Shaking It Up In The Armoire

Everyone has A Look. The capital letters are there for a reason; we all have a unique style in our fashion, hair, makeup, and accessories. The way we present ourselves makes a statement about who we are. Hair tightly pulled into a bun says you’re all business, while unfettered locks hanging about the shoulders with little attention beyond shampoo will flag their owner as, uh, earthy.

So we shop around for cosmetologists, hair stylists, and clothing stores that match our little mosaic of preferences. But many times we neglect the one component that is often the most durable: jewelry.

What goes on ears and around necks, wrists, and fingers has changed a great deal from what your grandmother wore 60 years ago. Today you can find far more variety, and your selections from this eclectic mix of styles will do as much to define your look as any garment you don.

How is all that variety generated? What are the influences that have fed into the massive pool of jewelry styles and types that are available? There are several main reasons why we’re seeing an overwhelming selection at our jeweler today.

Doors Open To New Ideas

Let’s face it. There’s a treadmill in fashion, created by the perpetual need to do something that’s never been seen before. In many cases, that’s achieved by presenting things that actually have been seen before but were in style so long ago that, as they say, everything old is new again.

Most innovation comes from placing truly new ideas on the market. As one example, the standard was once that any diamond other than a pristinely clear stone was not desirable. Now unique black diamond rings are surrounding fashionable fingers, giving a sleek and beautiful accent that, of course, matches everything. Little black dress, meet the little black diamond.

International Influence

While France largely ruled the day when it came to nearly all fashion many years ago, a jet-setting world is now far more esoteric. The influence of Asia and Africa is far more significant now. While their established jewelers and history of creating beautiful pieces will always keep Europe on the fashion stage, there is certainly room now for more performers. This incredible variety of influences is generating an amalgamation of looks that provides more flexibility than ever for the fashionista looking to distinguish herself in the crowd.

The Accumulation Of Generations

It’s not just geography that is broadening the world of jewelry fashion. It’s also time. That ongoing cycle of new looks we considered above is giving some long-term variety to jewelry styles. After all, new lines are released frequently but most women keep jewelry for many years. So the piece you buy this year may go with one from your college days, and they may be joined by an heirloom piece that goes back many years. And the daughters you raise will pick up ideas and items from your generation, and the evolution of style will continue.

Trends in jewelry fashion change like the sands of a desert. Things come and go like the wind, adding and subtracting but also rearranging. The impact is a growing base of ideas to work from and a greater chance of identifying what works for you.