List of Hobbies that Make Money

list of hobbies that make money
Hobbies are activities that people would like to do during their relaxed and leisure time. By definition, they aren’t intended to help you earn money or a living for that matter. However, there are a number of hobbies that make money (mind you, real serious money sometimes) to help you with your residual income needs as well as an earning part-time activity. Before embarking down any path, make sure you are prepared to keep accurate detailed accounting records. It wouldn’t hurt to have an online system for tax preparing ready to go as well; especially since the IRS will want to see what you’re doing.

Partial List of Hobbies that Make Money

Here are a few of those hobbies that help you earn money from your leisure activities:

  1. Painting: Painting as a hobby doesn’t always mean that you need to be an exceptional artiste. In fact, there are a lot of people who have learned and taken up painting as a retirement activity as well. There are easier genres of painting that you can get into and sometimes even sell on the street, in the nearby arts-crafts shop or even online on eBay to make some money. The investment on the this hobby to get started may be very less compared to many other expensive hobbies
  2. Digital Photography: Digital photography as a hobby really took off in the past decade or so, since the digital cameras evolved big time and became more affordable. While a Digital SLR is good to produce professional quality images (that can be sold online), as a hobbyist you can start with a simple Point and Shoot camera or a bridge type camera. Selling digital photos online is a big business nowadays
  3. Writing or Blogging: Writing online or blogging is another way to make money online if you have the basic skills in writing about your experiences or topics of interest. Online writing or content creation can be for others or on your own blog or website. There are 100s of ways of making money online off which online writing, content creation, proof reading etc are proven methods that are highly in demand. You can either create your free blog on sites such as or or get your own domain name (e.g to host your blog
  4. Philately and coin collection: Well, stamp and coin collection is not something that can be easily achieved in a short time but has to take its own course before it can be profitable hobby. Also, you need a lot of contacts – both online and offline – who can provide or exchange valuable old collection of stamps or coins. The values of stamps and coins go up with time and you can make money by selling them online
  5. Gardening: Pure vegetable or fruit gardening may not fetch you a lot of money but specialty gardening definitely will. One such example is orchid flowers gardening and vanilla plants gardening that can really fetch you a lot of money while enjoying your hobby more unlike normal gardening. Gardening is among those universal hobbies for men and women
  6. Animal farming: There are many fast breeding animals and birds such as meat rabbits, pigs and chicken that can make a lot of residual income out of your animal farming hobby. Chicken farming can be a very easy care hobby that can be started with a very low investment and reap returns in very few months. Compared to larger animals, the above mentioned animals may not require huge area of land to graze and grow
  7. Knitting and Sewing: Among the hobbies for women, this has to be something that doesn’t require a lot of investments and skills but need tremendous patience. There is however always buyers for hand knitted material and if you keep churning out masterpieces and designer like accessories, you are sure to make some money out of your favorite hobby

What I mentioned here is only an indicative list of hobbies and there are definitely a lot more hobbies out there that can be profitable leisure time activities too. By the way, do not forget about the enjoyment part of a hobby. Money or no money, the hobby is meant to keep you relaxed and entertained. If that is not the case and money making is the only aim, then there are methods such as Online Share trading, Forex trading (Read this article on forex trading basics to learn more) etc which may be risky but rewarding as well.