Top 5 Family Vacation Spots in the US

Planning a vacation for the entire family is a difficult process as one needs to worry about the suitability of the location for every member. Fortunately, there are new breed of family friendly resorts and vacation spots that provide numerous options for all age-groups.

If you are thinking of an exquisite vacation in the mainland US (hence pre-empting Hawaii, Bahamas, Mexico etc), the following are the top family vacation spots that could provide you all the excitement and fun.

Top Family Vacation Spots

(Not in any particular order)

1. Kingsmill Resort, Williamsburg, Virginia
Kingsmill Resorts is amidst wilderness of more than 3000 acres of land and it has a huge list of recreational activities. Multiple golf courses, numerous tennis courts, indoor and outdoor pools, billiards, game rooms, fitness centers with personal trainers are some of the activities that you can think of.

For your kids, there’s a Kids camp that introduces them to all types of sporting activities, fishing, arts, crafts etc. And for the fun-loving kids, there is a Kids Night Out where they can enjoy their pizza and game party while parents can indulge in their own romantic world or enjoy dinner at one of those great restaurants in this property.

Check out the Kingsmill Resorts website for more details and reservations.

2. Tanque Verde Ranch, Tuscon, Arizona
The 640 acre Tanque Verde Ranch in Arizona is a place that wannabe cowboys will relish. Tanque Verde means “Green Pool” and that’s what it’s all about. It’s ultimate greenery amidst desert and it’s very near to the Saguaro National Park. The ranch offers great cowboy riding opportunities as they host 100+ horses there. You can opt for one of the many horse rides based on the time and duration. And of course, newbies get to learn riding lessons as well.

For nature lovers there are hikes through the deserts and canyons. One can watch a variety of cacti and even mini waterfalls. As for kids there’s this popular Buckaroos & Wrangler team programs. Just like other resorts they offer riding, swimming, tennis lessons as well as arts and crafts to kids.
Visit their website for further details.

3. Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort, Utah
If you are into skiing there is no better place than this beautiful resort. By the way, this place is not just for winter but good for a fall get away or even during summer.

This resort is in the Little Cottonwood Canyon and very near to the Great Salt Lake. It boasts 5000 plus acres of mountain terrains to explore. Guests can make use of the lift cars for the uphill ride. Skiing and snowboarding fun is offered for all age groups from 3 year olds to adults and training is available at Snowbird Mountain school. The resort also offers ice skating, snow tubing and snowshoe tours. If your goal is to relax, there is is the Cliff Spa where stone massage, herbal wrap etc are in offer.

Snowbird website

4. Out ‘n’ About Treesort, Takilma, Oregon
Amidst the woods of Oregon lies the Treesort which is one of its kind and very unique. This is a treehouse type of resort that offers fourteen treehouses and each of this can accommodate up to eight people.

Climbing up to your room is quite an adventure that takes ladders and a 90-foot suspension bridge. However, once you are there it’s an exciting place with kids and parents units separated by swing access mechanisms and firepoles for ground level access. The units are very well appointed and offers all the luxury that you can think of.

The Treehouse Institute teaches various treehouse building techniques for guests. Also in offer are horse riding, rafting, ropes courses, pools and arts and crafts classes as usual.

5. Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, Orlando, Florida
If your family wants to experience African safari at an affordable price, look no further! Disney’s Animal Kingdom lodge is an exciting 30-acre property which has a entrance lobby with a 65-foot window through which you can have a good view of what’s in offer. The animal kingdom hosts over 100 species of animals and the rooms with traditional African ambience overlook the savannahs. From the room balconies, you can get very close to animals such as giraffes.

The resort features a lot of antiques and wood carvings of the African origin. The dining experience in their restaurants is awesome as well.

Learn more about the Disney’s Animal Kingdom lodge here.

If you have any more suggestions on great family vacation spots within the US, do let us know via your comments added below.

The Importance of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is often perceived as an ‘additional cost burden’ by most travelers. Interestingly, even travel agents tend to downplay the role of travel insurance – due to the fear of the increased package pricing and hence losing customer base – wherever it is not mandatory.
Whether you are a domestic traveler or international flyer, the travel insurance offers the following benefits and major coverage (actual benefits may vary based on your chosen package)

  • Health (dental/medical) coverage during your travel and at your destination
  • Accident related coverage is must for any type of travel
  • Loss of baggage cover and theft related coverage
  • Legal support cover during your stay abroad
  • Emergency evacuation and delayed departure cover
  • Death related and funeral expense cover
  • Natural calamities (earth quakes, flood, volcanic) related damage cover

In addition, there may be optional coverage benefits such as car rental, war and terrorism related coverage, adventure sports coverage based on what you opt for.

With airline and hospitality industry fighting margin pressures and economic slowdown related issues, the need for traveling related insurance coverage gets all the more important. Flight cancellations and reservation issues are becoming a daily affair these days, isn’t it?

Travel Insurance Tips

Just like any other insurance coverage, the travel insurance too comes with a lot of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ and hence it’s very important to pick the right plan.

Firstly you need to consider a travel insurance plan based on your trip frequency. For example, if you are frequent traveler to a particular country you have to opt for multi trip insurance plan rather than a single entry plan. Similarly if you are more of a domestic traveler, then you need domestic travel insurance.

Next, it is important to make sure that you have the right medical coverage as part of your plan because your domestic medical coverage just does not work in a foreign country.

Once the medical part is taken care of you need to worry about the purpose and duration of your visit. If you are going on a long vacation that involves a lot of traveling from country to country (e.g. a Europe vacation for a month) you need to make sure that your coverage is valid with respect to the prevailing situation and rules of all those countries.

If your purpose is to be part of any extreme sports, then you need to opt for such special coverage and pick the insurance company that offers the same as an option.

If you are visiting a country affected by terror or war situations or wherever travel advisory has been issued, then it is important get that option covered as well.

It is also important to cover for very expensive cruises and luxury vacations. Obviously, you don’t want to lose money on additional expenses such as hotel stay, travel to main port etc without having travel insurance while going on a life time cruise that costs $20,000 – Just in case of a cancellation for example.

Essentially, you must get coverage for most important scenarios such as health, flight cancellation, baggage loss etc and on top opt for coverage for those prevailing conditions. A good travel agent can always help you with the situational requirements while a good insurance adviser would help finding the right plan.

I hope the importance of travel insurance is very clear now!

Best Spa & Luxury Resort Destinations in the World

Luxury resorts and spas are the ultimate in relaxation and indulgence for those who does not mind spending money for the best spa experience. Best spas are the ones that promise an overall rejuvenation with specialties like ethnic therapies and traditional methods – all that packaged well in luxurious but natural environment. There are plenty of luxury hotels across the world today but some are truly a class apart. A destination resort should by definition contain a variety of amenities including entertainment and relaxation options to provide their guests with the ultimate luxury experience.

Below is a list of the top luxury resort destinations of the world that truly blend the luxuries like ultimate spa facilities, beaches, exquisite golf courses and much more. Most of the ones listed below have been recognized with many awards for their class, facilities and services on top of being very exotic and ethnic in nature.

1. Spa Village Pangkor Laut, Malaysia – For the Best Spa

Malaysia is known for its ethnicity, rich tradition, culture and has a fantastic reputation as a host. The Spa Village Pangkor Laut is set away from the main city and specializes in providing a variety of relaxation treatments to its guests drawn from different cultures of the East including its own. The Resort is equipped with numerous spa villas, healing huts as well as treatment pavilions. Guests can ask for customized spa experience. The Resort also offers the best spa experience overlooking the sea among other luxuries.

spa village pangkor laut - the best spa

Check out Spa Village website for more details.

2. Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort, Mauritius

As the name suggests this luxury resort destination is heaven for golf lovers. Golf is the ultimate relaxation tool for those who like to play golf and the resort has fantastic golf courses for its guests to enjoy. Golf, the beautiful surroundings of Mauritius, spa and fitness center together makes Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort a top luxury resort destination.

heritage awali golf and spa

You may visit Heritage Awali website to learn more on what we are talking about.

3. Muckross Park Hotel & Cloisters Spa, Ireland

This luxury resort destination is situated on a lake shore in Killarney National Park which is regarded as one of the greatest garden of the world. The natural beauty including the large lawns, natural rocks, trees, flowers and water garden surrounding the luxury resort destination is extremely soothing and relaxing. The hotel includes historic suites with a typical Victorian feel. Suites with private staircases are also available. This luxury resort destination also provides spa and other such luxurious amenities.

muckross park hotel and cloisters spa, dublin

Visit Muckross Park Hotel & Cloisters Spa Dublin website for more information.

4. Grayshott Spa Hotel, UK

This luxury resort destination is extremely popular amongst those who look forward to addressing their health issues or just simply relax. The Hotel offers a large number of health programs which includes de-stress, weight management programs and more. It offers tis guests tailored health retreat options for their general well-being.

grayshott spa hotel, uk

Check out Grayshott Spa Hotel website for more details.

5. Spa Gaucin, Spain

Spa Gaucin is the ultimate luxury resort destination for those interested in a Mediterranean getaway. The Spa resort offers couples suite with marble fireplaces, tranquility lounge, wellness options as well as many other amenities for its guests not

spa gaucin

Visit Spa Gaucin website yourself and decide.

So where are you going with your partner next to enjoy the Best Spa experience ever?

Live Flight Tracking App & Websites

As a traveling professional you may be interested in knowing and tracking your flight status while on the move. Here are some of the best live flight tracking websites. Also, featured are those mobile live flight tracing applications for your iPhone and Android phones (We haven’t covered Nokia and Blackberry apps in this article though there must be similar apps on these platforms as well)

Live Flight Tracking Websites

The following three flight tracker websites are the best when it comes to fast flight tracking services and also in terms of accuracy and usability.

1. FlightAware Live Flight Tracking – Our Pick

Using FlightAware to track your flight is like a 5 seconds job. All that you have to do is to start typing your Airline name (e.g. United Airlines) and as soon as you type in one or two letters, the carrier name suggestion immediately fills in and you can pick your carrier in a jiffy. From then, just enter the flight number and that’s it.

The screenshot of the basic information that FlightAware pulls in is given below. Of course, it offers additional features like flight alerts as well.

flightaware flight tracker

You may visit FlightAware website to play around and get a feel yourself.

2. FlightStats

FlightStats is pretty similar to any other flight tracker application. However, in the first search screen you also have the possibility to choose a future date. The look and feel of the flight status shown is more like that of a mobile application. However, the user may be annoyed by the numerous advertisement banners around your flight status. Shown below is the information that FlightStats pulls out (of course, we have removed all ads surrounding it)

flightstats flight tracking

Check out FlightStats for more information.

3. FlightView – Web Version

Probably the web version of FlightView is not as fast as the mobile version (read below) but still does the job. The flight data that it pulls out somehow looks like having too much of information due to its styling. Nevertheless, it is a perfect flight status tracking application.

You may check out FlightView yourself and figure out.

Mobile Live Flight Tracking Apps

Though they are numerous mobile applications to track flight status, here’s our pick of two of the best flight tracking mobile applications on iPhone and Android phones respectively.

4. FlightTrack for Android Phones

This Android application is the best we have seen in terms of accuracy and usability while tracking the domestic and international flight status realtime with the help of beautiful maps. Mind you, it is worth paying $5 this one rather than going for the buggy free apps. Please visit the Android Market place and download FlightTrack today (See below some screenshots of this lovely app)

flighttrack android app

5. FlightView for iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, the best iPhone Flight tracker application is FlightView. This 99 cents app does a better job than its $5 competitors and the features include real time flight tracking, airport delays etc. It’s a must-have app for frequent fliers.

See below some screenshots of this incredible iPhone app.

FlightView iPhone App

Please note that your airline carrier might also have their own flight tracking services. i.e. American Airlines, Delta, United Airlines, Southwest, Emirates, KLM, British Airways – all of them might have own flight tracker apps but most of them do not provide other carrier’s or your connecting flight’s information on their website. That is why the above mentioned applications are extremely handy and reliable.

Bon Voyage for your well planned trip!

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Image Courtesy: Respective websites mentioned above that offer live flight tracking services

Homestay for Tourists: Advantages and Disadvantages

Homestay Holidays are becoming more and more popular these days especially in countries within the Asia and Oceania region. In Malaysia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Australia and many other countries, homestays for tourists are more than just an alternative.

What is Homestay?

The homestay – in the context of tourism – allows the tourist (or family) to rent a room or the whole house from a local family in the visiting country. This helps the visitors understand the local culture, lifestyle, food, custom and improve in the local language etc. (There’s another type of homestay in the context of education abroad. This student homestay aspect is not in the scope of this article)

In order for the home-stay system to work, the modalities regarding the contract between the host and the guest must be established in advance. This mainly includes the facilities (meals, recreation, family activities, Internet-phone usage, entertainment policy, pets policy and so on) that can be consumed by the guest, when to make payment, smoking rules etc.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Homestays

The main advantage of homestay is that it’s really like a home away from home as you get to stay with the host’s family. You will never feel like a stranger in an alien land if you have a few friendly faces out there.

The home stay host and his family can really help you to get accustomed with the new land, its rules and customs and that’s a big plus to hear and learn it directly from the local people than reading books etc.

Cost-wise most homestays are a lot cheaper than the hotel accommodation and it can get very cheap and affordable for long stays. Further, most homestays are in good residential areas than commercial areas of main streets. This means more peaceful and pollution free life.

In a homestay environment you hardly miss celebrating your festivals. Most hosts like to celebrate the festive activities with their guests and that’s a major positive as well.

However, homestays can have certain disadvantages too. Sometimes, there can be privacy issues when the host or his family members do not know where to draw the line. This is particularly an issue in certain Asian countries.

Very rarely there have been issues of cheating (or not respecting the contract) reported but that’s why you have to read the homestay online reviews etc to find the right homestay for you. Travel review sites such as Tripadvisor has so many travelers writing reviews on homestays. Browse such sites to pick your homestay for the next overseas holiday.

Family Vacations: Plan them as Part of Your Annual Budget

Family Vacations are not something to be decided in an ad hoc manner when you suddenly get some free time or kids school break are around the corner. In fact, holiday expenses are to be planned well in advance as part of your annual home budget and more expensive holidays may have to be planned years in advance (e.g. A cruise holiday, Month long European trip etc)

Tips for Family Vacation Budget

The following are some useful tips for planning your family vacations from the budgeting point of view.

  • Sit together with your spouse (and parents if applicable) and finalize how often do you want to take vacations in an year and what type of breaks are they. (e.g. a week long domestic vacation with family per year, two theme park visits, two picnics etc)
  • If you are planning to have an international holiday every few years, keep apart an additional amount as part of your annual budget every year, in a special account if possible
  • If you plan to have luxury trips such as an expensive cruise vacation, then you need to not only plan a few years in advance for the budget part but also reserve your slots
  • Since the vacation and hotel expenses are shooting up every year, you may want to take into consideration the inflation parameters
  • There are several vacation companies that offer a number of years (for example one family vacation per year for next 5 years) of vacations for a fixed advance amount paid. You may want to consider such offers if you can pay that onetime lump sum
  • Consider the family additions (kids) and future age group aspects while planning for long term expensive vacations

That is pretty much about the budgeting part. More on vacation planning and how to get the best vacation deals etc will be covered in other articles on this website.

Family vacations are joyful experience that nobody should ever miss. You need not go for the most expensive or exotic place every time you set out for a trip. However, an annual holiday is absolute must for every family to take break from routine life and stressful work environment that we live in today.

Have fun!

How to Pack a Suitcase Efficiently?

Well, the picture here will tell you how stressful your suitcase packing can be especially when the travel packing list is not already prepared or the travel itself is not planned in advance.

In fact, packing a suitcase can be very easy if you get a little bit organized yourself and exactly follow the steps below:

Step by Step Suitcase Packing

  1. Gather all that you want to carry and place them on your bed. You need to do a rough calculation as how many pairs of clothes will be required based on the number of travel days, whether you will get to do laundry in between your travel etc
  2. Fold your shirts and vests exactly like how they fold and keep them in the showroom or store. Roll your ties loosely. Fold the briefs and undergarments once or twice but don’t roll them up. Stuff a couple of pairs of socks into your shoes that you are going to carry
  3. Place the suitcase on the floor, open it flat and pull out the elastic straps to the sides
  4. Start with your heavy clothes such as the jackets and place them at the bottom of the suitcase. Remember not to pack the jacket that you will be wearing while traveling
  5. Place you trousers unfolded and lengthwise on the heavy jackets. Please note that the trousers ends will be now extending out of the suitcase. Remember to place each pair with its sides switched (i.e. if a pair has its waist side to your left, the next pair will have the waist side to your right)
  6. Now, place the folded shirts breadth-wise, followed by your vests
  7. Once all major clothe items are placed, fold the hanging sides of the trousers inwards to cover the shirts and vests. Fasten the packed clothes with the suitcase’ elastic straps
  8. If your suitcase has a shoe pocket, place your shoes in the same with toe of one aligned with the heel of its pair. If it doesn’t have a shoe pocket, place the shoes along the border of your suitcase
  9. Pack your underwear in side pockets or corners to save space. Double check for any other necessities such as additional belts,
  10. If you are carrying any suit and if your suitcase has a suit holder, pack it properly and fasten. In this case, you might want to store your ties in the same place otherwise use side pockets for the ties
  11. Pack your toiletries in a toiletry pouch or plastic bag and keep that for carrying in the carry-on bag. Include any medicines and other important things like mobile phone charger in this bag
  12. Finally, place one or two empty plastic bags or thin laundry bags in the suitcase to bring back your unwashed and dirty clothes on return. Close your suitcase carefully after making sure that nothing is jutting out and you are good to go now

Have a nice travel with your efficiently packed suitcase!

How much does a Cruise Cost?

Luxury cruises are considered to be something that belongs to the rich or celebrity class. Not any more if you know the tricks of the game and plan properly well in advance.

Before understanding how much does a cruise cost, let me explain the typical expenses involved before, during and after a cruise vacation.

Things that attribute to the cruise cost

  1. Person Per Day charges (PPD) for your chosen cabin type. PPD typically include all meals, room service etc
  2. Applicable taxes on the above – Check if the PPD include taxes
  3. Duration of the cruise (7 nights, 10 nights, two weeks etc)
  4. Airfare from your home town to the port city
  5. Any hotel stay that may be required the night before in the port city before boarding
  6. Number of ports visited during the cruise and inland excursions and other activities
  7. On-board additional paid entertainment, cocktails, special dining place reservation etc
  8. On-board additional services (spa, salon etc)
  9. On-board shopping, souvenirs etc
  10. On-board tips to the attendants
  11. Other related expenses such as costumes shopping for the cruise – there is dress code applicable for the dinner on certain cruise classes

Most of the expenses boil down to the type of the cabin chosen and the duration. There are 15 or 20 variations cabins based on the 4 basic cabin types (Inside, Outside, Balcony, Suite). It is possible to get an inside cabin (no window) for 150 dollars a night upwards but if you want an ocean view cabin it may be 50% more and a balcony cabin almost double the price as the inside cabin. Further it gets even more expensive with suites.

Please note that for a 7 day cruise, there may be times when you need relaxing just looking around and hence an Outside cabin (i.e. a cabin with a window/hole) is probably what you need as a minimum. And if you want to enjoy the sea the most, probably a Veranda/Balcony is the right choice.

Let us talk about a $200/day deal per person on mid-range cruise lines. You are talking about $1400 per a seven night cruise here. Add the air fare from your home town to your pickup destination to that plus any hotel charges for overnight stay. A few of hundred dollars for your onboard cocktails, hundred dollars or so for all the tips and gratuity together and you may be talking about $2500 to $3000 per person for basic cabin types and services mentioned above. Now, it can vary hugely if you go for higher grade cabin types. Please note that we are talking about inbound air travel. If you need an international air travel to board the cruise vessel to your favorite destination, it gets really expensive due to the air fare involved.

Please note that if you go for specialty luxury cruise vessels, the starting range could be around $2500 per person for 7 nights for most basic cabins (talking about cabin rates alone)

Tips for getting the best Cruise deals

In order to get the best cruise vacation deals, you may want to note the following important tips.

  • Decide whether you want to be on a luxury cruise or semi-luxury – the prices go up big time on those star and celebrity category vessels
  • The best deals can come to you only when you book well in advance – We are talking about one year or 18 months advance booking here
  • When you read about the cruise deals on those travel sites or magazines, check out for multiple offers with the agents who deal with that cruise line or directly ring up
  • Make sure that you know the cabin type and what is covered in the PPD charges. Also make sure that taxes are all included in his final quote
  • Always cruise with cruise line that has good reputation and several years of quality service under its credit
  • Once you know your cruise date, book your hotel room and airline in advance so that you save money there
  • If there is any dress code applicable, shop for the same during offer sales without waiting for the last minute shopping

Have a great time!

Flying with an Infant – Tips and Checklist

Air travel with infants is a nightmare for most parents and it is one of those occasions where you badly want to pretend ‘that’s not my baby’ especially when the kids are unruly!

Though I cannot guarantee that flying with a baby will be a smooth experience for you, the following tips can definitely help you avoid a lot of related air travel miseries.

Before the travel

When you plan to travel with a baby, you have to keep the following things in mind.

  1. Get your travel checklist ready: Before the travel, you need to prepare a list of things that you want to carry during the flight with a baby. This might include mainly the baby supplies, diapers, baby wipes, medicines, baby formula – supplements, flask, boiled water, sterilized bottles, clothes, warmers, pacifiers, baby bag, pram, travel seats etc. If it is a long international travel, make sure that you know the weight limits and baby travel rules as per the airline websites
  2. Suitable flight timing: Try to choose an airline time that overlaps with baby’s sleep time so that less of feeding troubles you have during the flight. Also, as much as possible book a direct ticket
  3. Book a seat for the baby: Though babies below two years do not need a ticket, it is advisable to book a seat for the baby especially if the travel time is more than two hours or so. This can be expensive but really help you managing the baby with the right airline travel seat for your baby. This will definitely help you sleep properly as well. Please note that even if you do not book a seat for the baby, you need to get a ticket for it
  4. Travel accessories: The right travel accessories such as baby flight safety seat, pram, baby carrier etc should be carried along based on the duration of the flight as well as baby’s age
  5. Travel with a helper: Flight checking in process, X-ray screening, pushing the luggage etc while carrying the baby can be really difficult for you if you travel alone. As much as possible try to travel with your spouse or travel partner. If you cannot get one, try to take help from the airline ground staff
  6. Go lighter on luggage: It is very important that you pack light when you travel with a baby because your baby itself can be as good as a couple of suitcases. Also, it is important to keep all of baby’s essential stuff in one carry bag
  7. For breast-fed babies: If you are still breastfeeding your baby, you should wear the right kind of clothes that help you feed the baby during travel

During the travel and flight

  1. Be on time and wait: Try to arrive at the airport a bit in advance so that you can avoid the rush near security check and X-ray screening. Also, this gives time for you to prepare for the flight by waiting in the nearest possible seats near the gate. Please note that you may have to declare the baby formula, food items at the customs so as to avoid any security check issues later
  2. Feed the baby and change diapers: You may want to change your baby’s diapers and feed it once before you enter the flight. You may keep a bit of the bottle content left as it will be helpful during take off
  3. Know the flight’s baby features: Passengers travelling with kids will be usually boarded first and hence it gives you the opportunity to setup your baby seat properly. Also, take this opportunity to visit the lavatory and understand how baby diaper changing platform works and how to dispose the mess. If needed, take help from the stewards
  4. Choose the right seat: Never choose an isle seat for the baby and his travel seat. Usually any falling objects, passengers hurrying to the lavatory or sewards serving food can hurt your baby. A window seat may be suitable in most cases
  5. Talk to the stewardess for help: As soon as you enter, you may talk to the air hostess to understand if there are any special rules or safety measures to be taken for infants
  6. During take off: Due to the sudden changes in cabin pressure, baby’s ears can ache during take off. To reduce this, you may use a pacifier or feed the baby with the bottle. Same is applicable during landing as well
  7. On arrival: On arrival, take your time to collect the luggage and your baby along with your accessories. It’s better to wait till other passengers leave the flight as people are usually in a hurry to leave the flight as soon as the doors are open

Happy journey with your little one!

Modified American Plan

When you search the Internet for your dream vacation resort or holiday home, one of the statements in your package could be something like “Modified American Plan all inclusive”.

What does it mean?

American Plan, Modified American plan etc are basically the hotel meal plans that comes with your lodging package or room reservation.

Hotel Meal Plans

The following are the typical meal plans that you get to see in hotel or vacation packages

American Plan
American plan (AP) means that you will get all three meals a day for the lodging deal or package that you signed up.

Modified American Plan
Modified American Plan (MAP), on the other hand, is a hotel plan that has two meals – typically breakfast and dinner – covered as part of the lodging package. Some MAP plans offer the flexibility of choosing breakfast plus either lunch or dinner as an option where as in most places it is fixed (i.e. breakfast and dinner)

Continental Plan
Continental Plan (CP) is a hotel meal plan where by only breakfast (a continental breakfast per se) is served as part of the package.

European Plan
European plan (EP) includes only the cost of the room and no meal is served to you for the specified tariff.

So you already figured out that “Modified American Plan – all inclusive” is probably the wrong claim or statement. I should be ideally “American plan all inclusive“.

The following non-standard term also is used by certain package tour operators and holiday agents.

All Inclusive or AI
AI typically means that the room tariff, taxes, all meals and sometimes even drinks included. You should however clarify it with your tour operator as to what it means in your case.