Web Content Writing Jobs to Earn Money At Home

content writing jobs

With millions of websites around – and 1000s of them still getting added every single day – the Internet has to be the biggest revolution of our times. More websites would mean more web pages which necessitates frequent updating of their content as well as fresh information added so that the these websites can attract more visitors (relevant website traffic). This is where the job of content writers come into the picture.

What is content writing?

Content writing is all about creating and editing web page content for the consumption of the website visitors or readers. These contents should be typed in and copy edited in a way that it is attractive for visitors that hit a website via searching (i.e. via search engines such as Google or via shared links on Socia media sites such as Facebook).

Properly written web content should be able to drive traffic to websites via proper use of keywords and phrases that people actually search for. This optimization part of the content is known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Content writing can be done for regular websites, blogs (weblogs), forums or advertising/promotion pages.

In short a content writer creates and copy-edits relevant information for certain websites in a way that it helps promote Internet traffic. If you have writing skills, then creating search optimized content is something that can be easily learned.

Where to find Content Writing Jobs?

As I just mentioned, to become a content writer, all that you need good command over written language. Obviously, you need to focus on the content organization, grammatical quality and formatting aspects as well. Then you need a computer that is connected to the Internet to receive your job orders and submit them via emails or directly via page submissions after completing the work from home.

Where to find content writing jobs? Well, if you search on Google for ‘content writing jobs’ or ‘seo content writing’ you should be able to find a lot of job opportunities. A good place to get some initial content writing assignments would be web forums (check out DP forums content creation section).

Your typical earnings for writing content would be $2 to $8 per page (or 500 words) to start with though the rate will go up with you becoming more and more experienced.

Overall, content writing is an excellent work at home opportunity for those who like to write. We will be back with another work from home suggestion in the next article in this section.