The Best DIY Projects to Save Money and Sell Your Home

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The winter months are generally accompanied by a lull in the real estate market.  There are fewer buyers looking for homes and fewer sellers ready to list theirs.  Now that the New Year has begun, buyers are starting to browse the market again.  The rejuvenating, renewing feeling that spring exudes, creates a surge in home buying.  This is a great time to list your home if you are considering selling in the near future.  However, coming off of the holidays, you may not be able (or willing) to allot large amounts of your savings to home improvement.  The following are do-it-yourself projects aimed at freshening up your home, without spending a lot of money. 

Spruce Up Your Paint Job

A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference in appearance and appeal of your home; both inside and out.  Add a fresh coat of paint to your walls, moldings and cabinets, and completely revamp your interior space.  This project is one that can be done yourself, without having to spend large amounts of money. Spending a little extra on proper tools will make your life much easier when it comes to painting (think edging tools, roller extensions and paint tape).  If your budget allows room to spend a little bit more, a new coat of exterior paint can have a drastic impact on your curb appeal as well.

Restore your Hardwoods

Years of wear and tear can damage hardwood floors, making them appear drab and worn.  With a little bit of money and some patience, you can completely restore and refurbish the hardwood floors in your home.  This do-it-yourself project won’t cut into your finances and can greatly increase the value of your property, making your floors look brand new.  This three-step process simply requires that you thoroughly clean the surface, sand down the top layer of wood and what remains of the seal, and apply a new layer of polyurethane.  While it takes some time and you will have to rent an automatic sander made for floors, this project offers the chance for a huge return on investment.  Floors are often the first thing people see when they enter a home. For more detailed information about renovating hardwoods yourself by visiting Comfree’s post about it here.

Organize and Get Rid of Clutter

When prospective buyers come to view your home, they want to be able to envision it as their own.  That can be hard to do if it is cluttered and organized with your belongings.  It can be difficult to see past the objects, and glimpse the real potential of the house.  Invest in some great storage options and use them to neatly organize your things.  This home staging trick can actually be applied to both indoors and outdoors, says this post by Canadian Living. The de-cluttering trick will let potential buyers see themselves in your space.  It also exemplifies the functional storage and organization options that your home offers, thus increasing its value.

Enhance your Outdoor Space

During the spring, buyers are more apt to pay attention to the outdoor spaces of your home.  These months are often enjoyed with cookouts and time spent outdoors.  You can spend a small amount of money and still greatly add to the appeal of your yard.  Consider building a stone patio, ramping up your landscaping, or adding a water feature.  All of these additions can be done yourself, won’t drain your funds, and will help your home sell.  The biggest investment of these options is likely the stone patio.

Increasing the appeal and quality of your home, doesn’t have to mean draining your savings.  These affordable, do-it-yourself projects will increase return on investment come spring-sell time.  The result will be a home that looks completely renovated and restored, but you won’t be paying for it.  If you are considering putting your home on the market, use these tips to get the most out of the sale and good luck!