Positive Effects of Video Games on Children

video games positive effects

Most parents and teachers of today think very negatively about Video games. In fact, they cannot be totally blamed for this attitude because the number of violent games that the kids get to play these days is way too many. Needless to say such games always gain popularity among kids – thanks to Television commercials and the social media.

In fact, If chosen carefully and sensibly (after analyzing the video games age rating, reviews and content) video games can have several positive effects on children, teenagers and even adults. For once, let us talk about the positive effects offered by the limited use of video games.

Positive Effects of Video Games

The following are some of the advantages of computer games and video games.

  1. Improved learning skills: Many research studies conducted by APA (American Psychological Association) conclude that video games can be very powerful teaching tools as they promote motivational approach to learning.
  2. Scientific-Logical thinking: Many of the popular science and technology oriented games are supposed to improve logical and scientific thinking among kids
  3. Planning, strategizing and problem solving skills: Since most of the computer or video games are built around step by step approach to reaching the target, they seem to help in kids’ planning and strategizing skills
  4. Goal setting: Video games help kids in setting short term manageable as well as stretched goals. By achieving them, they are motivated to proceed further with stiffer targets and mid-term goals
  5. Improved confidence and motivation: By achieving the set goals via logical thinking and well executed strategies, kids who play such video games are said to attain improve self confidence and self-esteem to take up real life tasks
  6. Social fun and teamwork: When played with other kids or with their online counter parts/team mates, kids tend to exhibit improved sharing and teamwork aspects.
  7. Improved fine motor skills: Handling of the game controllers are excellent for the kids to improve their fine motor skills and hand eye coordination – particularly applicable to lower grade school kids
  8. Improved helping mentality & social ethics: Since most games are themed around fighting the evil and saving the good, most game addicts are supposed to be exhibiting better helping mentality – especially with women and people in need
  9. Physical fitness via games: Certain highly interactive games (e.g Xbox Kinect or Nintendo Wiimote based exercise, dance or field games) are excellent for physical exercise for not only kids but adults as well
  10. It makes everyone happy: Finally, a stressed out kid returning from school can be allowed to have a little bit of fun with his mates on their favorite Video games. It will definitely make them happy but it is extremely important to have agreement on the timings of play as well as duration.

Needless to say, the above points are only applicable only to clean and non-violent games that has certain positive themes and learning around them. Violent and obscene games are still bad for your kids.


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