How to Pack a Suitcase Efficiently?


Well, the picture here will tell you how stressful your suitcase packing can be especially when the travel packing list is not already prepared or the travel itself is not planned in advance.

In fact, packing a suitcase can be very easy if you get a little bit organized yourself and exactly follow the steps below:

Step by Step Suitcase Packing

  1. Gather all that you want to carry and place them on your bed. You need to do a rough calculation as how many pairs of clothes will be required based on the number of travel days, whether you will get to do laundry in between your travel etc
  2. Fold your shirts and vests exactly like how they fold and keep them in the showroom or store. Roll your ties loosely. Fold the briefs and undergarments once or twice but don’t roll them up. Stuff a couple of pairs of socks into your shoes that you are going to carry
  3. Place the suitcase on the floor, open it flat and pull out the elastic straps to the sides
  4. Start with your heavy clothes such as the jackets and place them at the bottom of the suitcase. Remember not to pack the jacket that you will be wearing while traveling
  5. Place you trousers unfolded and lengthwise on the heavy jackets. Please note that the trousers ends will be now extending out of the suitcase. Remember to place each pair with its sides switched (i.e. if a pair has its waist side to your left, the next pair will have the waist side to your right)
  6. Now, place the folded shirts breadth-wise, followed by your vests
  7. Once all major clothe items are placed, fold the hanging sides of the trousers inwards to cover the shirts and vests. Fasten the packed clothes with the suitcase’ elastic straps
  8. If your suitcase has a shoe pocket, place your shoes in the same with toe of one aligned with the heel of its pair. If it doesn’t have a shoe pocket, place the shoes along the border of your suitcase
  9. Pack your underwear in side pockets or corners to save space. Double check for any other necessities such as additional belts,
  10. If you are carrying any suit and if your suitcase has a suit holder, pack it properly and fasten. In this case, you might want to store your ties in the same place otherwise use side pockets for the ties
  11. Pack your toiletries in a toiletry pouch or plastic bag and keep that for carrying in the carry-on bag. Include any medicines and other important things like mobile phone charger in this bag
  12. Finally, place one or two empty plastic bags or thin laundry bags in the suitcase to bring back your unwashed and dirty clothes on return. Close your suitcase carefully after making sure that nothing is jutting out and you are good to go now

Have a nice travel with your efficiently packed suitcase!