Toddler Tantrums: How to deal with it?

toddler tantrums

If you’re having a little one at home, then you must be facing a difficult time handling their tantrums. Now toddler tantrums can be of different types like throw up tantrums, bedtime tantrums, no-playschool tantrums, no-eating tantrums etc. Moreover, occasional biting, kicking and screaming are also part of the toddler tantrums. According to studies, tantrums are normal and a part of the ‘normal development stage’ of a toddler. The challenge is how to deal with toddler tantrums in an effective manner.

How to Deal with Toddler Tantrums?

In many kids, tantrums start from the very first birthday. Many a times, it starts early as in eight to nine months. Here comes 10 useful ways to avoid and eventually deal with toddler tantrums.

Effective Discipline
A lot of parents require learning few essential ways to discipline their little ones. Effective discipline assists a kid to develop self control and empathy.

Create a diversion
When you’re visiting some public places, make sure you bring certain items that create diversion for the kids to help avoid any annoying scene and also offer you peace of mind.

Try to ignore the tantrums as that helps a young kid to learn and deal with frustration and anger. You can divert the child before the tantrums erupts. Keep in mind that many toddlers can’t be easily calmed down once their tantrums starts.

Spend time
You must take some time out from your busy schedule to play and talk with your toddler frequently. This is often considered as one of the essential steps to avoid toddler tantrums. You can set up a good communication with your kid.

Avoid callous discipline
Punishments and shouting can make the tantrums worse. So, try and avoid following any harsh discipline as parents. In addition to this, most children usually model their parents about how to perform the temper tantrums by screaming, hitting and yelling. Hope you realize this and you’re the one responsible for teaching your little one how to misbehave.

Humor to resolve tricky situations
Laughter, some silly songs making a game of cleaning the toys can work giftedly. Even a tickle or a hug at the right moment can help to change the mood of the child.

Positive Parenting
The much needed attention and praises for the small children work wonders. It can help to pay attention for the behavior you do want. On the other hand, try and ignore the behavior that you don’t want.

Cut back negatives
Saying No to a toddler at all times will add to the frustration of the child. Instead, you can use certain phrases like ‘after dinner’, ‘after lunch’ and ‘later’.

Understand and respect the feeling of a child
It is important that you understand the feelings of a child. Respect their feelings. This helps to reduce the toddler tantrums.

Show some good examples to your child
Remain calm during stressful times. This can well encourage your kids to do the same. Always aim to spend some happy relaxed times together- like reading out a story to the kids or visiting a nearby park or playing a game together. Once you start following these tips you’ll definitely watch a change in the behavior.

I am sure you find these parenting tips very useful in effectively dealing with toddler tantrums at home.