Three Ways to Stay Connected with New Clients

Your customers are the lifeline of your business. Every successful business owner understands the importance of having great customers. To ensure the loyalty of your customers, you have to be able to connect with them on a consistent basis. Competitors, hectic schedules, and technology can all get in the way of staying on the same page with your customers. A lot of business dealings include the use of technology, which can hinder the personal touch you want to provide your clients.

To make sure you remain connected, you want to utilize the technology to really get to know your customers and have them get to know you as a business. Here are some ways to get started:

Hold an Event

Even though your goal as a company is to sell a product or service, you must first educate your customers on what exactly your business is about.One way to show them who you are is to hold a conference. With so much technology surrounding us, it has never been easier to connect with your customers all over the world. However, nothing says customer service like meeting in person. New product launches and innovations are best presented face to face.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use technology to make your event special. Using a conference app like DoubleDutch, you can enhance the conference experience for you and your clients. You get access to real-time analytics and data streams that may, over time, improve your ROI. Attendees get access to conference schedules, more information, vendor contacts and more.

Use this opportunity to introduce yourself as a company and get a little more in depth about what you believe in. You can also use a conference app to help get your attendees engaged and excited about your products using live marketing.

Utilize Data

One way to really get to know what your customers are about and spend time engaging with them is through real-time data. People of all ages are flocking to social media to connect with friends and family members. You can tap into what’s trending during your event and stream it into other avenues, allowing more people to connect to your company. It also allows you to see what your customers are particular interested in and what they may not be. Even more so, you can build a community with your customers so that they remain loyal and attached to your company. This also provides you a way to stay on top of trends so you can adjust your business model to remain active and present in the industry.

Improve Your ROI

There are numerous ways to get your company’s products and services in front of your clients, but you have to turn your client’s purchases into a profit. In order to do this, you can use the conference app to improve your ROI. Tracking data trends and getting your attendees excited can help improve your sales and business. In return, you walk away with a bigger profit with less invested.