Packing List for Vacation


What is the relevance of a Packing List for Vacation? Basically an organized list is pretty much the very first requirement to get your suitcase packed (Read: How to Pack a Suitcase Efficiently?)

When you are going to pack for a trip, you need to be aware of how long you are going to be there, how hot or cold it’s going to be, the places you are going to stay or what you want to do there. With these things in mind you will need one or more suitcases, organization, vacation packing checklist, hotel accommodation information, travel sized containers, leak proof bag, small bag or purse.

Let it start with a Packing List for Vacation…

  1. First, make a check list of all the things you need according to your itinerary. Ideally you need two copies of your packing list – one for your return journey as well. When you travel with family, this checklist will contain as many individual sections as the number of travelers plus a common section for all
  2. Pack 2 to 3 days in advance and while keeping things in your suitcases, put a check mark against those items in your list
  3. Check with your hotel to see if they provide hair dryers, toiletries or towels, so you can avoid the same
  4. Pack cosmetics and toiletries in travel sized containers – preferably leak proof ones – and keep them separated from clothes
  5. Keep clothes and accessories to one to two color schemes, so you can mix and match. Also take a couple of quick dry items that can be hand washed
  6. Distribute the clothes evenly throughout the bag by rolling them
  7. Save room in your bag by wearing the bulkiest shoes and jackets (if the weather permits) while traveling to the destination
  8. Keep all your jewelry and other valuables in a small carry-on bag or purse
  9. Do not forget to do some study on the foreign currency and ATM availability in your destination, just in case you are traveling abroad. Accordingly, you may want to keep enough money with you while traveling
  10. If you are on medication, do not forget to carry your medicines in your small bag or purse
  11. If you are traveling as a family, try to dedicate one suitcase or bag per family within the allowed luggage limits
  12. Never over stuff your suitcases – a broken suitcase is a vacation spoiler and can cause embarrassment in public places
  13. While leaving home, do not forget to dispose your garbage, switch off your electric appliances and lamps, close windows and doors and inform your good neighbors
  14. While stuffing things back on return, do not forget to crosscheck with the other copy of your checklist

Bon Voyage!