Romantic Picnic Ideas for Couples

When you hunt for picnic ideas for couples – especially for a romantic time together – you have to keep a few things in mind. Picnic is much more than good picnic food when it comes to couple’s picnic.

The following are some of the things that you have to keep in mind when planning for a picnic with your loved one or partner.

Purpose of the picnic

Picnic is much more than spending time together. A lot of couples make life changing decisions over a picnic. You have to first decide on the occasion (e.g. Valentines day, Her/His Birthday, Anniversary) and what to achieve at the end of the day – it could be probably a good time to propose to her, some time together to sort things out, talking about planning kids and even preparing for that.

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Time and location chosen

If you are looking at a family picnic a lot of people may set off early in the morning to be back before the sun is at its peak. However, when it comes to a romantic picnic for couples, something like a early to mid-evening is probably the best time.

When it comes to the locations, you have to go for a place that doesn’t tire you out. Having chosen the evening time, if you get to go for a picnic near water bodies – where streams or waterfalls are present – would be just out of this world. Picnics are even more exciting when you get to hear the nature’s sounds like chirping of birds and sights such as the beautiful sky or setting sun.

Regardless of the place, make sure that you give utmost priority to the safety of the place chosen and be prepared to hurry back in case of any bad weather, unexpected people, animal threat etc.


Picnic can be more romantic and exciting with a few surprised packed in. It could be as simple as her favorite dessert, a bunch or roses, a few candles or something to cherish for life such as proposal ring or even the keys to a new home. More than the dollar value of the gift, the surprise factor is what matters.

Packing some surprises is the key success ingredient of a romantic picnic

Some of the other surprises could be singing a song for her or playing a musical instrument for her that she never knew you were good at.

Picnic Food Ideas for Couples

Wine is probably one of those indispensable things that makes a perfect romantic evening picnic. When you chose food for picnic, cook those things that are delicate and less troublesome for your stomach. Something sensual and delicious add value to the occasion and obviously you have to choose things that don’t get spoiled easily in the picnic basket.

If you are not a good cook, it’s not a bad idea to pack food from a caterer. Also, unlike those whole family picnics, it’s better to avoid cooking and grilling on the picnic spot where you want to spend more time talking to your partner.

How to spend time together?

Do a lot of talking looking into each other’s eyes and listen a lot to your partner as well. Avoid unpleasant topics and things that could end up in arguments. Talking about nature, stars, skies and beauty in general make a picnic more romantic.

Things to avoid include talking over your mobile phones (keep it on mute or shut it off), laptops, playing the radio or even teaming up with friends or other couples that you may accidentally bump into. Sporting activities, puzzles and games are not exactly part of romantic picnics. At the end you have to make sure that you both don’t tire yourself up by overdoing or stretching the picnic.

Needless to say to make the best out of a picnic, the weather and suitable clothes play a major role. Also, the right picnic accessories need to be packed up based on a planning list.

Have a good time together with your partner!

Amazing Picnic Backpack

Packing List for Vacation

What is the relevance of a Packing List for Vacation? Basically an organized list is pretty much the very first requirement to get your suitcase packed (Read: How to Pack a Suitcase Efficiently?)

When you are going to pack for a trip, you need to be aware of how long you are going to be there, how hot or cold it’s going to be, the places you are going to stay or what you want to do there. With these things in mind you will need one or more suitcases, organization, vacation packing checklist, hotel accommodation information, travel sized containers, leak proof bag, small bag or purse.

Let it start with a Packing List for Vacation…

  1. First, make a check list of all the things you need according to your itinerary. Ideally you need two copies of your packing list – one for your return journey as well. When you travel with family, this checklist will contain as many individual sections as the number of travelers plus a common section for all
  2. Pack 2 to 3 days in advance and while keeping things in your suitcases, put a check mark against those items in your list
  3. Check with your hotel to see if they provide hair dryers, toiletries or towels, so you can avoid the same
  4. Pack cosmetics and toiletries in travel sized containers – preferably leak proof ones – and keep them separated from clothes
  5. Keep clothes and accessories to one to two color schemes, so you can mix and match. Also take a couple of quick dry items that can be hand washed
  6. Distribute the clothes evenly throughout the bag by rolling them
  7. Save room in your bag by wearing the bulkiest shoes and jackets (if the weather permits) while traveling to the destination
  8. Keep all your jewelry and other valuables in a small carry-on bag or purse
  9. Do not forget to do some study on the foreign currency and ATM availability in your destination, just in case you are traveling abroad. Accordingly, you may want to keep enough money with you while traveling
  10. If you are on medication, do not forget to carry your medicines in your small bag or purse
  11. If you are traveling as a family, try to dedicate one suitcase or bag per family within the allowed luggage limits
  12. Never over stuff your suitcases – a broken suitcase is a vacation spoiler and can cause embarrassment in public places
  13. While leaving home, do not forget to dispose your garbage, switch off your electric appliances and lamps, close windows and doors and inform your good neighbors
  14. While stuffing things back on return, do not forget to crosscheck with the other copy of your checklist

Bon Voyage!