Informal Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

These days, more and more couples are opting for themed weddings, which veer away from the traditional and highly-ceremonial weddings in the past. Spontaneity and fun are words that have become associated with weddings, and that applies to the wedding invitation as well (apart from fun-filled activities and games in wedding shower, maid of honor speeches etc).

Ingredients to the Best Informal Wedding Invitation

Sure, you can instantly make your wedding invitation by using funny images or themes, but that won’t make as much impact as writing words that would incite laughter from the recipient. For those who choose to have funny and informal wedding invitations, here are some things to remember when choosing the wording.

  1. The invitation should reflect the personality of the bride and the groom. If a third party is in charge of the wording, it would be a good idea to spend time with the couple and get a feel of how they interact with other people and with each other, as well as get a glimpse of their sense of humor.
  2. Romance is good, but you can add lighthearted words that would convey the excitement of the couple in becoming one. Using “grand” and big words, which was the norm in traditional wedding invitations usually comes across as being too stuffy or boring.
  3. Guests are always interested on how the couple met and fell in love. Consider incorporating a bit of their story into the wedding invitation. Putting it in a short poem or an anecdote is a good idea. The couple may also have a running joke that they wish to share; see if you can use it to come up with fun wedding invitation wording.
  4. Keep it as brief and simple as possible. The simpler and more straightforward it is, the more spontaneous it would sound. The longer and wordier it is, the more cluttered the whole wedding invitation would seem, and that would suck much of the fun out of the whole thing. If you want to make the wedding invitation wording casual, stay away from the big words.
  5. The wording should also complement the design of the wedding invitation (i.e. the graphics, the kind of paper, the color, font style, etc.). It would seem incongruous to use very serious wording when the invitation card is shaped like a cartoon character the bride and groom both adore.
  6. Make the wording sound conversational, as though the couple bumped into the invitees and sprang the invitation on them. This adds a personal touch that would make the recipients look forward to actually attending when the special day arrives.

A Sample: Informal Wedding Invitation Wording

Here is an example of informal wedding invitation wording thought up by the bride and groom.

“It started with a kiss (purely by accident)
on the day we met,
and we’ll seal our vows with another kiss,
on the day we’ll wed.
We, <insert full names of bride and groom>
invite you to join us and celebrate with us
as we tie the knot that will bind us forever as one
on our special day, <insert date and time>
at <insert venue of wedding ceremony>.
Food, wine, and dancing will follow at the reception
at <insert venue of reception>.”

When trying to come up with funny or informal wedding invitation wording, never forget the real purpose of the invitation, which is to invite people to attend the union of two individuals at a specific date, time and place. The request line could be worded any way you want, as long as it is welcoming for anyone who reads it.