How to Block a Phone Number?

Do you have a prankster or an ex who keeps dialing your number and you want to block that phone number?

Worry no more!

Based on your phone model and your carrier there are definite ways to block a phone number. Let us find out how to block a phone number by making use of some of the easiest services and with the help of technology as well.

How to Block a Phone Number from calling you?

Following methods explain how to block a phone number and one of these methods WILL work for your particular case.

National Do Not Call Registry

If you want to block pestering telemarketers from calling you, then the way to go is the National Do Not Call Registry. Once you register yourself at the DNC Registry then you will stop receiving call from telemarketing call centers and even if you receive a one-off call, you may take legal steps and compensated for the same. Please note that DNC takes up to a month to activate your registration.

Carrier Assistance to Block a Phone Number

In the US, some phone carriers offer paid ways to block phone numbers, AT&T being the leader at that.

AT&T Wireless: A&T Smart Controls offer a service called Parental Controls that can be used to limit the incoming and outgoing numbers (i.e. who can call you or whom you can call). Though, it is meant for parental controls, it works well for blocking a prankster.

Other carriers: If your carrier is Sprint, T-Mobile or Verizon, unfortunately there is no service like the one AT&T provides. However, you could always use the Caller ID feature and a good Call blocker Caller ID device to permanently block unwanted phone numbers.

(Note: Please check with your Carrier once before investing on a call blocking device. Some of the carriers have started offering limited options to block five or ten selected numbers)

How to Block a Phone Number on Your Specific Phone Model?

Android Phones: If you have an Android phone, then you can Download the FREE Call Blocker application for your phone to get freedom from all unwanted calls. This is an extremely good and user friendly android app.

iPhone: If you are an iPhone user there’re paid applications that you can use to block unwanted calls. You may search the iTunes market place for a suitable app or use something like MCleaner that works like a charm.

Blackberry: How to block a phone number on Blackberry? Well, there are good call blocker app on BlackBerry as well. The one I have seen working good on my friend’s phone is the Call Blocker Professional.

Windows Mobile Phones: There are a number of phone blocker apps for Windows Mobile that you can dig out by searching. I do not have a particular application to suggest for the time being but I have seen many.

Nokia: If you own a Nokia smart phone, you may use the BlackList or Best BlackList app to block unwanted numbres.

Most phone manufactures have started realizing the need to have options within the phone itself to block certain numbers. Some of them have options to redirect calls to voicemail if the incoming call is not from a created list. Check your phone options for any such features.

Services like YouMail

Free web services like YouMail can be used to block unwanted voice calls to your mobile phone. Check your phone’s compatibility with such services before going for the same.

Good luck for taming your phone pest or prankster! And if you know any other method to block a phone number, please share your tip as comments here.

Cell Phone Use While Driving – Safety Tips

Global usage of cell phones has been increasing at an alarming pace for the past two decades or so. We have witnessed the fixed line phones being replaced to a great extend by mobile phones for personal or individual use if not exactly for business purposes.

At the same time, the way in which people (mis)use cell phones has been quite disturbing as well. No matter where they are, mobile phones use – especially in the public – is sometimes annoying for other people be it in the lift, theater, on road or while driving.

Cell phone usage while driving in particular is quite dangerous for not only the people in the car but also people on the road.

Bad side of cell phone use while driving

Studies have revealed that the distraction related accidents caused while using cell phones have actually much more than driving under moderate alcohol levels (0.08% BAC) in the blood (Read: Mobile phones and driving safety). For a person who is speaking on the mobile phone while driving, the brake onset time and recovery time increase significantly while braking force and balance of the vehicle reduce drastically.

If you are involved in texting and driving simultaneously, the consequence is even worse as many fatal accidents of even celebrities and sports personnel have taken place during texting.

In many countries, cell phone usage while driving is an act that is restricted by law and hence even if you don’t meet with an accident you can be penalized or sometimes your driving license canceled.

What if you have to use cell phone while driving?

If for some reason, you have to make or receive an important call during driving please follow the safety tips below:

  1. When you have to make a call while driving, please pull over and dial the number. Texting and punching in numbers requires you to take your eyes off the road and concentrate on the mobile keypad for a few seconds and that is good enough to cause an accident
  2. If you are using a hands free kit or bluetooth device in your car, go for the ones with voice commands enabled so that you can make or receive calls with lesser distraction
  3. Never do texting and driving simultaneously. Make a hands free call instead, if it is an unavoidable call
  4. Please note that hands free doesn’t mean that you are absolutely safe. Talking on the handsfree device can still cause accidents depending on how involved you are with the chat. As much as possible, you have to avoid phone calls during driving. By the way, several countries have already banned all types of phone usage – be it handfree or handheld. In the US itself, individual states have different set of rules and age bars on handsfree usage
  5. Please note that cell phone usage is just one of those things that causes accidents. Lighting a cigarette and putting on makeup while driving can be equally hazardous

Please remember, your life is much more valuable than a phone call, however important it is.