Finding a Job After College – Tips for Success


Recent college graduates will want to do their utmost to ensure that they are able to land a job quickly after graduation. Recruitment times for most businesses start right when the summer and winter graduation times are set. This means that there is a very small window of opportunity to land jobs quickly. A person that is diligent will be able to increase their chances of getting a job and will be ready for any potential interviews that they may have.

Online Resume and Portfolio
First and foremost, online job searches are at the very top of the list for potential job candidates. This is the fastest and easiest way to send out resumes to potential employers and a great avenue of networking through setting up a portfolio. There are many sites that offer this type of job searching. For example, offers jobs in Washington State where new college graduates can filter through listings and refine their search to meet their experience. The times of scouring through newspapers are finally over. Get a jump on job searching by choosing to use the Internet.

College Career Fairs
Most colleges will offer career fairs twice during the year. These fairs must be attended as they are swimming with potential job opportunities. All of the companies are typically local and want to hire potential candidates from a person’s respective college. Even if graduation is in the distant future, networking and collecting business cards at a career fair will pay off greatly.

Reach Out to Internship Providers
A person that is idle after graduation will have difficulty maintaining their respective skills. Instead of letting this be your fate, seek an internship when jobs are scarce. This will mean that a person not only is increasing their experience, but they are opening up doors to future employment. If a successful internship was held while still in college, it is vital to reach out to the company. If they have current job openings, they may be willing to hire a familiar face before a complete stranger.

Local Networking Groups
There are always business professionals that attend local networking groups. These groups are meant to spur new innovations and find ways that local suppliers and businesses can work together. Oftentimes, group members will hire those that are extremely helpful in their group. This is a great way to make life-long connections and really help the local community. With enhanced job opportunities coming from these groups, it is a great benefit to every member.

Spruce up a Resume
When applying for a job, a resume must stand out from all of the others. In fact, a resume is seen in the same manner as a first impression. A potential job candidate will want to tweak their resume for each job they apply for. Add a little information pertaining to what the specific company is looking for in a candidate. If a company needs to hire a network engineer, ensure that the strengths of your networking experience are at the forefront of the resume. This will be responsible for many people succeeding in finding a great job.