How to Find the Right Pair of Sunglasses?


The most important thing to consider while choosing a pair of sunglasses is the shape of the glass frames and the shape of your face itself – the latter being more important. Do your face shape and the sun glasses frame go together?

Let us find out what is that exact shape and color of sunglasses that’s most suitable for you.

Sunglasses based on Face shape

If you have a round face, you should stick to angular and geometric frames in order to sharpen your facial curves. For example, the best sunglasses for round faces would have rectangular frames. Also, narrow frames will make your face look longer and less roundish.

Those with oval faces are probably the luckiest because most types of frame shapes will work. And just like the round faces, the oval faced people may wear square and rectangular frames that will add angles to those soft curves. The best sunglasses for the oval faces are those slightly wider than the widest part of your face.

If you have an angular square face, stay away from angular glasses and choose glasses with rounder edges and frames. This will help reducing the focus on your angular facial features.

For those with pure triangular faces with narrow forehead and wider cheek or chin, frames that are wider on top would be ideal. However, if you have an inverse triangular face shape (i.e. Upper part wide and narrow cheeks or pointed chin), you might want to go for rimless glasses with wider bottoms.

Finally, if you have an oblong face, avoid long or narrow frames but go for wide and square frames with good depth from top to bottom.

Color of the Sunglasses

The next thing to consider is the color of the glasses. Choose the color that goes with your skin tone, make up and the outfit that you are wearing.
The natural color of your hair also plays a big part in determining whether you would want to go with cool or warm colors.

Cool hair colors are brown, white, blue-black, strawberry blond etc. For such hair colors, the best suited sunglasses would be in colors like blue, pink, magenta, tortoise, plum or black.

Warm hair colors include Blond, red, black, golden brown etc. For such types of hairs, you may go with gold, copper, orange, off-white, bright red or coral colored sunglasses.

Other Tips

– If you have a smaller face, go for smaller frames. Larger faces may need larger glasses
– Unless you have the perfect oval shape, try to make the sunglasses line up with the side of your face.
– And don’t hesitate to try as many sunglasses as you want before picking the best sunglasses that suits you.

Believe me, selecting the right pair of sunglasses is a real time consuming task. But the right one will make all the difference!