How to Organize Your Closet?

organize your closet

Want to organize your closet efficiently? Well, as a matter of fact, it is not a one time job. You need to take into account certain things like the available space you have in the room, the amount of clothing you own and the type of lifestyle you lead. Getting organized a bit can help clear the clutter from your closet and keep it optimized at the same time.

Organize Your Closet – Steps

The following methods, tips, ideas and products will definitely help you to organize a closet the right way.

1. Plan the tools you need

The first step in organizing your closet will be to ensure that you have all the right supplies and tools on hand. Before you start, consider the items that you should have, including full length mirror (to decide whether to keep or toss any clothes), tape measure (to measure the space both hanging and shelving), and shopping bags (to transport clothing and accessories to your nearby donation center). Gather these items before you start. This will allow you to hit straight and get ready to dive into the job of organizing your closet.

2. Clean the Closet

Next, you are required to clean and clear the space. (While this activity is on, you may already start visualizing how you would organize your closet within the available space).

Take everything out of the closet including the closet organizers like trays, baskets, hangers, bins, accessories like scarves, handbags, shoes and clothes. Now, give your closet a good cleaning. Dust the hanging and shelving rods. Just run the swiffer or vacuum the floor and wipe down all of the bins and baskets.

3. Put the right things back

In order to keep the right clothes at the right places, please follow these steps in the same logical order.

3.1. Distinguish

To organize a closet, you need to distinguish shoes and clothing that you wear. In addition to this, you also have to consider those items that you need to get rid of. You can get things in place by following the best rule of organizing a closet – Just toss those items that you haven’t worn in a year.

If some clothes doesn’t fit you well, then it is time to say them good bye and get rid of them. Instead of hanging onto your skinny jeans until you lose a few pounds, it would be better to donate them to someone. And when you meet your goal weight, you can then treat yourself to a new pair of stylish jeans. The same rule is applicable to specialty clothing such as maternity wear. You may use your full length mirror to take a good look at those dresses that you may have overgrown. This (good) mindset plays a big role in help organizing your closet and more importantly cleaning up the mess.

3.2. Sort Clothes

Whether you are organizing a small closet or not, proper real estate management and optimization is necessary to get the tidying up job done neatly. To achieve this first sort your garments into separate piles. It is also important to highlight on what you wish to keep at first rather than on what you wish to toss.

You may stack and hang your sorted clothes in order now. Obviously, your daily wear and most used clothes should be hanging or kept near. Party wear or one-off usage kind of stuff go to one end or back side of the shelves.

3.3. Throw or Donate the rest

Finally, it’s time to pack all that you tossed either to the donation center or to the recycle bin.

4. Maintain and Shop wisely

It’s important that you consider maintaining the closet organization as a periodic activity. The more you work on the closet maintenance, the less time it will take to find clothes when you have less time in hand to get ready. Just go through the closet and then complete a fast makeover once in a month and then tackle the full process of re-organization and major cleaning twice a year. You can follow the schedules by season, by events or by important dates.

It is significant that you invest on an effective closet organization system which features coordinating drawers, adjustable drawers, hanging rods as well as shelves. Use the measuring tape to exactly measure the dimensions of things that you need to fill your closet. You can utilize all the available space and make everything attractive by shopping the right accessories for your closet thereby helping with the best closet maintenance.

And most importantly, think twice before you purchase new clothes!