Tips on Travelling to Paris

Paris is a beautiful city that’s normally incredibly welcoming to tourists. Even if you had never visited before, there is a good chance that your trip will go off without a hitch. However, if you want to get the most out of your trip to Paris and avoid any negative situations, here are some useful tips:

Bring a decent pair of walking shoes

Paris is big and driving is a big no-no. You’ll find that there is no on-street parking in Paris, a lot of streets can be quite narrow and some of the best places to see are all within walking distance of each other. Even cabs can be very expensive, so ditch the wheels and pick up some comfy shoes that won’t let you down when you need to walk long distances. If the distance is especially long, simply use the Metro.

Put the diet on hold for a day

While it’s still important that we keep our health in mind, if you visit Paris you’re not going to get the full experience without tasting some of the amazing food. Sure, the salads are nice, but you won’t find anything like a real Parisian Croque Monsieur or Paris Brest anywhere else in the world. So, give yourself a treat and taste some of the best things about Paris.

Dress respectfully

If you intend on visiting the churches and religious sites it’s important that you cover up. Absolutely no shorts should be worn in the churches or cathedrals and bring a jacket to cover your shoulders and midriff if you have them exposed. While you might not necessarily be kicked out for dressing down, it is considered to be very disrespectful, so be careful.

Get an EHIC card

If you live in Europe and you’re travelling to Paris it’s a good idea to play it safe and apply for an EHIC card or look into renewing the E111 card. These cards will give you a certain amount of health insurance while you’re visiting Paris, which is always useful to have. If you haven’t got one of these cards you can apply for and receive one for free from the official EHIC website.

Secure your belongings and look out for scams

While it’s not particularly common, around certain busy tourist sites in Paris you can find some pickpockets and scammers. Be cautious around ATM machines and any people selling things near the monuments. To avoid being pickpocketed, keep your luggage secure and close to you. Don’t keep your belongings in your pockets and if you have zips on your bag keep them zipped up. You might want to even consider putting some small padlocks on pockets if you want to be extra careful.

Learn some basic French

To get the best service in shops and restaurants and to avoid some uncomfortable conversation, you should learn at least a few French phrases before you visit Paris. You should always greet the servers with “Bonjour Madame/Monsieur” when you enter an establishment and thank them when you leave. By at least trying to speak a little French as you’ll receive a much warmer welcome than you would if you were to just shout at them in English!

Why You Might Choose To Move Abroad

Thousands of people leave the UK every year and settle in another country. There is a big world out there, waiting to be explored, and there’s nobody saying you have to stay in the place you were born for your entire life. Moving abroad can provide plenty of opportunities to try a new career or progress in your existing one, meet new people and live in a climate preferable to the one you currently live in. here are some of the key reasons that many people choose to move aborad.

Job Opportunities

Careers are among the most common reasons for people to leave the Unite Kingdom and live abroad. In some cases their company is expanding into new territories and they’ve been chosen to head up things abroad. Alternatively they may be actively seeking new employment opportunities, they skills could lie in a saturated industry but there are more options abroad. Relocating offers a fresh start for many people every year who find the job of their dreams waiting for them across the ocean.


British weather can be dreadful, at best, the majority of the time, with very brief sporadic bursts of warm sunshine. Many companies who provide international removals to Spain that high numbers of people move abroad because of the warmer weather and pleasant living conditions. A Spanish villa with its own outdoor pool that you can use all year round should be a mouth watering prospect, and it certainly beats waiting for the bus in London during torrential rainfall.


A lot can happen in a very short space of time, and 2016 is the ultimate testament to that fact. With the high number of celebrity deaths, big political changes like Brexit and the US Presidential race, it’s not surprising that a large number of people have had enough of where they live. Moring abroad provides the opportunity of a fresh start in a new country, a new neighbourhood and the chances to make new friends and experience an entirely different culture and way of life.

Cost Of Living

Statistically, Britain is the 12th most expensive country to live, and when you break it down, the goods and services we receive aren’t light years ahead of everybody else’s. With that in mind, it makes sense to move abroad (and providing you can find a job that offers the same pay) and you can make your wages go a lot further than they do in the UK. You should even have a lot more money left over that you can put towards things you really like, possibly leaving a bigger pension once you retire, and along you way you can have much more time to relax in the sun.


Thanks to the internet, the world has become a much smaller place. It’s now possible have real time conversations with your friends in Australia while you’re relaxing in your London flat. More than 35% of relationships start online today, which means it’s not unfathomable to meet the love of your life online who happens to live in a completely different country. In that scenario, one of you may decide to move to the others country so your life together can really begin.

World-Renowned Barbecue From the Source: Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City–style barbecue is one of the world’s best methods of slow smoking meats. Born in Kansas City, Missouri in the early 1900s, this style of barbecue uses a specific technique and flavor profile to deliver the most tender, most succulent, and most delicious meats in the world — without exaggeration. Travelers can find Kansas City barbecue all over the country — from street vendors to five-star restaurants — but there’s no place like the origin when it comes to providing traditional and tasty barbecue meats.

The cooking methods for Kansas City meats can vary wildly, and while slow smoking is by far the most common — as it provides the deepest flavor while retaining a desirable texture — grilling and frying are also viable preparations for some of the meats used in the style. Unlike many barbecue styles, Kansas City also does not limit the variety or cuts of its meats. Beef, chicken, turkey, mutton, and even fish have been served under the umbrella of Kansas City style. 

This is largely because the fundamental signature of Kansas City barbecue is the taste. The barbecue sauce used in the Kansas City style is full of flavor, perfectly complementing the meats and offering a variety of spice levels to satisfy every taster. While every restaurant — and every native of Kansas City — has their own spin on the classic recipe, traditional barbecue sauce is tomato based with a delightful sweetness and tang. It’s certainly worth experimenting with more than one location to find your exact favorite meat and sauce.

After checking into one of the centrally located hotels in Kansas City, MO — definitely not Kansas City, Kansas — travelers have the prime opportunity to explore the city’s barbecue offerings. These are some of the best purveyors of the fine Kansas City style, and well worth a trip to Kansas City for their meats alone.

Oklahoma Joe’s Barbecue

The name can be confusing, but this barbecue joint offers true-to-style Kansas City barbecue. Renowned chef and travel writer Anthony Bourdain named this restaurant one of “The Top 13 Places to Eat Before You Die,” demonstrating the outstanding quality of the meats found in its smokers. Located in what was once an old gas station, this joint offers plenty of atmosphere with its world-class ribs, briskets, and pulled pork — not to mention its award-winning sauces. Cuts of Meat

Danny Edwards

The namesake of the restaurant, grill master Danny Edwards comes from a long line of barbecue professionals. However, his family’s recipes have remained virtually unchanged throughout their long and troubled history, promising diners a traditional barbecue feast. Slow smoked, hand-cut meats are treated with extreme care, which creates a first-class feel in a comfortable barbecue joint.

Gates Bar-B-Q

Dealing with some traditional and some more unique meats, the chefs and grill masters at Gates offer patrons sausages chicken, and more from their famous pit. In business since 1945, chefs here have been refining recipes for almost 70 years, so their sauces and sides are near perfection. This Kansas City staple has plenty of locations around the city, so travelers can stop in no matter where in the area they’re headed.

Arthur Bryant’s

Arthur Bryant’s is perhaps the most famous Kansas City barbecue joints in the world, and many consider it to be the best barbecue restaurant in the city. Filled with patrons from all walks of life, this joint has a coveted spot right next to the Municipal Stadium, bringing it much-needed foot traffic in its early days, and keeping it a Kansas City landmark today. With two simple and beloved sauces smothered over a variety of much-loved slow smoked meats, this place is legendary to travelers and natives alike.

B.B.’s Lawnside Barbecue

While the food can stand alone at this spot, the restaurant provides diners a feature unrivaled in other barbecue joints: blues music. While the dining room itself isn’t particularly adorned, diners don’t spend much time staring at the walls, preferring to watch the jam sessions and formal concerts performed by everyone from local garage bands to touring award-winning artists. While the main dishes are absolutely stellar — the pork is particularly well prepared, both in rib and pulled forms — their appetizers are delectably unique: buffalo shrimp, slow smoked chicken wings, burnt ends soup, and the infamous bar-b-que sundae.

Two Harry Potter Themed Park that No Fan Will Want to Miss

Harry Potter fans, rejoice! You can now experience the wonderful world of Harry Potter yourself at Universal’s Islands of Adventure theme park. This exciting theme park has everything you need to immerse yourself in the full Harry Potter experience. Get your blood pumping on high-speed roller coaster thrill rides. Enjoy Harry Potter’s favorite mouthwateringly delicious foods. Get all of the wizardry supplies you need at the specialized theme shops. Universal Studios has it all.

Hogsmeade Thrill RidesIt wouldn’t be a true Harry Potter experience without a bit of thrill and adventure, and the rides in Hogsmeade provide just the thrill and adventure you need. With the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride, you will wind through the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry before soaring above the castle grounds. With the Flight of the Hippogriff ride, you will spiral around the pumpkin patch and swoop past Hagrid’s hut, watching out for Hippogriffs along the way.

Hogsmeade Attractions

Take a break from the thrilling roller coaster rides, and enjoy an entertaining show. Watch students from Hogwarts, Durmstrang and Beauxbatons compete in a Triwizard Tournament, or enjoy a presentation of wizarding songs from a small choir of Hogwarts students, complete with croaking frogs!

Hogsmeade Foods

All of the excitement is sure to make you hungry and thirsty, and what better way to satisfy your cravings than with Harry Potter themed food? Stop on in to the Three Broomsticks Tavern for delicious fare including fish and chips, shepherd’s pie, strawberry peanut butter ice cream and Butterbeer, or visit Honeydukes sweet shop for interesting and delicious treats including chocolate frogs, sugar quills, fizzing wizzbees and peppermint toads.

Hogsmeade Harry Potter Gear

Don’t let the magic end when it’s time to leave the park. Take some of Harry Potter’s magic home with you! Hogsmeade has a variety of shops where you can find anything you need to complete your wizarding adventure. Find gear and equipment including omnioculars, Quidditch equipment and The Monster Book of Monsters. Purchase Harry Potter apparel, such as t-shirts, banners and hats. Find toys, including movie prop replicas, chess sets and magical creature toys. You will feel like it is your birthday and Christmas all rolled into one when you step foot in one of Hogmeade’s full and enchanting shops.

Opening Soon: Diagon Alley

As if Hogsmeade wasn’t exciting enough, Universal Studios has something new and exciting in store for Harry Potter fans everywhere–an expansion called Diagon Alley, which is scheduled to open in the summer of 2014. Diagon Alley contains even more exciting rides, attractions, shops and dining establishments for Harry Potter fans who just cannot get enough.

Take your love of all things wizarding to the next level with exciting thrill rides such as the Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts ride. Find a new wand at Ollivanders magic wand shop or choose from the latest in wizarding fashions available only at Madam Malkin’s Robes for all Occasions. When you are ready to rest and refuel, enjoy the magically amazing food available at the Leaky Cauldron or treat yourself to something sweet from Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour.

For true Harry Potter fans, Diagon’s Alley is a must-visit. If you have always wondered what it would be like to experience the magical world of Harry Potter, or if you love wizarding entertainment and thrills, you have to visit this amazing, magical park. Don’t wait until the magic is over. Purchase your tickets for Diagon Alley Universal Studios today!

How to Pick a Hotel on Oahu

Do you dream about sunbathing on the white sands of Waikiki, exploring a tropical reef with a snorkel and mask just off the lava-rock coastline or enjoying a cocktail in the Hawaiian sunset? You’re not alone.

Going to Hawaii on vacation is a dream come true for many people, and the 50th state’s beauty is not exaggerated.

Tourism is a multi-billion-dollar industry in the Aloha State, and it’s easy to see why. Hawaii has plenty of hotels, resorts and other man-made attractions in addition to the naturally compelling vistas and seascapes. You can’t go wrong with the natural beauty of the islands, but when you’re planning a trip to Hawaii you will need to carefully consider what hotel or resort will serve your needs best.

Where on Oahu?

The first thing you should consider when planning your Hawaiian vacation to Oahu is which part of the island you’d like to stay on. Honolulu appeals to many because of the sheer number of things to do here — from sporty to cultural and romantic to adventurous — but it’s not the only place to stay on the island. Many travelers prefer a smaller, less populous base for their Hawaiian trip and thus choose a hotel on the North Shore of Oahu, or at Kailua, which is famous for its wind- and kite-surfing opportunities.

If you love the bright lights-big city feel of Honolulu, it’s understandable! “The Big Pineapple” is a wonderful place to visit in its own right — even if you never leave the city limits. Honolulu is most famous for the numerous, fabulous, hotels and resorts that line Waikiki Beach. The beach is the place around which most tourists gravitate — whether for swimming, surfing or simply strolling. If it appeals to you, the rooms with sea views and glimpses of the sand and Diamond Head at the resorts along Waikiki are understandably popular. Rooms are usually spacious, and the resorts’ added features such as cocktail happy hours, kiddie pools and room service make for a great vacation in paradise.

However, staying along Waikiki might not be the best answer for you if you are planning on renting a car and making daytrips to see the rest of what Oahu has to offer. As in any city’s most popular areas, the streets near Waikiki are often crowded and finding parking may be onerous. To make sure that your rental will have plenty of room to manoeuver, look for smaller properties off the beach.

Does It Have Entertainment?

Picking Hotel OahuIf you’re staying in Honolulu, you’ll never lack for entertainment. The Hawaiian capital has plenty of daily cultural performances, as well as museums and galleries to explore. However, this is another metric by which to measure your hotels. If you know that you’ll be looking for a hula performance or musical review every night, you can find a hotel that offers the best kind of entertainment for you.

Does It Suit Your Group?

Although Hawaii is a popular honeymoon destination, newlyweds are far from the only kind of tourists who stop on Oahu. Whether you are a solo traveler, a family with children, seniors on a group holiday or some other category, you can find a hotel that suits your needs. If you’re bringing small children, for example, you’ll want rooms with pullout beds and a kid-friendly menu at breakfast. You may even find a hotel with a babysitting service. For seniors, it might be important to have ground-floor rooms or other accommodation that allows access with limited mobility. For all groups, it helps if the hotel caters to your particular kind of traveler and offers tours and other extras for your interests.

Does It Have a Swimming Pool?

Everyone knows Waikiki Beach is the hot spot in Honolulu, but the truth is some people prefer to swim in fresh water than in salt water. If you love swimming, but not the sea, do yourself a favor and book a hotel that has a swimming pool. Many of the hotels offer these — and some of the larger resorts have fancy options, such as infinity pools, pool bars and kiddie pools with slides — but not all, so be sure to check.

Finding a hotel in Hawaii can be a challenge because of the sheer variety and number of accommodations available. If you know what services and options you need from the hotel, it will be easier to choose.

Why Mercy Ships Work

While it may seem like something out of a dystopian sci-fi flick, the concept and mission of the floating hospitals known as “mercy ships” are much more in line with the goals and efforts of early almshouses and hospitals than they are with Mad Max. The word hospital comes from the Latin, hospes, which, while literally translating to “stranger” or “foreigner,” actually means “guest.” Mercy Ships travel to areas where resources are limited and conditions are often unsafe to treat their guests, who without the ship docking near their home, would have almost certainly gone without care.

The History of Hospital Ships

The history of floating hospitals or medical treatment facilities is an old practice. The Roman and Athenian navies both had ships that — due to their names, Aesculapius and Therapia, respectively —were probably hospital ships that traveled with the military to provide aid to injured troops. In the 17th century, it became commonplace for navies to have ships set aside to care for the wounded. In the 1860s, the USS Red Rover was a hospital ship that aided injured soldiers of both the North and South in the American Civil War. World War I and II both saw passenger liners transformed into hospital ships, and the trend continues. These days, most hospital ships are operated by a particular country’s military. Exceptions to this rule are the SS Hope and the Esperanza del Mar, which both belonged to civilian agencies and Mercy Ships, which operate as a nonprofit outside of any government’s ties.

Why It Works

Because 95 of the largest 100 cities in the world are port cities, hospital ships — especially when they aren’t tied to a particular government or agency — can reach a large population in need, and they can do so in a way that skirts the potentially devastating issues land-based hospitals face, especially in more volatile or unstable parts of the world. Clean water, energy needs, zoning, safety concerns and the like are worries that — for the most part — hospital ships can bypass or maneuver. Because Mercy Ships provide free health care, they can meet the health care needs for people who often have no other options. In addition to surgeries, checkups, medicines and more, they also offer community development programs, community health education, mental health assistance and palliative care for people who are dying. In addition to these services, they also begin and operate local agricultural projects as well. In port cities where the poor often have few options when it comes to health care and sometimes even getting basic needs met, a floating hospital ship funded by donations and staffed by volunteers can completely change lives.image003

Why It Has To Work

As health care costs around the world continue to increase beyond what even the citizens of wealthy nations can afford, the poor — especially in developing nations —continue to be disproportionately affected. For example, on the continent of Africa alone, 50 percent of the population has no access to a doctor or a hospital. Worldwide, six million children die every year from preventable diseases like pneumonia or diarrhea. There is a great need, and the flexibility of a transoceanic hospital is one answer to that need.

Hospital ships are a unique way that people get their health care and other basic needs met. Mercy Ships, because they are unaffiliated with a government and have a freedom that allows them to offer services without having to consider diplomatic relations, seem to fill a distinctive role. To date, they have completed almost 600 port visits in over 50 developing countries. Their volunteers have offered services that would have cost those served over $1 billion, including over 60,000 free surgeries and 300,000 dental procedures. Over 2.35 million guests have been seen by doctors and have had health-related needs met that would have otherwise probably not been treated.

That resources must sometimes travel great distances to reach those who need them most is an unfortunate reality of our world. That those resources are made available and ready through hospital ships, however, is another reality of that same world — and a fortunate one at that. 

Statue of Liberty image by U.S. Navy Journalist 1st Class Preston Keres 

About the Author: Darin Weber is a contributing writer. An avid fisherman, he recommends Boat Angel to his fishing buddies when they are looking to upgrade their boats and need a tax write-off.

Teeth, Feathers and Sea Cows: A Look at the Fascinating Wildlife on Sanibel Island

According to USA Today, Sanibel Island is one of the best Florida beach towns for escaping the winter cold. A serenity- and peace-seeking tourist’s dream, Sanibel is home to beautiful white beaches that lead gently into warm Gulf water. The entire island is easily accessible by bike and foot — there isn’t a single traffic light — which makes it a perfect place to appreciate its wild creatures in between regular bouts of shell collecting and beach reading.

Whether you hope to take advantage of one of Sanibel Island’s fabulous resorts or are just out on a day trip, Sanibel Island’s wild things are worth a quiet walk and a silenced phone. From alligators to manatees, you won’t want to miss a thing.


Pelicans are large diving birds that feed on fish and other marine life. They are friendly birds, living in flocks of both sexes all year long. Incredibly buoyant, their skin and bones have internal air sacks. When looking for food, pelicans might fly a few feet above the water until they spy a school of fish, at which point, they dive into the water — often at very high speeds — becoming completely submerged as they consume their prey. Some pelicans have a more inactive feeding style and simply scoop up fish while they swim. When they live around people, they may also resort to foraging behaviors.

Pelicans are known for their unique mouths. The lower half of a pelican’s bill is really just a frame around a pouch that can expand to fit in more fish. Believe it or not, a pelican’s bill can hold up to three times more than its stomach can. When a pelican catches more fish than it can eat, it stores the excess in its esophagus.


Also called the Snakebird, the Anhinga is a large water bird that often swims with only its neck poking out of the water so that it looks like a water snake. A darter, it hunts by spearing fish and other prey with its thin, sharp beak. It is not able to waterproof its feathers, which means its feathers can become so waterlogged that the bird is barely able to stay afloat. This feature makes it especially well-suited to diving and seeking underwater prey, and it is able to stay submerged for long periods of time and travel great underwater distances.

Marsh Rabbit

The marsh rabbit is a small, short-eared and short-legged cottontail rabbit that lives in the coastal and southern United States. It’s a strong swimmer and is found only in regions that are close to water. Catching a glimpse of one of these little guys while they’re swimming is a special treat.


Alligators live on Sanibel, and they do get out and about. To avoid them, stay away from grassy areas close to water. Of course, if you want to spy an alligator, that’s right where you should go — but be careful, alligators can reach 11 feet in length, and they are predatory animals. Never approach an alligator or feed it. If you happen to spot one in a residential area, report it to the city.


The manatee is a large, solitary plant-eating mammal that is fully aquatic and can reach up to 13 feet and 1,300 pounds. Also known as the sea cow, the manatee’s closest living relatives are elephants and hyraxes, making their sea-loving ways seem all the more strange. They sleep half of each day in the water and come up to the surface for air in 20-minute intervals. The rest of their time is spent grazing in water around ten feet deep. They are slow-moving and curious, sometimes coming close to inspect human-powered watercraft like kayaks. Other fun oddities about the manatee:

  • Their eyelids close in a circular motion.
  • Their teeth are continually replaced their entire lives, with new teeth growing in the back of their mouths and moving to the front as older teeth fall out — the kangaroo and elephant are the only other mammals whose teeth do this.
  • Their intestines measure around 45 feet, which is incredibly long for an animal their size.

Sanibel Island has much to offer the wildlife-loving visitor. Rent a bike or hoof it by foot; however you choose to get about, keep your eyes peeled for predators, snakebirds and swimming rabbits, because this Florida vacationland is full of them.

Image by D. Gordon E. Robertson from Wikimedia Commons

 About the Author: Jeremy Birks is a retired zoologist and avid birdwatcher who calls Southern Florida home.

Dubai Adds Value to any Business Enterprise

Dynamic, forward-looking, innovative, entrepreneurial – descriptive tags which underline why so many foreign companies both large and small are attracted to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the Persian Gulf. And add to the mix an astute financial services sector always ready and willing to offer a raft of value-added services, ranging from the simple business banking account to the more complex payments and cash management services vital for the well-being of any profitable company.

Glitzy, glamorous Dubai, the largest city in the UAE, is an obvious magnet for the investor, the business entrepreneur and also the millions of tourists who visit every year. It’s not hard to understand why given the city’s penchant for massive infrastructure investment and spending over recent years. Now man-made islands, five-star hotels and gigantic shopping malls, not to mention the tallest man-made structure in the world, the incredible 2,716.5 foot Burj Khalifa, all add a wow-factor which few cities anywhere can match.

The Oxford Business Group (OBG), a global publishing, research and consultancy firm which publishes economic intelligence on the markets of the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America, says Dubai’s economy continued its post-crisis recovery, expanding by around 4.7 per cent in the second quarter of 2013. Much of this was down to growth across the rest of the UAE in a range of sectors, mainly trade, financial enterprises, transport and communications, real estate, construction and manufacturing.

Economic data showed non-oil sectors dominating the UAE’s GDP figures, with the share for trade at an estimated 28 per cent, 16 per cent for manufacturing, 14 per cent for financial enterprises, 13 per cent for real estate and 8 per cent for construction.

Dubai has witnessed a continued recovery in the real estate sector since the beginning of the year, where the average price per square metre of residential apartments increased by about 25 per cent compared to the first quarter of 2012. Like other important sectors in the emirate, the Dubai Financial Market also performed very well since the start of 2013; its General Index recorded a 12.7 per cent growth by the end of March, showing investors’ interest in the capital market.

The activities and events organised in the emirate have also contributed much to attracting the large number of tourists and visitors from various countries, with the Dubai Shopping Festival and Global Village, the region’s first cultural, entertainment, family and shopping destination, adding to the many festivals and exhibitions held throughout the year.

Indeed, rising demand and the recovering economy are driving growth in Dubai’s retail sector, with a sharp increase in new mall space suggesting that it is beginning to shake off the doldrums of the global economic crisis of 2009.

And with the economy rebounding, projects previously put on hold have been reactivated and new developments are being put into the pipeline. The flow through the development pipeline is expected to become stronger throughout the second half of the decade, as new projects are completed and some existing retail spaces expand to maintain their competitive edge.

For more on the UAE and other countries in the Middle East, check out the OBG website here.

Save Money Driving – Fuel Saving Tips 26 – 30

This is a Guest Post by Todd @ Fearless Dollar — it’s part of his 5 site series on How To Save on Gas Money.

Are you driving to see family this holiday season? Taking a road trip to see the fam can be cheaper and more (or less) convenient than taking a flight.

If you haven’t noticed, in the past 10 days fuel prices have dropped 50 cents in many areas across the country. But don’t be deceived, they’re still a lot higher than they were just 5 years ago.

If you want to save money on driving, here’s our 5 site series on saving fuel. I’m posting across five websites, so make sure to check out all the tips!

Fuel Saving Driving Tips

Tips 1 – 5 Fearless Men

Tips 6 – 10 Fearless Dollar

Tips 11 – 15

Tips 16 – 25 American Debt Project

Tips 25 – 30 Daily Tips Blog

What burns gas more than anything?

A. Frequent and sudden acceleration

B. Frequent and sudden braking

C. Excessive idling

These are the main reasons city driving cost so much more fuel than driving on a highway. What are the best ways to save gas?

26. Maintain your car

In every sense of that statement, utilize and maintain your car as your machine of choice. Because it is!

Maintaining your car according to its schedule will not only lengthen how long you can use it, but will help retain its fuel efficiency.

27. Know the season

Avoid prolonged warming up of engine. Aside from getting your heater blasting, modern cars don’t need more than 30-45 seconds of warm-up time.

Make sure you don’t use deep-tread tires or snow chains when you don’t need to. These will guzzle up the use of gas!

28. Buy a fuel efficient car

The next time you’re on the market for a car, keep in mind its fuel-efficiency, especially when looking at used cars. You’ll eventually resell it, and moving forward cars with poor fuel efficiency will be harder to sell.

29. Buy gasoline during the coolest part of the day

The cooler the temperature, the denser the gas. Meaning when you fill up, you’ll be getting a little bit more fuel.

30. Cut down on frequent and excessive acceleration and braking

Speeding up and then coming to quick hard stops is not only wearing on your car, but burning up fuel unnecessarily.

Checkout gas saving tips 1 – 5 on Fearless Men!

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Hotel Safety Tips for Travelers

Going on vacation somewhere, especially when you’re visiting the place for the first time, is seen as the perfect opportunity to “let loose”, set aside your worries, and simply enjoy yourself. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should take hotel security for granted. A number of trips have been ruined once travelers go back to their hotels only to find it ransacked, looted, and their things stolen. This could happen to anyone – frequent business travelers included.

Just because you’re staying in a 5-star hotel does not mean you’re completely safe. Here are some things to remember regarding your safety and security while staying in a hotel.

Hotel Safety Checklist

  1. Preparedness is key. When booking your hotel accommodations prior to your trip, look up reviews and testimonials of the hotel, inn, or bed-and-breakfast you’ll be staying at. Assess how safe the location is – particularly with respect to fire hazards, break-ins, and other crimes
  2. Rooms in the upper floors are harder to break into, so book a room that’s not located on the ground floor or the second floor
  3. Most hotels provide lockers or safety vaults for their guests. Place your valuables (passport, travel documents, gadgets) in these safes when leaving your hotel for the day
  4. Confidentiality and privacy are your rights as a hotel guest. Front desk clerks are not supposed to announce your room number (and room phone number) for everyone to hear. Ask for a different room if that’s the case
  5. Check the locks of the windows and the doors of your room. If you find them to be faulty, or some windows are stuck, ask to be transferred to another room
  6. Make sure you know where the fire exits on your floors are located. The hotel should also provide you with a list of emergency phone numbers you could call. Program them into your phone or bring a copy of the list with you everywhere you go
  7. Being friendly with locals and other tourists is not a bad thing, but you should still practice caution, especially if you’re all women in a new place. Do not allow other people inside your rooms, not even if you’ve known them for more than a couple of days. While befriending people you should also be knowing the culture and ethnic practices of people in your travel destination so as to avoid any racism related issues
  8. The most important security tip is to maintain a high level of vigilance. Double-check that the doors and windows are locked when you’re leaving the hotel for a day of exploring the town, and when you go to sleep. When someone knocks on the door, do not immediately open it, not even if they announce that they’re Housekeeping or Room Service (especially if you didn’t order anything). Peepholes are there for a reason

You never really know for sure what could go wrong on your trip, so make sure you do all you can to be prepared for any eventuality. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry

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