Must-Have Hair Accessories For Women

Every woman knows that her hair is her crowning glory. Thus, it requires more than a fair bit of maintenance. But we’re not only talking about having the proper cut and style, or undergoing special treatments to keep them healthy, sleek, and looking like a million dollars. The entire look of a woman can change with the use of one or two hair accessories. Here are some of the must-have hair accessories that every woman should have in her ‘hair arsenal’.

  1. Wide-toothed Comb or Round Hair Brush
    No, finger-combing would never be enough. Get rid of those tangles by running a wide-toothed comb through your hair. A brush could easily restore volume, bounce and shine whenever your hair starts to go limp or frizzy because of the wind or heat.
  2. Hair ties and elastics
    A girl should always have hair ties or elastics with them to tie their hair back when the situation calls for it. There are so many designs for hair ties out there right now: knotted hair ties, hair cuffs that add elegance to what would have been a plain ponytail, and even some embellished elastics that could double as bracelets when not worn on the hair.
  3. Hair clips and pins
    Wayward tufts and tendrils can be quite distracting, not to mention ruin the sleek look you’re aiming for. Have hair pins on hand. If you’re not keen on using elastics and hair ties for your ponytail, use barrettes instead.
  4. Headbands
    Headbands are no longer those boring strips of cloth that are mainly utilitarian in nature. Nowadays you’ll find many embellished headbands (floral designs, spikes and studs, and even cat’s ears!). Depending on what look you’re going for, you can be edgy, sweet and romantic, or chic and sophisticated. It’s all in the detailing. And best of all, they could keep your hair out of your face and keep it contained!
  5. Headwraps and turbans
    For those who are more adventurous when it comes to fashion, wearing headwraps and turbans is a must. It gives a woman that hip vibe, indicative of being free-spirited. These are for more casual looks, like when you’re going to an outdoor concert or music festival. Turbans, on the other hand, are more suitable during colder weather, since they could keep your head warm, protect your hair from the elements, and still make you look great!
  6. Hats and caps
    Now, you’d probably think that anything that will cover your hair does not qualify as an accessory. That’s not true. With the right hat or cap, you can actually draw more attention to your crowning glory. A fedora, a floppy hat, a baseball cap, a cowboy hat… all these can

Now don’t go thinking you’d have to spend a fortune on these women s hair accessories. You can easily make them from home. DIY knotted hair ties, for example, can be made from simple elastics. Add a ribbon or some beads if you want to add more flair to it! You can even use a simple scarf as a headwrap or a Bohemian headband. You just have to use a little bit of that creativity and a whole lot of imagination!