Getting the Most Out of Each Exercise Session

In this day and age we place a lot of emphasis on the importance of exercise. The CDC recommends that adults do at least of 150 minutes a week of moderate intensity aerobic activity. If you exercise five days a week, that’s about 30 minutes a day. The CDC also recommends at least two days a week of and muscle-strengthening activities. If you don’t have a half-hour block to do your aerobic activity, the CDC recommends you try breaking it down into 10-minute bursts.

If you do manage to find 30 continuous minutes, plus whatever time you need to complete the strength training requirements, you need to make sure that you are doing all you can to get the most out of your workout.

Eat Before Your Workout

If you’re trying to lose weight, you might be tempted to do it on an empty stomach, to force your body to use your fat stores for energy.

The problem is that exercise creates an immediate need for energy, and your body may not be able to break down fat fast enough to meet that need. As a result, you’ll get fatigued faster and you won’t be able to exercise as intensely or as efficiently.

At the same time, you don’t want to eat a heavy meal because that can also interfere with your exercise. When you eat, your body sends a lot of blood to your digestive tract to absorb nutrients. If you exercise after eating a heavy meal, you may not have enough blood flowing to the muscles, resulting in fatigue and muscle cramps; or, the exercise will divert blood away from the digestive process, resulting in gastro-intestinal distress.

Your best option is to have something light, like an energy bar or a fruit smoothie, about a half hour before you exercise. You will have the calories and energy you need, but your digestive tract won’t be working overtime during your workout.

Wear the Appropriate Clothing

You don’t have to spend a $1 million on the latest workout gear, but your clothing should fit well but allow you freedom of movement, and help wick moisture and sweat away from your body. Your shoes should provide the support and cushioning appropriate to the task.

For example, running shoes are designed to ensure proper form and protect the feet and joints from the impact of running; whereas, tennis shoes are designed to handle the stops, start, and pivoting that occurs on the courts.

You also want to make sure you have the appropriate support equipment and clothing.

For example, if you run you might consider running tights that encourage blood flow. These types of compression tights offer a measure of pain relief during recovery and also help you regulate your temperature when exercising in hot or cold weather.

On the other hand, during your weight routine, you may want to invest in a weight belt to support your lower back, and gloves to give you a better grip.

Focus on Your Exercise

In a study published by researchers at Edge Hill University and the University of Hull, both in the UK, revealed that subjects who focused on their biceps, while doing biceps curls, had significantly more electrical activity within the target muscles than those who focused on other things. The researchers have extrapolated that the same thing occurs with other muscle groups as well.

For example, the next time you’re in spinning class, focus on your legs and pedaling instead of all the things you have to do after class.

Listen to Music

Music has a lot of benefits: It stimulates brain cells, it reduces stress, it reduces your response to pain, and it can help you exercise harder and longer.

Some gyms play their own music, but then you’re stuck with whatever the music service decides to play that day. Your best option is to create your own playlist on an iPod or Mp3 player, preferably one that you can strap to your arm, or clip to your clothing.

While smartphone technology has made it possible to use your phone as a music player, the notification sounds can easily distract you from your workout. If you must use your phone, turn the notifications off, including the vibrations, during your exercise session.

Stretch After Each Session

After exercise your muscles are usually tight, which can constrict blood flow. Stretching loosens the muscles to allow blood flow; improving your recovery time and reducing your risk of post-exercise soreness.

However, you should not stretch before exercising because you can actually do yourself harm by stretching before your muscles have warmed up.

How to Wow: A Man’s Guide to a First Date

There really isn’t anything more nerve wracking than a first date. That all-important first impression is critical, and we all go through a state of near panic at the thought. However, with a few simple tips and tricks those nerves can be placed on the shelf and you can learn to relax and have fun.

It’s true a lot goes into the perfect date, but it’s a misconception that you have to maintain a rigorous set of dating rules. Gone are the days when dinner and a movie are the only choices. We’ll take a look at cool and creative ways to choose an activity, the perfect first date outfit and some conversation tips sure to turn your first date into something more.

What to Wear

Your outfit choice will depend on what you plan to do on your date, but there are few simple rules to follow that are appropriate at all times.

  • Don’t wear a suit.  Unless you plan to go to the opera, don’t wear a suit or even a suit jacket. That type of look can come across as too formal and stuffy, and generally that is not the impression you want to give. Browse an online retailer like Man Alive for some comfortable and situation-appropriate clothing ideas.
  • Consider the time of day.  Daytime dates and nighttime dates have very different wardrobe requirements. Long trousers or jeans are okay for either time of day, but shorts should only be worn in the daytime, unless you’re having an evening beach date.
  • Think about your shoes.  The wrong shoes can sabotage your first impression, and you really don’t want that to happen. Make sure your shoes are clean and suited to your outfit. You don’t want your date making assumptions about you based on your shoes.

What to Do

Dressed Up First DateThere are so many interesting and fun things to do on a first date, it’s a wonder people have stuck to “dinner and a movie” for so long. While that activity choice has merit, it’s far from the only thing to do.

If you know a little bit about your date beforehand, think about some things he or she likes, and go from there. A carefully planned date including things he or she loves says that you’re considerate and thoughtful, which are both positive characteristics you want to impart.

  • Choose something outdoors.  An outside date is a great way to feel relaxed and comfortable. Combine that with some sort of structured activity, and you’ve hit first date gold. Take part in a beach cleanup, go on a guided bird-watching hike, or hit the local go-karting track. Being active together gives you a lot to talk about when you’ve finished the daytime portion of your date and move on to dinner.
  • Dinner and a movie with a twist.  While dinner and a movie may seem boring, there are ways to spice up this tried and true first date agenda. For instance, see the movie first and discuss it over dinner. Alternatively, choose a theater that offers a food and drink menu, then you can move on to post-movie cocktails. Lastly, check to see if a local park is offering an outdoor movie night. You can bring a picnic and a bottle of wine and watch him or her swoon.

What to Say

What not to say First DateMaintaining a conversation can be difficult under the best of circumstances, but with first date jitters that task can seem impossible. However, there are some amazingly simple topics to keep the conversation flowing.

  • Ask questions. The fact of the matter is people love to talk about themselves. The best way to keep a conversation going, especially when it seems to be lagging, is to ask questions. Make sure you keep your questions specific, such as “What’s your favorite thing about ‘Breaking Bad’?” so your date will think about his or her response before he or she gives it.
  • Keep up your end of the bargain. It’s true some people are more comfortable in first date situations than others, but that doesn’t mean you let your date do all the talking. Listen to what he or she says and respond appropriately. If he or she expresses a great deal of interest in something, ask him or her to tell you more about it. If your date asks you a question, give a response with specific information.

First dates should be fun, but they are often stressful. Make sure you relax, plan your clothing appropriately and choose something fun to do. If all goes well, you’ll be planning your second date, and maybe even the third one, before you know it.

Domestic Violence and Bullying: What’s the Connection?

Bullying is a problem across all segments of society. People of all ages, sexes and socioeconomic groups have been victimized by bullies — or become bullies themselves. According to a survey by the iSafe Foundation, more than half of all teens have been bullied at some point in their lives, and a CareerBuilder survey revealed almost 40 percent of adults have been the target of a bully in the workplace. Because bullying has been proven to contribute to poor performance at school or work, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression and even suicide, it’s vital we understand the causes of bullying behavior so we can take steps to prevent it.

Very few bullies engage in their abusive behaviors simply because they can or because they are not nice people. Bullying is officially defined as the repeated, aggressive use of power — whether physical, social, or intellectual — to harm or control another person. Bullies seek to create this imbalance of power, often to feel more in control of their own lives and circumstances. According to several recent studies, this need for power and control is often related to problems at home, most commonly domestic violence.

Violence at Home, Violence at School?

Any parent understands the basic concept of how kids gain information: children learn what they see. Children look for cues from their parents as to how they should behave or react in every situation.

Bullied KidTherefore, it only makes sense when parents engage in abusive, violent and bullying behaviors, their children learn to cope with the world using those same behaviors. This was the conclusion reached by a CDC study, which found the vast majority of bullies report witnessing or experiencing violent or abusive behaviors at home.

According to another study published in the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, the cycle of abuse often continues into adulthood. Researchers discovered both bullies and their victims have a much greater likelihood of becoming abusers in adulthood than those children who do not experience bullying. Another study, from Journal of Adolescent Health, discovered a correlation between bullying and sexual abuse and violence. According to the research conducted by the CDC and the University of Illinois, those children who engage in bullying behavior, particularly focused on sexual harassment or homophobic slurs, are considerably more likely to perpetrate sexual violence in the future.

Working Together to End Bullying

While there are clear connections between bullying behaviors and domestic violence, there are some differences in the perceptions of the victims of the crimes. Victims of bullies, particularly children, are often viewed as innocent victims of unwarranted attacks, while domestic violence victims are viewed by some as “deserving” their abuse because of their actions or behavior.  However, as the parallels between bullying and domestic violence become clearer, law enforcement personnel, MSCRIM students and victims’ advocates learn more about how these crimes impact individuals and society, the perceptions are shifting. Advocacy organizations are working to build awareness of the similarities between bullying and domestic violence and the connections between victims of abuse and bullying behaviors in hopes a better understanding will change popular perception of domestic violence victims.

Schools, local law enforcement, domestic violence organizations and health care providers are working together to identify and prevent violence sooner, and developing education and awareness programs to help stop the cycle of violence early on. Most schools have developed zero-tolerance policies for bullying, and professionals are being more effectively trained to identify the signs of domestic violence and engage in early intervention. Experts note children from abusive homes who receive effective treatment, including cognitive behavioral therapy, can break the cycle of violence and develop healthy, equal relationships.

The issue of workplace bullying is also receiving greater attention, especially since it is often connected to domestic violence at home. Experts at the Workplace Bullying Institute note someone who is bullied at work is more likely to be abusive or bullying at home because they want to regain the power they have lost at the office. Being abused at worked can trigger negative behaviors at home when a victim releases pent up anger and frustration on family members. Workplace bullying leads to lost productivity, high turnover and other issues, many workplaces are taking cues from schools and developing zero-tolerance policies as well as reporting procedures and stiff consequences for offenders.

Some bullies are cruel to others because they can be or because they think it is funny. However, more often than not, bullying is a learned behavior or the result of a need to regain control over at least one aspect of life when domestic abuse is a daily reality. Understanding the correlations between domestic violence and bullying brings us one step closer to solving the problem and helping people of all ages develop healthy, safe relationships.

Five Things Your Skin Needs Every Day

Everybody wants to have skin that is clear, beautiful and healthy. However, healthy skin requires hard work. There are several things that your skin needs every day in order for it to stay healthy. Below are some of the things that your skin needs to have every day:


If you are always under stress, then it will eventually begin to take a toll on your skin. Stress can worsen conditions like acne and eczema. That is why it is important for you to take the time to de-stress and rest every day. You can take a power nap to recharge your batteries. You can also take a bath or spend time talking to a friend.


Daily cleansing is essential for removing grime and dirt from your skin. Cleansing will also help remove the residue that is left behind by your skincare products. Use a cleanser that is appropriate for your skin type. You should also make sure that you use a product that is free of alcohol. If you are looking for a healthy way to treat eczema and other skin conditions, then you should consider looking into essential oils for eczema.


Water helps hydrate your skin. In fact, water is what your skin needs the most to keep it hydrated. It also helps flush toxins out of your skin. Many of the impurities in the skin can lead to acne. Additionally, water is essential for absorbing vital nutrients. Drinking water is one of the simplest things that you can do to keep your skin glowing and healthy.


Antioxidants are a group of nutrients found in certain fish, vegetables and fruits. They help fight free radicals, which are molecules that damage the healthy cells in your body. Vitamin C and Vitamin E are two of the many nutrients that your skin needs. Vitamin C helps your body build collagen, which is essential for keeping your skin looking plump. You can get adequate amounts of vitamin C in citrus fruits, apples and whole grains. Vitamin E is essential for keeping your cell membranes healthy. You can find vitamin E in wheat germ oil and peanut butter.


Many people think that sunscreen is only important during the summer months. However, if you want to keep your skin looking its best, then you will have to wear sunscreen year round. It does not matter whether it is hot or cold outdoors. The sun’s rays can still harm your skin during the winter months. You not only reduce your risk of developing skin cancer by putting on sunscreen, but you can also protect your skin from aging. The sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause your skin to age much faster.

Experts recommend wearing a sunscreen with a sun protection factor of at least 15. If your skin is very sensitive and prone to sunburns, then you will need to wear a sunscreen with a Sun protection factor of at least 30. Your sunscreen will need to be re-applied every few hours.

It is impossible to have healthy skin without a good skincare regime. Your skin needs rest, water, antioxidants, cleansing and sunscreen every day to be healthy.


Must-Have Hair Accessories For Women

Every woman knows that her hair is her crowning glory. Thus, it requires more than a fair bit of maintenance. But we’re not only talking about having the proper cut and style, or undergoing special treatments to keep them healthy, sleek, and looking like a million dollars. The entire look of a woman can change with the use of one or two hair accessories. Here are some of the must-have hair accessories that every woman should have in her ‘hair arsenal’.

  1. Wide-toothed Comb or Round Hair Brush
    No, finger-combing would never be enough. Get rid of those tangles by running a wide-toothed comb through your hair. A brush could easily restore volume, bounce and shine whenever your hair starts to go limp or frizzy because of the wind or heat.
  2. Hair ties and elastics
    A girl should always have hair ties or elastics with them to tie their hair back when the situation calls for it. There are so many designs for hair ties out there right now: knotted hair ties, hair cuffs that add elegance to what would have been a plain ponytail, and even some embellished elastics that could double as bracelets when not worn on the hair.
  3. Hair clips and pins
    Wayward tufts and tendrils can be quite distracting, not to mention ruin the sleek look you’re aiming for. Have hair pins on hand. If you’re not keen on using elastics and hair ties for your ponytail, use barrettes instead.
  4. Headbands
    Headbands are no longer those boring strips of cloth that are mainly utilitarian in nature. Nowadays you’ll find many embellished headbands (floral designs, spikes and studs, and even cat’s ears!). Depending on what look you’re going for, you can be edgy, sweet and romantic, or chic and sophisticated. It’s all in the detailing. And best of all, they could keep your hair out of your face and keep it contained!
  5. Headwraps and turbans
    For those who are more adventurous when it comes to fashion, wearing headwraps and turbans is a must. It gives a woman that hip vibe, indicative of being free-spirited. These are for more casual looks, like when you’re going to an outdoor concert or music festival. Turbans, on the other hand, are more suitable during colder weather, since they could keep your head warm, protect your hair from the elements, and still make you look great!
  6. Hats and caps
    Now, you’d probably think that anything that will cover your hair does not qualify as an accessory. That’s not true. With the right hat or cap, you can actually draw more attention to your crowning glory. A fedora, a floppy hat, a baseball cap, a cowboy hat… all these can

Now don’t go thinking you’d have to spend a fortune on these women s hair accessories. You can easily make them from home. DIY knotted hair ties, for example, can be made from simple elastics. Add a ribbon or some beads if you want to add more flair to it! You can even use a simple scarf as a headwrap or a Bohemian headband. You just have to use a little bit of that creativity and a whole lot of imagination!

Car Accessories for Girls

Well, cars are getting funkier and there’s a car model out there that suits your age group and lifestyle. In 21st century cool automobiles are no more a men thing as girls are into funky and fast cars as well.

This century also witnessed cars transforming from mere family transportation mechanism to something that is more individualistic. This is probably explained by the fact that there are more than 2 cars per household, on an average, in the United States. Obviously there are plenty women drivers out there who own cars.

With more and more women preferring cars like Volkswagen Beetle, there’s enough opportunity for them to decorate the interiors of their machines with a lot of pink car accessories as well.

Here are some of those cool girl car accessories.

Car Accessories for Girls

This is our pick of 5 accessories for the fair sex. There are plenty more out there at your favorite online store.

USB travel kit
USB Travel Kit

car accessories for girls - pink license plate
Pink License Plate

roadside emergency kit for women
Roadside Emergency Kit

car accessories for girls - Pink Car Seat Covers
Pink car seat covers

Girl Car Sticker
Funky car stickers

There are plenty more girls auto accessories like pink steering wheel cover, wheel caps, alloys, car coasters, funny and expressive stickers, dashboard accessories, perfumes, floor mats, decorative items etc.

You may check out more such stuff at this page.

By the way, pinks are not the only option available when it comes to car accessories for girls or women. And based on your budget the accessories cost can vary from a $10 or $20 to several thousands. There are fun loving women who spend a lot on customizing their car exteriors and interiors.

So girls, are you ready to get, set, go with these cool car accessories especially designed for you?

Why not and why should boys have all the fun?

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What is my Body Type? Female Body Types Explained

What is my body type‘ is not exactly a question that most women ask themselves. But knowing own body type and shape is extremely important for women as this will help in deciding how to dress for your body type. The following are the major categorization of women body types.

What is My Body Type?

Body types or body shapes are mainly determined by the bust, waist and hips measures plus the shape and bread of one’s shoulder.

Straight or Rectangular body shape

Majority of the women fall into the straight or rectangle body type (first one in the picture). In this case, the hips and bust sizes are almost the same while the waist size, while defined, is not significantly less than either of these sizes.

Hour glass body type

This is the model type of body shape and probably the most feminine and blessed one! The bust and hips size in this case is roughly one and half times of the waist size. Perfect curves! (Second one in the picture – also known as sand-glass body shape)

Pear body shape

For a woman, the pear body type (also known as triangle body type) would mean that her hips size is more than the bust size. There’s probably a well defined waist but because of the larger hips, the waist line slopes out to the hips.

Inverted triangle body shape

This is more of a mannish shape. In this case, the bust size is much more than the hips size. Waistline in this case is not well defined and hips are noticeably narrow.

female body types
What is my body type?

Other body types

While the four types mentioned above are the typical body shapes, there are the following four variations of the above mentioned body types.

  • Spoon body type: This shape is sometimes called the ‘figure 8’ and is somewhat in between the hour glass and pear shapes. In this case, the hips are larger than the bust but there’s still a decent shape with defined waist. Upper thighs and tummy are usually on the bulkier side in this case
  • Top hour-glass body shape: This is a slight variation of the hourglass body shape whereby the bust is larger than the hips (while still having a very good shape)
  • Oval body shape: The waistline is larger than both the hips and bust in this case. The breast may be right sized in this case, though kind of offset by the middle bulge and usually the hips are narrow compared to the bust.
  • Diamond body shape: In this body shape, the waistline is larger than the hips and bust though the shoulders are narrow (compared to the hips). The breast size may be small in this case

You may quickly calculate your body type using this body shape calculator

Now, how to dress for your body type the question that follows ‘what is my body type‘ and we will be back with those tips soon.

How to Find the Right Pair of Sunglasses?

The most important thing to consider while choosing a pair of sunglasses is the shape of the glass frames and the shape of your face itself – the latter being more important. Do your face shape and the sun glasses frame go together?

Let us find out what is that exact shape and color of sunglasses that’s most suitable for you.

Sunglasses based on Face shape

If you have a round face, you should stick to angular and geometric frames in order to sharpen your facial curves. For example, the best sunglasses for round faces would have rectangular frames. Also, narrow frames will make your face look longer and less roundish.

Those with oval faces are probably the luckiest because most types of frame shapes will work. And just like the round faces, the oval faced people may wear square and rectangular frames that will add angles to those soft curves. The best sunglasses for the oval faces are those slightly wider than the widest part of your face.

If you have an angular square face, stay away from angular glasses and choose glasses with rounder edges and frames. This will help reducing the focus on your angular facial features.

For those with pure triangular faces with narrow forehead and wider cheek or chin, frames that are wider on top would be ideal. However, if you have an inverse triangular face shape (i.e. Upper part wide and narrow cheeks or pointed chin), you might want to go for rimless glasses with wider bottoms.

Finally, if you have an oblong face, avoid long or narrow frames but go for wide and square frames with good depth from top to bottom.

Color of the Sunglasses

The next thing to consider is the color of the glasses. Choose the color that goes with your skin tone, make up and the outfit that you are wearing.
The natural color of your hair also plays a big part in determining whether you would want to go with cool or warm colors.

Cool hair colors are brown, white, blue-black, strawberry blond etc. For such hair colors, the best suited sunglasses would be in colors like blue, pink, magenta, tortoise, plum or black.

Warm hair colors include Blond, red, black, golden brown etc. For such types of hairs, you may go with gold, copper, orange, off-white, bright red or coral colored sunglasses.

Other Tips

– If you have a smaller face, go for smaller frames. Larger faces may need larger glasses
– Unless you have the perfect oval shape, try to make the sunglasses line up with the side of your face.
– And don’t hesitate to try as many sunglasses as you want before picking the best sunglasses that suits you.

Believe me, selecting the right pair of sunglasses is a real time consuming task. But the right one will make all the difference!

Low Blood Pressure during Pregnancy

Low blood pressure in pregnancy is a common phenomenon as compared to high blood pressure (hypertension). It is important to understand Hypotension or low BP during pregnancy so that you don’t panic due to the obvious symptoms of low blood pressure.

Let us understand the symptoms of low blood pressure during pregnancy and what you could potentially do to lower its side effects.

Explanation for low Blood Pressure during Pregnancy

Fainting and dizziness are common symptoms of low blood pressure during pregnancy. Now, let us see the reasons for low blood pressure in a pregnant woman.

During pregnancy, the pregnancy hormone progesterone released into your body causes the blood vessel walls to relax. This along with the rapid expansion in the blood circulatory system causes a mild reduction in your blood pressure. By the way, similar process takes place during your menstrual cycles as well but for a shorter duration.

Between 18th and 20th week of pregnancy, your BP is at the lowest. Towards the end of your pregnancy cycle, your blood pressure comes back to its pre-pregnancy numbers.

Please note that we have been talking about hypo-tension or low BP here. If you happen to develop high blood pressure during pregnancy consult your doctor immediately, because there are different implications of high BP depending on which pregnancy week the high blood pressure symptoms surface.

How to tackle low BP during pregnancy?

  • Drink plenty of water or sweet natural juices diluted with water
  • If you feel like you are fainting, never try to walk but slowly sit on the floor wherever you are to avoid any sudden collapse
  • While getting up if you feel dizzy do not get up but lay there with your eyes closed and relaxed
  • Take a lot of rest by laying on your side during day time as well
  • If you are wearing a heavy jacket or something, remove it to cool you down and feel easy
  • If you feel dizziness all the time, consult your gynecologist

Enjoy your pregnancy without worrying too much about the low blood pressure. You are doing just fine!