How to Stop Hiccups?

how to stop hiccups

Hiccups (actually spelled hiccoughs) are caused by sudden contraction of the diaphragm and they are triggered by the Phrenic nerve.

Though short-lived hiccups are harmless in nature they can be irritating and sometimes embarrassing when you are in a public place. Here are some tricks that can stop hiccups instantly.

How to Stop Hiccups?

Before reading the tips below, please note that these hiccup tips are NOT meant to cure hiccups in infants or babies.

  1. The best method to arrest hiccups fast is the paper bag method. Take a paper bag and use its opening to cover your nose and mouth. Breathe into it with your nose slowly five to six times and remove the bag. Repeat after five to ten seconds. The hiccups should stop immediately (CAUTION: Never use a plastic bag)
  2. The most common methodology to stop hiccoughs is to drink water. Take a glass of water and finish it off with 8-10 noisy and consecutive gulps steadily. Do not drink the water very fast nor remove the glass from your lips for taking breathe. This should work in most hiccup scenarios
  3. Swallowing a teaspoonful of granulated sugar is another home remedy for hiccups
  4. Using your index finger and thumb, hold your tongue and gently pull it and hold that way for about 20 seconds. The hiccup should normally stop with that
  5. Holding your breath for about 30 seconds and slowly releasing it will also help in stopping hiccups

Other Tips

Avoid eating any food until the hiccups stop completely. A lot of people suggest that holding your face under cold water for several seconds might help. We do not advise this as water could get into your nose and lungs in a sudden jerky hiccup.

Now, How to Stop Hiccups that are too frequent and prolonged? Well, if your hiccups persists and repeats quite frequently, consult a doctor. You may even have an injured Prenic nerve which is a common issue with those who have frequent hiccups.