Family Read Out Loud Fun Ideas


Laughter is the best medicine“, the proverb says. In fact, it is true that a good laugh relaxes your body, makes you fresh and controls health issues such as high blood pressure. One of the best ways to roll on the floor laughing (ROFL) is to read a lot of comics stuff and cartoons. And it’s even better when you read out loud comedy stories and such stuff in a big group.

The other day I read about someone launching the “Read Comics in Public Day“. It seems there’s some movement since 2010 to make August 28th of every year as the International Read Comics in Public Day. If you can read out comics in public, why not at home and have family fun?

Read Out Loud fun in the Family

Comedy is more fun when it’s enjoyed in a group. Watching a comic movie in the movie hall or television together is a lot funnier and enjoyable than doing it all alone. Having said that, there are definitely comedy categories that you enjoy more when reading than reading out – e.g. Some of those email jokes. We aren’t talking about that here.

In order to enjoy reading out funny stories in the family, you don’t need to have a specific date or time. However, based on everyone’s availability, sleep-food timings, you may pick an appropriate time. The following may be some guidelines though it is up to each family how you want to take it forward.

  1. Pick an appropriate time and have these read out loud and laugh out loud sessions at least once a week. An ideal time would be say Saturday night after dinner
  2. Pick a joke book or online comic site that you want to read out loud. Book is always preferred to the digital reading as it is easy to establish eye-contact during each burst of laughter
  3. Pick a topic or character that everyone in the family enjoys reading. And again, read out loud only those stories or situations that make people laugh when read out. This is because some jokes wouldn’t sound as funny in indirect speech but more enjoyable when your read in mind
  4. Take turns on every night and let every member in the family learn about reading out loud in an expressive way
  5. Based on the feedback from all, switch to appropriate comic characters, topics or even increase the frequency to several times a week
  6. You can even think of including this kind of a fun reading activity in your friends circle

Read out loud jokes and comics are much funnier than watching a comic movie or cartoons together because the former brings the family together whereas television viewing is more individualistic.

Enjoy every lighter moment in life, together!