Simple Ways to Attract More Clients

A marketing manager’s constant quandary, the focus of any business should be attracting new customers. From girl scouts selling cookies, to the largest multinational, if you’re not focused on generating new business then you’re not planning for long term growth. Resting on your laurels and remarketing to the same client base time after time will eventually lead to the stagnation or decline of your business, so check out these simple ways to attract more clients today:

Know Your Customers

Wait, what? Didn’t you just say “attract more clients”? Yes. But not at the expense of your existing ones. Ever seen a promotional offer from your Internet provider offering a discount for new subscribers? But, what about loyal members? If your focus is only on attracting new clients, then you risk losing existing ones who resent the preferential treatment that your newcomers receive. Now you’ve lost a high-spending loyal customer for a one-off impulse-buy.

Know who your most loyal customers are, where they live, how much they spend and what they buy. If you haven’t heard of it before, the concept of buyer persona is key here. Before you sit down and blandly create a sweeping message to all your customers, think about who you’re writing to, what they look like, how they feel and what they do; and write as if you were speaking to them. Thank them for their business. Incentivize them. Offer referral programs. Make them so damn happy that they’ll sing your praises to anyone who’ll listen – especially potential new customers.

Build Alliances

Start to generate traffic for your website by exchanging links with sites who offer non-competing services that complement your own. Start a SEO Blog and make sure that you keep it updated. Invite opinion formers to contribute articles and offer guest posts at relevant blogs. All of this will not only get your company seen by more people (hopefully the right people), but you’ll get seen by Google as well, from the quality referral links pointing to your site. Building up respectable links and alliances is not an overnight job though, so if you’re short on time, you should try partnering with an experienced SEO company, like BrightEdge.

Optimize Your Site

Making sure that your site is easy to find and that your content is engaging, contains the right balance of keywords to informative content, and instructional CTAs (calls to action) telling users where to go and what to do is a great way of attracting new clients. You can hold the most exciting promotions, have the flashiest web design, or write the most appealing content, but if it’s not optimized for search engines and if you don’t have the right SEO platform in place, then you’ll be speaking to deaf ears.

Michael Peggs is the founder of SEO agency Marccx Media, where they specialize in white hat link building, SEO and Content Marketing. Before Marcxx, Peggs worked at Google in business development, forming digital media and advertising partnerships. He is also a blogger and podcaster, hosting the iTunes Top 10 New & Noteworthy podcast You University – The Personal Branding Podcast.