How to Ripen Mangoes Fast?

how to ripen mangoes

So you picked your mangoes from the farm or grocery store and later figured out that you got fooled by the skin color. They are not yet good to consume! In that case, how to ripen those mangoes as naturally as possible and faster?

The following are three tried and tested methods to ripen a mango at home.

  1. Put the mangoes in a brown paper bag, roll down and seal the bag and leave it for one or two days like that. Your mangoes will be ripening without any damage to them. Remember to check them after the first day
  2. Put the mangoes in a paper bag along with an apple or banana. Seal and keep it for a day and voila! The mangoes are ripened the next day. This method is slightly faster than the first method as the ethylene gas generated from the apple or banana help the mangoes ripen faster
  3. You may keep the mangoes buried in a bag of wheat or rice and they will be ripening in a day or so with better taste and color retained

Yet another way to make mangoes ripen fast is to keep them under hot sun for two to three hours and then keep them indoors overnight. This can however make some varieties change their skin color or even a bit too mushier inside.

Finally, how to check if the mangoes are just ripe? You may just sniff the end with the stem and if it has a fruity aroma there, then the mangoes are nice and ripe. To double check, you may gently press it with your thumb and if it’s soft, it’s ready to consume.

Warning: Bulk ripening of mangoes is at times done with the help of chemicals such as Calcium Carbide. This method should be strictly avoided as it’s a poisonous chemical. Never buy your mangoes from such places that practice this methodology