How Much Weight can you Lose by Drinking Water?


Water plays a very critical role in the proliferation of life on this planet. Water’s ability to dissolve food substances and other solutes is what drives the metabolic processes within the body of animals including humans.

A normal human body requires eight glasses of water per day for normal healthy functioning of the body. This can vary by a glass or two based on the individual need. However, is that enough if you want to lose weight by drinking water?

Is it possible to lose weight at all with water?

Drinking sufficient amount of water can keep you healthy. However, one cannot lose weight just by drinking water but under the following situations water makes a big difference in losing weight.

  1. If you have the habit of consuming sugar drinks or pop and you replace that with water, it makes a huge difference. For example, a can of coke is 140 calories and if you have the habit of drinking three cans per day – that is roughly 3000 calories per week. Now, if you change your coke drinking habit in favor of water, you are going to lose one pound of fat per week (To be precise, 3500 calories translates to one pound fat)
  2. Drinking water (room temperature) at frequent intervals can maintain body temperature by this active maintenance of body temperature about 8 to 10 calories (per glass of water) is lost. Though this is a negligible amount, it still translates to about 100 calories a day
  3. If you had the habit of drinking less than 8 glasses of water a day, then increasing water intake can help you with burning fat because in dehydrated state, fat burning is slowed down. Hence regular intake of suggested quantity of water helps you maintain your weight and with further fatty food reduction you may lose weight
  4. Drinking plenty of water during meals can reduce your food intake due to lose of appetite and hence reduced calories. This is a good way of losing weight using water
  5. Drinking hot water after consuming red meat and other fatty food is said to split fat faster and hence reduce weight gain

Water definitely is a life saver and weight reducer if used judiciously and as an alternate mechanism to your other heavy drinks.