How to Peel an Egg?


Is peeling eggs a nightmare for you and often results in dirty or jagged eggs?

Peeling an egg is very easy if you hard-boil eggs perfectly, as a first step. Then all that you have to do is to follow the steps given below.

  1. After hard boiling eggs, bring them to room temperature either by putting them in cold water for a few minutes or by keeping the boiled pan open for 15-20 minutes. Never try to peel or break boiled eggs when they are still hot or warm
  2. Crack the shell at each end by tapping it on your kitchen counter or tap. Older the egg, more difficult it is to crack them because of the harder shell
  3. Roll the egg on the counter, a plate or a chop board with your palm. You can feel the shell cracking. This step may not be required if it is already cracked lengthwise during tapping on the ends as in step 2
  4. Slip the shell off by peeling it from the wider end where usually an air bubble is present and hence it is easier to peel the broken shell from that end. Peeling the shell under the running tap or by submerging it under water is even easier

Other Tips

Avoid fresh farm eggs or too old eggs for hard boiling. 4-5 days old eggs are ideal for making the perfect hard boiled eggs and will be rather easier to peel as well.

Adding a little vinegar (or salt as mentioned in the linked article above) to the water will make it easier to peel.

An alternate way of peeling egg is by shaking boiled and cold eggs in the pan so that the shell breaks and hence make it easier to peel it off.

Enjoy your egg!