Modified American Plan


When you search the Internet for your dream vacation resort or holiday home, one of the statements in your package could be something like “Modified American Plan all inclusive”.

What does it mean?

American Plan, Modified American plan etc are basically the hotel meal plans that comes with your lodging package or room reservation.

Hotel Meal Plans

The following are the typical meal plans that you get to see in hotel or vacation packages

American Plan
American plan (AP) means that you will get all three meals a day for the lodging deal or package that you signed up.

Modified American Plan
Modified American Plan (MAP), on the other hand, is a hotel plan that has two meals – typically breakfast and dinner – covered as part of the lodging package. Some MAP plans offer the flexibility of choosing breakfast plus either lunch or dinner as an option where as in most places it is fixed (i.e. breakfast and dinner)

Continental Plan
Continental Plan (CP) is a hotel meal plan where by only breakfast (a continental breakfast per se) is served as part of the package.

European Plan
European plan (EP) includes only the cost of the room and no meal is served to you for the specified tariff.

So you already figured out that “Modified American Plan – all inclusive” is probably the wrong claim or statement. I should be ideally “American plan all inclusive“.

The following non-standard term also is used by certain package tour operators and holiday agents.

All Inclusive or AI
AI typically means that the room tariff, taxes, all meals and sometimes even drinks included. You should however clarify it with your tour operator as to what it means in your case.