Funny Computer Tricks

Personal computer users get to see a number of funny computer behaviors during their usage of their PCs. Plenty of jokes and cartoons have been made out of these PC screen dumps and strange situations.

Here are some of those funny computer tricks on Microsoft Windows that not only make a good share but also can be used as funny computer pranks on your friends. Please note that these are not the so-called Easter eggs in applications but most of them actual features or expected behavior (except the first one which is more of a prank)

1. Desktop Wallpaper Prank

Take a screen shot of your desktop using the PrtSc key and then open MsPaint, paste the image and save it on a known location. Now set this image as your your desktop wallpaper using the ‘Personalize’ option by right clicking on the desktop

Now delete some of those icons from the desktop but still it wouldn’t appear to go. You can easily confuse your friends with such a desktop wallpaper on a shared computer.

(You can distinguish the actual icons with the image by drag-selecting the desktop items with your mouse. Only real icons would get highlighted and selected in this case)

2. Invalid Folder

Open Windows File Explorer and try to create a folder by name ‘prn’. It will throw the following message. PRN, CON etc are reserve keywords for the operating system and you cannot create file names with these names.

windows explorer error

3. Folder Without A Name

From Windows Run menu -> type ‘charmap’ and press enter to launch the Character Map application.

Switch to system font in character map.

Double click on the ‘Empty’ letter in the sixth row (around in the middle as marked in the picture). Select the invisible string in the edit box (by drag selecting) and click ‘Copy’

windows character map

Go to ‘Windows Explorer’, create a new folder. To create a name for this folder, simply paste the empty string just copied using a Paste operation or by pressing (Ctrl+V) and press Enter. You have an empty named folder now.

You can have folder names with many funny characters too from that character map list (e.g. A folder name like ‘½’ or ‘~’ is very much possible)

4. Microsoft Word (2007 or 2010) fun

Open Microsoft Word and type in the following text and see the fun:

= rand.old()

It will dump the following text (3 times)

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

5. Firefox robot

In your Firefox browser address bar, type the following and hit ‘Enter’

Did you like the robot stuff that you get to see there?

If you have any such funny stuff to share, please add them as comments here:

How to Transfer music from iPod to New Computer?

Copying or transferring music files from your iPod to a computer or laptop usually involves paid third party software or tools.

Here is how you can do the same without having to install any other programs.

1. Connect your iPod to your computer or laptop via USB cable and wait for the PC to recognize the player. You have to ‘disk use‘ is enabled in iTunes.

2. Open your ‘Windows Explorer‘, locate your iPod icon at the left pane and click on it (Alternatively, you could open ‘My Computer’ and click ‘Devices with Removable Storage’ to locate your iPod)

3. Click on ‘Tools’ -> ‘Folder Options’ menu in the Windows Explorer. Under the ‘View’ tab, find the sub-folder called ‘Hidden files and folders‘.

4. Check or Select the option ‘Show hidden files, folders and drives‘ and click ‘OK’. On completion of this step, a new folder named ‘iPod_Control’ shows up.

5. Double click on the ‘iPod_Control‘ folder and open the folder under it called ‘Music‘.

6. Select all the folders there and copy them to a folder of your choice on your computer hard drive. You have now completed copying all your iPod music files to your computer. At this point you may disconnect your iPod if you wish to do so.

7. Open up iTunes. In the hard drive folder you copied the songs, open up each of the folders labeled ‘F##‘, then mark all files in that folder. Copy these files to another folder on your computer from where you can play them.

Please note that this method works only with iPod Classic or iPod Nano. For iPod touch you may have to use some software.

Also, for transferring music from an iPod to a new computer (than the computer from through which you purchased the songs) involves authorizing the new computer via iTunes Store -> Authorize Computer option.

Enjoy your music from your computer now!

How to Clean a Laptop screen?

Dust, finger prints and smudges are all attracted to a laptop screen. A clean laptop screen means less strain for your eyes and this also helps you with high precision computer tasks.

What to clean laptop screen with?

You don’t need to go for expensive cleaning agents to clean your laptop screen. All that you need are the following:

  1. Cotton balls, a soft cotton cloth or sponge
  2. Distilled water
  3. Isopropyl alcohol (an alternative would be white vinegar)
  4. Spray bottle

Steps to clean your laptop screen

  1. First of all, read your computer’s manual for any cleaning product restrictions
  2. Turn off the laptop and keep the monitor opened in a wide angle. Spread a towel on the laptop base covering the keyboard
  3. Wipe the screen with a clean cotton cloth or ball to remove any dust
  4. Make a mixture of 50% distilled water with 50% isopropyl alcohol (or white vinegar) in the spray bottle
  5. Spray a fresh cotton ball or soft cloth with the solution and wipe the laptop screen in a gentle circular motion

Enjoy your clean laptop screen!

Things to avoid

Never spray the bottle content directly onto the screen – it can easily seep through the panel and spoil the electronics.

Never vacuum your laptop with regular vacuum cleaners. You could however use low power blowers.

Never try to rub and clean the screen with rough clothes or even your fingers.

Never press the sprayed cotton ball too hard while cleaning the screen. Otherwise, excess solution may flow down into to the screen frame or keyboard area.

And needless to say, one may avoid expensive screen cleaning liquids, static dust cleaners, mini vacuum cleaners etc if you were to opt for the cleaning method explained above. At the same time, don’t over do it – It is ideal to maintain a weekly frequency schedule to clean your expensive laptop screen.