at drastically reduced prices.

Stay on the lookout for these bargains and take full advantage. Buy items that are most important, and avoid buying anything just because of its low price. Online stores often honor these same sales and will feature special discounts in addition to those available with coupon codes.

Buy in Bulk 
Items such as toiletries, diapers and cleaners cost more when purchased individually. When bought in cases, the costs of each unit are much less. For items such as toilet paper or dish detergent, this technique is a necessity. These items are used constantly and frequently need to be replaced. Buying many units at once saves the time and frustration of running to the store each week. In addition to the reduced unit price, some stores offer further discounts for items that are purchased by the case.

Finding products at lower prices is not always a difficult task. Many stores will advertise when they feature sales on certain items. For those that have no sales, there is often a code or coupon that will save money regardless.

A Beginner’s Guide To Online Poker Mastery

Many people new to the realm of online poker often make the mistake of considering themselves poker experts simply because they have studied the pros on TV or are able to beat their friends every now and then on “Poker Night.” Unfortunately, this usually leads to an immediate loss of money when they confidently sit down with seasoned sharks at a high-stakes online table. In order to avoid this situation and begin mastering the profitable world of online poker, players must first learn the rules of the game and become comfortable playing online against invisible players from around the world.

Practice for Free

After choosing a top online poker site and downloading the necessary software, online poker beginners should avoid the money tables and go straight to the free-play tables. Depending on the site, these tables may be called by a different name, but every leading poker site, for example bwin poker, provides players with the ability to play for free while they become comfortable with the site and hone their skills.

Free-play tables are tremendously beneficial, because they allow players to learn the ropes without risking any of their own money. The poker site that hosts the software platform should provide players with daily chips or virtual money for novices who are not quite ready to risk their own money. However, free-play poker is not an accurate representation of real poker, because when real money is involved, players tend to play a much different game.

After gaining some playing experience on free-play tables, it is time to deposit funds into the playing account and experience some real poker action. Before playing, however, a budget should be set determining how much money a player is willing to gamble with. It is rather easy to get wrapped up in emotion and excitement when playing online poker, so players need to keep their excitement levels in check and stick to their set budget. In poker, discipline is everything.

Learn Strategy

Starting off on low $0.01/$0.02 blind tables, online poker beginners should practice developing a tight, strong game right from the outset. In need of excitement, many players find themselves tempted to bet on every hand, but successful poker players take a methodical, disciplined, and reasonable approach to the game, only betting on strong hands and timing their bluffs perfectly. In fact, most poker pros only recommend betting on approximately 10 percent of all hands. The best poker players know how to pick the perfect spots to make their moves.

In order to play a tight game, beginners need to learn how to avoid making any rash moves whatsoever. Novice poker players often find themselves tilting, which is poker lingo for making irrational bets based off of emotion, so it’s important to remain calm and even-keeled at all times, especially after falling victim to a bad beat. The first time a player loses to trip threes with pocket aces, it is only natural to feel enraged and want to trash talk opponents through the keyboard, but losing composure can be far more detrimental than losing to a bad call that is saved on the river.

At first, novices should fold every bad hand. Players should only slightly loosen up their game to steal a blind every now and again after carefully observing their opponents playing style for a period of time. However, to do this, players must first be able to discern the bad hands from the good.

Understand the Hands

No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em is by far the most popular online poker game, and the game’s rules are relatively simple and can be easily learned through practice. However, learning the game starts with knowing the hands. From best to worst, the most valuable hands in poker are the royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind, full house, flush, straight, three-of-a-kind, two pair, pair, and high card. Knowing the hand and when to fold or raise is what separates the sharks from the fish.

Benefits of Music

Music has no age, language and limits and it is probably as old as the mankind itself. Listening to music has to be the favorite pastime of most people, regardless of the genre and type of music.

It is widely believed (and some proven by research) that music provides a lot of health benefits. Music therapy has been the buzzword of this century where the fast paced and economy driven life started putting people into stress and thereby caused health issues. In this context, let us examine some of the advantages of music.

Benefits of listening to music

Music reduces stress and stress is one of the reasons behind aging faster, various mental illnesses, heart related issues such as high blood pressure and increased cholesterol levels. A few minutes of relaxing music every day can do wonders to your mental and physical health. Bringing down the heart rate and blood pressure to normalcy is probably the first step towards getting fitter and hence music’s cardiovascular advantage is what we can tap into.

Music stimulates your brain cells. Just like it works well with the heart, it can offer benefits to your brain cells as well. Listening to soothing type of music improves your ability to focus and thinking capability whereas heavy beat music makes your brain work more energetically and hence your throughput increases. No wonder why some people can work only when they have their headphones on.

Music is an amazing pain killer. Studies have shown that listening to music can reduce chronic pain and people with handicaps often feel more able and encouraged. Listening to music can help your pituitary glands to release endorphins that reduce body pains.

If you’ve got extra CD’s or video games sitting around, you may also consider selling them online at Music Mag Pie.

Music listeners usually get good sleep. No wonder why there’s a category of music called lullabies that put babies to sleep. Well, even grownups can take benefit from the same. Sound sleep results in improved health again.

Music has been a social and lifestyle binder for years now. Music parties has been a socializing mechanism for ages now. When people network over music and food, they tend to be more open-minded and get closer. As for the lifestyle benefits, those who exercise with music on tend to do more work out and hence benefit from the improved health.

A word of caution: Music have numerous benefits but overdose of anything can be harmful. Continuous high decibel music can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss and increased activity levels for longer durations. Also, one needs to be very careful on the context. It may not be a good idea to listen to loud music while driving or crossing the road.

Best Hobbies for Couples

All work and no play make anyone dull. That’s why we always turn to our hobbies when work becomes too demanding, stressful or, well, boring. For many people, hobbies are a form of sanity check, something to shake up the monotony of their daily grind. But you know what would make your hobby more enjoyable? It’s nothing but sharing your passion with someone special.

Here are some hobbies that you and your partner or significant other can enjoy together.

  1. Running/Walking: Whether it’s a regular early morning jog, a stroll around the park, or joining fun runs and marathons, walking, running or jogging together is a good way to improve on how you sync. Plus, it’s also a wonderful form of exercise, so you’d both be hitting two birds with one stone! Others prefer to spend time together in the gym, but nothing beats sharing each other’s company outdoors
  2. Going to the movies: Curling up at home watching DVDs is a good way to be closer, but remember when you were still in the early stages of dating and you’d catch a movie at the cinema, complete with popcorn and soda? This is one way to recapture those moments by still going to the movies at least once a month
  3. Go dancing: Taking up dancing as a hobby with your special someone has a lot of merits. It will definitely bring you much closer together and also heat things up a bit. How you move on the dance floor together, whether in a stirring tango, passionate salsa, or wild-abandon hip-swinging at a pub, will say a lot about your relationship
  4. Traveling: Gaining new experiences, meeting new people, and exploring new places together, is one sure way to bring couples together. Perhaps it’s the thrill of the unknown, or simply the knowledge that they are experiencing everything for the first time in the company of someone they care about. Whatever it is, traveling together – whether locally or outside the country – is an adventure worth taking
  5. Board/Card Games: Let’s face it: some couples simply want to stay indoors instead of being with a crowd of people. Bring out that chessboard or your favorite deck of cards, or maybe even start a game of Scrabble, and challenge each other. Or you could go old-school and solve the daily crossword puzzle together. Who said being competitive isn’t good for a healthy relationship?

There’s no denying that relationships become much stronger when compatibility is factored in. Having similar interests and shared passions, and doing them together, is a sure-fire way to make sure the flames are kept alive.

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Health Issues caused by 3D Movies

The number of 3D movies released every year has been on the rise for the past few years mainly due to the increased interest in animation and Scifi movies. While these 3D movies offer more realistic viewing experience, they aren’t all that good for your health. And to make things worse, even your living room might have a 3D TV.

In this short article, let us understand some of the health issues caused by watching 3D movies. Please note that the topic under discussion here is still a major research topic and evolving.

3D movies and your Health

Although the 3D movie watching technology has vastly improved (with good quality polarizing filter spectacles etc), there are still related health risks. The technology used to create the illusion of 3D can cause more extreme physical reactions such as nausea, seizures, dizziness and severe head ache. These side-effects are caused because 3D is creating an illusion that’s neither naturally interpreted nor taken well by the human brain and eyes.

Focus and convergence issue is the other issue that can really cause eye strain. And if you go for a 3D movie without knowing about an Astigmatism or lazy eye condition, things may end up even worse after experiencing the movie.

The case is pretty much the same with 3D TVs. Most of the 3D TV manufacturers have already taken the disclaimer that people with conditions such as epilepsy, heart diseases or high blood pressure etc are at higher risk while watching 3D TV. At times these warnings and disclaimers are released with the intent of protecting them from any legal claims. However, it’s proven that anything unnatural can cause significant damage to your eyes and mind.

So next time, before you watch your favorite 3D movies, think twice.