Celebrity Fitness: What’s the BIG Secret?

celebrity fitness secrets

This is the era of fitness models! The celebrity status together with extremely fit bodies would mean that you are always at the centre of attraction and admiration.

Celebrity fitness is not something that is achieved overnight. While a few are blessed with very good physical measures and metabolism by birth, most of them have to really work out hard and be on strict fitness routine along with a good diet in order to achieve those stunning shapes and curves. Before talking about some of those celebrity fitness secrets, let us understand the five components of fitness.

5 Components of fitness

According to well established and proven theories the five components of fitness are:

  1. Cardiorespiratory endurance: This is nothing but your body’s ability to consistently deliver oxygen to the blood and then to the tissues. The cardiorespiratory endurance can be assessed based on how well you do certain activities such as aerobics or swimming
  2. Muscular endurance: This is your body muscle’s ability to apply force or take force. Pull-ups, situps, pushups etc are some of the exercises that can test our muscular endurance
  3. Muscular strength: This is self explanatory. Muscular strength is the ability to exert great force in a short span of time. Typically activities such as lifting weight demonstrate muscular endurance of one’s body
  4. Flexibility: Flexibility is the ability to flex muscles all around the body before and after workout sessions so that the body doesn’t remain stiff. Most of the simple reach and stretch exercises form a measure of one’s flexibility
  5. Body composition: Body composition is all about one’s BMI (Body Mass Index). Basically a perfect body should have the right composition of water, muscles and internal organs and minimal fat

A great body exemplifies all those five components and this can be achieved by proper exercise routines, weight training and dieting which is what most fit celebrities and fitness models do.

Celebrity Fitness Secrets

The Celebrity Fitness schedules and programs are on offer all around the world these days. However, what the celebrities themselves do is to follow the instructions of their personal trainers, dietician and physician.

In addition, the following are some of the most common celebrity fitness tips as disclosed by some of them.

  • Three basic things for anyone to maintain good fitness is to have the right amount of sleep (min 7 hours), drinking a lot of water (min 2 liters per day) and eating the right things at the right time. The more water you drink the better and water can help you lose weight as well. The eating habits should include a lot of proteins, fruits and vegetables and less fat and carbs, Of course, the final say is that of your dietician’s
  • Most of the fittest celebrity bodies do work out at least two hours a day and five to six days a week. And needless to say, the fitness conscious celebrities leave that job to their personal trainer
  • Most celebrities practice some kind of meditation, Yoga or similar ancient exercise cum meditation practices. Celebrities such as Madonna even went to the extent of involving in Eastern mysticism and Kabbalah
  • Pilates is another favorite mental and physical mechanism adopted by many celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Mandy Moore, Sandra Bullock, Megan Fox and Kate Hudson.
  • Julia Roberts says she stays in good shape by doing resistance-band exercises as instructed by her trainer – the advantage of this being use-anywhere-anytime and in any weather
  • Most of the fittest actresses prefer dance based workouts or aerobics to keep themselves in shape and improving cardiorespiratory endurance part of the fitness.
  • There are celebrities like Penelope Cruz who prefer outdoor fitness activities, running and cycling as against indoor workouts. Madonna is said to be majorly into cycling as well

Is that all?

A fit body oozes confidence and that shows up in the overall air around a celebrity. The making of a celebrity is not just in great looks and fitness but also the high confidence levels.

Well, if one has to also look younger on top of being fit in the old age, there are Botox and Silicone involved in many cases. But that is not in the scope of this article.