Ways to Make your Family Celebrations Memorable


Family get together events are always something to look forward to – be it for thanks giving, birthday parties or house-warming. With a little more imagination you can make your family celebrations even more exciting.

Family Celebration Ideas

Here are some ideas to make your family reunions or get-togethers more memorable and something to cherish forever.

  1. Click a big family photograph with all living generations included in the frame. To make it memorable, frame the picture and send it across to individual families post the event. Sharing it on the social network sites won’t have the same effect as a framed picture on the wall
  2. Shoot a lot of videos with whatever video cameras (or even phone cameras) are available. Capture every light moment during the event and shot while people do something funny. Videos are awesome souvenirs especially when they are taken during family events. When your kids grow up or a loved one passes away, you can always look back at those video recordings to see how things were/have changed
  3. Play a few family indoor games that every age group can participate – Fun quizes, spell-a-word, housie or anything like that would do. Do not go for those serious brain teasers or things that test your GK but more fun games would be ideal
  4. Play some fun soccer in the backyard involving every single member
  5. Let the oldest living member talk about the family history as much as he can remember and let the youngest generation know about how the lives of their great grand fathers were like
  6. Throw a kids party as a separate event during get together and let the kids showcase their talent like singing or acting abilities
  7. Have a family cooking game where every individual – man or woman – takes turn and prepare a dish each
  8. Display family artifacts that were inherited over the years by generations and display small write ups about the same
  9. Play a story-telling game whereby elders start sharing their childhood stories – real or imaginary
  10. Display a family slide-show (digital or non-digital) of photographs in a convenient place in the living room

Well, every family event or celebration has to leave something to remember for the future and hence capture every moment as much as you can. There may be several other ideas to make your family get together exciting. If you have more such ideas, please share them as social comments here.