Low Blood Pressure during Pregnancy


Low blood pressure in pregnancy is a common phenomenon as compared to high blood pressure (hypertension). It is important to understand Hypotension or low BP during pregnancy so that you don’t panic due to the obvious symptoms of low blood pressure.

Let us understand the symptoms of low blood pressure during pregnancy and what you could potentially do to lower its side effects.

Explanation for low Blood Pressure during Pregnancy

Fainting and dizziness are common symptoms of low blood pressure during pregnancy. Now, let us see the reasons for low blood pressure in a pregnant woman.

During pregnancy, the pregnancy hormone progesterone released into your body causes the blood vessel walls to relax. This along with the rapid expansion in the blood circulatory system causes a mild reduction in your blood pressure. By the way, similar process takes place during your menstrual cycles as well but for a shorter duration.

Between 18th and 20th week of pregnancy, your BP is at the lowest. Towards the end of your pregnancy cycle, your blood pressure comes back to its pre-pregnancy numbers.

Please note that we have been talking about hypo-tension or low BP here. If you happen to develop high blood pressure during pregnancy consult your doctor immediately, because there are different implications of high BP depending on which pregnancy week the high blood pressure symptoms surface.

How to tackle low BP during pregnancy?

  • Drink plenty of water or sweet natural juices diluted with water
  • If you feel like you are fainting, never try to walk but slowly sit on the floor wherever you are to avoid any sudden collapse
  • While getting up if you feel dizzy do not get up but lay there with your eyes closed and relaxed
  • Take a lot of rest by laying on your side during day time as well
  • If you are wearing a heavy jacket or something, remove it to cool you down and feel easy
  • If you feel dizziness all the time, consult your gynecologist

Enjoy your pregnancy without worrying too much about the low blood pressure. You are doing just fine!