Touch Screen Maintenance & Cleaning Tips

Touch screens are everywhere these days – Not just on your Smart phones, MP3 player and Tablets but also on new generation All-in-One PCs, information consoles and many other devices.

However, improperly maintained touch screens result in scratches and other damages which in turn cause lack of response or total dysfunction. Here are some tips to maintain your touch screen devices using the right screen cleaning method.

How to take care of your Touch Screen devices?

If you are using your touch screen phones or gadgets under normal weather conditions, it would be good enough if you keep your nails trimmed and palms cleaned. However, if you happened to live in extreme cold conditions, you may have to use touch screen gloves.

While keeping the device down: Needless to say, one shouldn’t keep a touchscreen phone or gadget with its screen facing the surface. Moreover, it’s not advisable to keep touch screen gadget on potentially wet surfaces such as dining tables, kitchen counter or near a bathroom sink where water, soap form, acidic liquids such as vinegar or even your hand sanitizer drops could spoil the device screen.

While using the device: It’s better to avoid using touch phones while eating or doing chores. Also, if you have just washed your hands or sanitized, let it dry before you use your expensive smart phone or tablet PC.

Usage of screen guards: Screen guards, though slows phone response a bit, improves the lifespan of touch phones greatly. However, the proper sized guards may not be available for all models of phones.

Cleaning Touch Screens

You should not use paper towels or tissues to clean your touch screen phones as some paper types can cause permanent scratches on your phone or gadget screens. Also, never use your dry hand to clean or scratch a visible dirt piece out.

Here’s the right way of cleaning your expensive touch screen devices.

  1. Use a clean and dry microfiber cloth to gently dust the device including the screen
  2. Wet the microfiber cloth with a few drops of distilled water – Never wet the cloth too much or completely
  3. Gently wipe the screen with the wet cloth without putting any pressure on the screen
  4. Using a dry part of the microfiber cloth, gently clean the touch surface in a circular motion
  5. Dust off any remaining part of the fiber with the same cloth for super clean and responsive touch screen

Please note that you may also buy recommended touch screen cleaners for better finish.

If you don’t have access to any distilled water or any approved cleaning agent, you may also go by the proven method of breathing into the screen and wiping off the breath moisture with the microfiber cloth. And if microfiber cloth is not available, just use a clean part of the poly-fiber or light cotton shirt that you are wearing.

Which SmartPhone to Buy?

Well, when you ask this question to most people the instant answer will be something like ‘iPhone 4’ or ‘Samsung Galaxy’ or ‘HTC Desire HD’ etc. However, you SHOULD NOT go for a smart phone simply because it is a lifestyle gadget or everyone else buys one.

Ask yourself the following questions before deciding which smart phone is right for you.

1. Do you really need a smartphone?
If your priorities just telephony along with basic functionalities such as easy texting, contact management, camera, you still don’t need to go for a smartphone. On the other hand, if you require Internet access, advanced computing abilities, calendar and document management, social network access and sharing, then you need a smart phone.

2. Are you comfortable with touch screen or hardware keyboard?
Touch screen phones are cool but it may not be easy to use them for all age groups. For example, picking a call or hanging up on a touch screen phone is not an easy thing to do for old people. Smartphone keyboard type is a major decision that you have and make sure that you use both the options before going for the smart phone that is best for you. There are also touch plus hardware models in the market today.

3. Are you an International Roamer?
Though CDMA phones are more popular in the United States, if you are a frequent traveler to Europe and Asia, you might want to go for a GSM smarphone that works for your roaming profile.

4. Are you tech savvy?
Most smartphones need you to be a bit technically oriented to use the same. Many of the smartphone interfaces are still not simple enough to get you started. It is a fact that Android based smartphones are mostly preferred by techies and youngsters where as there are other smartphones that are simpler but may not be as powerful.

5. Are you fine with using both hands?
Smartphones get you the best result when used with both hands. It is not easy to use smartphone functionalities with just one hand. Once again, it is about the ease of use aspect.

In addition, smartphones are heavier and at times won’t fit into your pockets. Also there are maintenance issues like the need to charge more regularly – sometimes even twice a day based on your usage pattern.

6. Carrier and Package
Your wireless carrier (service provider) and the package that you sign up with will complete your smartphone purchase decision making process. Usually, expensive smartphones may be available at cheaper prices with a longer term signup with your carrier. However, you need to watch out for any hidden charges or increased rates for value added services. Also, you need to worry about the reputation of the particular carrier + package combo.

So, which Smartphone?

If you do not have any problem in using the touch screen and budget is not an issue, something like an Apple iPhone is what you need. However, if you want to lower your budget but do not mind going a bit technical, Android based touch screen phones may be one of the options. However, if you are one of those who hate to use touch screen all the time, then something like a BlackBerry Bold may be a good option along with some of the Nokia models. And if you are a total touch screen hater, go for a hardware QWERTY keyboard equipped smartphone.

I do not want to be specific here because the models keep changing every day.

Just keep your priorities in mind and ask yourself the questions above before making a final decision. And remember, a smartphone is STILL a phone and hence do not forget the telephony aspects and ease of use of the same.