Fruit Punch Recipe

fruit punch recipe

The Fruit Punch is said to have been originated in India and the English sailors introduced this in England. It slowly spread to all over Europe in the 17th Century.

The term ‘Punch’ is originated from the Hindi language word ‘Panch’ which means five. This suggests that the original fruit punch had exactly five ingredients.

In Europe, then many alcoholic and non-alcoholic fruit punch variants were derived and it became kind of a drink for parties, birthday event and get togethers.

How to make Fruit Punch?

Here is a good virgin Fruit punch recipe (Fruit Punch without alcohol or commonly known as Fruit Punch mocktail). Please note that there can be many variations but most of them will have pineapple juice and one off lemon juice or orange juice with other variables.

Ingredients (to serve two)
Orange juice – 4 oz
Pineapple juice – 4oz
Mango juice – 4 oz
Lemon juice – 3/4 oz
Grenadine syrup – 1/2 tsp (Read: Grenadine recipe)
Fresh cream – 1 oz
Crushed ice

Shake all ingredients together in a cocktail shaker and pour into two glasses. Garnish either with pineapple pieces in the juice or with a beautifully cut fruit piece on a stirrer stick.

Fruit Punch Recipe Variations

There have been many variations with lemonade, ginger ale, tonic water etc. And the fruit pieces used as garnish would vary from strawberries, cherries, pineapple to lime or lemon slices. Sometimes they are also served with mint leaves garnish.

The Planter’s punch will additionally have soda and a little bit of cayenne pepper added to the above recipe. And it often has lime slices floating as garnish. Of course, Planter’s punch recipe with alcohol is different.

There are also melon punch variants but aren’t as citrous and punchy as the original one.

Majorities of the punch variations (e.g. Bourbon Punch) has huge difference from the original recipe and also many of them are alcoholic Fruit punches or pure cocktails. It is not in the scope of this article.

Let us know how did your Fruit punch turn out to be based on the above mentioned fruit punch recipe!