Car Accessories for Girls

Well, cars are getting funkier and there’s a car model out there that suits your age group and lifestyle. In 21st century cool automobiles are no more a men thing as girls are into funky and fast cars as well.

This century also witnessed cars transforming from mere family transportation mechanism to something that is more individualistic. This is probably explained by the fact that there are more than 2 cars per household, on an average, in the United States. Obviously there are plenty women drivers out there who own cars.

With more and more women preferring cars like Volkswagen Beetle, there’s enough opportunity for them to decorate the interiors of their machines with a lot of pink car accessories as well.

Here are some of those cool girl car accessories.

Car Accessories for Girls

This is our pick of 5 accessories for the fair sex. There are plenty more out there at your favorite online store.

USB travel kit
USB Travel Kit

car accessories for girls - pink license plate
Pink License Plate

roadside emergency kit for women
Roadside Emergency Kit

car accessories for girls - Pink Car Seat Covers
Pink car seat covers

Girl Car Sticker
Funky car stickers

There are plenty more girls auto accessories like pink steering wheel cover, wheel caps, alloys, car coasters, funny and expressive stickers, dashboard accessories, perfumes, floor mats, decorative items etc.

You may check out more such stuff at this page.

By the way, pinks are not the only option available when it comes to car accessories for girls or women. And based on your budget the accessories cost can vary from a $10 or $20 to several thousands. There are fun loving women who spend a lot on customizing their car exteriors and interiors.

So girls, are you ready to get, set, go with these cool car accessories especially designed for you?

Why not and why should boys have all the fun?

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