The bride’s mother will take longer to choose an outfit

It should not really come as a surprise to hear that some mothers of the bride will take around six days longer than their daughters in choosing the perfect outfit for the big day, according to research.

While a bride will take around 12 days looking at wedding dresses to choose ‘the one’, and many of them will choose their gown in their first visit, it’s not quite the same case for grooms or the mother of the bride.

That’s because they will take, on average, an incredible 18 days to choose their outfit for the wedding and visiting more than one outlet looking for designer wedding dresses which will offer them a variety of tastes and budgets.

One reason for this is that many mothers have been dreaming about their daughter’s wedding day for many years which means they believe they need the perfect outfit for the perfect day.

This delivers a challenge for the mother of the bride who then must take advice to avoid wearing the same colors, or even the same style, as the groom’s mother is wearing. However, the research reveals that just two in five mothers will know what their counterpart is planning to wear when they begin their search for a wedding dress outfit.

A spokeswoman for the firm that undertook the research said it was surprising how many mothers preferred to leave their choice of dress to chance rather than have what could be an awkward conversation with the groom’s mother.

One in five mothers of the bride also confessed to researchers that they began planning their wedding outfit search immediately after they had celebrated their daughter’s or son’s engagement with one in three saying they tried on many outfits before deciding what was the perfect ensemble. They also they had to find matching shoes, bags and hat with some also looking for designer evening dresses to change into.

This does not really help the 90% of mothers of the bride who confessed they worried about their outfits for the wedding and felt under huge pressure to look the part.

The research reveals that just two in five mothers know in advance what the other mother will be wearing and 5% said there had been a disagreement between the mothers over what to wear.

It’s always a huge help to find a bridal shop London where the stylists can give advice and tips on what to wear for the mother of the bride since they will have more extensive experience and expertise in judging what is the perfect outfit.