Free Wedding Shower Games & Ideas

free wedding shower games

Bridal Shower is one of the most special days in the bride-to-be’s life and the wedding shower parties are known for two things mainly – gifts giving and fun oriented – hassle free wedding shower games.

As the bride-to-be’s best friend of matron of honor, it is your duty to keep the guests entertained and huge opportunity to make the party memorable with unique wedding shower games. Here are some wedding shower game ideas that you can freely use to celebrate the special occasion.

Free Wedding Shower Games

The following are some of the highly entertaining games for the bridal shower party.

1. Mimic animals game

This is a bit noisy game but hilarious. There are two variants to it – either mimicking the animals or making the animal sound itself. This is how you play it. Each guest is asked to pick a small piece of folded paper from a bowl and each paper chit has an animal’s name written on it. Based on the group size there can be 6-8 animals name (e.g. monkey, lion, dog, cat etc) written so that there can be that many groups at the end. Please note that each animal’s name has to repeat 4-5 times meaning that four or five people may get the same animal name. When the game conductor says ‘Get set go’ the guests have to open their chits and start crying like the animal name in her chit (or act like that animal, based on the variation). The idea is to find your fellow animals of the same genre and group together looking at the gestures or sound. Whoever groups together faster is declared the winning group and walks away with the bridal shower group prize.

2. The Apron Game

Aprons for fun games? Why not? Here’s how you play the apron game. You have to pin several useful items (little gifts) to an apron and have the bride wear it for a few minutes during the party. The bride then leaves the room and all guests try to remember as many items that were on the apron. It’s better to provide the guests with little post-its and pencils to write them down. The guest who remembers the maximum number of items wins a wedding shower prize where as the bride gets to keep the apron and all goodies pinned on to it.

3. Straw and peanuts game

This is a really funny game to play in a group – not just for bridal showers. There will be a bowl of peanuts kept in one end of the dining table and several juice straws provided. On the other end of the table an empty bowl is kept. The guest has to pick a straw, blow in air using that thereby sucking one peanut at a time and taking it all the way till the empty bowl and drop the pea in it. Each guest is provided 1 minute to perform this act and whoever carries maximum number of peanuts to the empty bowl using the straw wins the wedding shower prize.

4. How well do you know the bride quiz

This is one of the most common bridal shower games. There are also variants like how well do you know the bride and groom etc. The idea here is to ask the guests questions about the bride, her tastes, secrets, childhood days events etc and whoever answers the maximum questions wins the prize. The success of this game depends on how well you prepare your questions in a fun-filled manner and also the ability and eloquence of the quiz master to conduct the game. There has to be a minimum of a couple of dozen questions for the event to last for an hour or so.

5. Pass the balloon shower game

It’s one of the easiest games to play. All guests will stand in a circle and a balloon is handed to one of them. Some party music is then played and the guests need to keep passing it till the music is paused. You need to keep pausing and resuming the music at irregular intervals and the guest who holds the balloon at the time of pausing the music is out. This process is repeated until there’s one guest left without the balloon in her hand. She’s declared the winner and gets away with a small bridal shower prize.

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