Condition Your Hair Using Mayonnaise

mayonnaise for hair treatment

Since commercial hair products contain harsh chemicals and ingredients that would damage hair, many are now turning to home remedies for hair care. They are inexpensive, very easy to prepare, and you can be sure no harmful chemicals will be added when preparing it. The best part – you can be assured that you will end up with hair that is shiny, moisturized and healthy! It can even revive and revitalize dry and damaged hair!

Mayonnaise Hair Treatment

Have you ever wondered what makes mayonnaise very effective when treating hair? It’s because of the ingredients it contains: vinegar, oil and egg yolk. These ingredients are known to contain natural conditioning and cleansing properties which, when combined all together, makes for a deep-conditioning treatment that will reach the roots of the hair, all the way to the tips. The oil component also contributes to adding moisture to the hair.

Using mayonnaise for hair conditioning is easy enough. Here are the simple steps to follow:

  1. Choose regular mayonnaise, regardless of the brand. Prior to using it, make sure it is warmed at room temperature
  2. Using warm water, rinse your hair of any dust or dirt, but do NOT apply any shampoo. Do NOT use hot water to avoid scalding your scalp and damaging your hair. It should be warm enough to open the hair follicles for better absorption of the mayonnaise. Squeeze water from your hair so it’s just damp, not soaking wet
  3. Get a liberal amount of mayonnaise and massage it onto your hair and scalp. Make sure the strands are coated from roots to tips
  4. Using a wide-toothed comb, comb the mayonnaise through your hair to ensure that all strands are coated
  5. Leave the mayonnaise on your hair for twenty minutes to half an hour (or longer, depending on how damaged your hair is). For better results, cover your hair with a shower cap or wrap it with a warm towel
  6. Rinse the mayonnaise from your hair using lukewarm or cool water. Apply mild shampoo if you find it difficult to get all of the mayonnaise out. Gently comb your hair using a wide-toothed comb in order to remove any tangles

Voila! You’ll have hair that is shiny, smooth, and moisturized!

Did you know that beer is also very effective as hair conditioner, making hair more manageable and giving it more volume and bounce? You no longer have to spend a lot of money at the salon or buying different hair products to treat your hair. Just look into your own home for better alternatives.