Which is the Best eBook Reader for You?

best ebook reader

Before answering this question you should understand What is an eBook reader?

An eBook reader is an electronic gadget that is designed to read electronic books or digital books. A lot of people confuse between an eBook reader and a tablet PC but both have different uses, though tablets can still support reading while promising more power and features.

To help with comfortable reading as well as to support the publishing standards, an eBook reader should have the following characteristics.

  • Light weight and thin for easy handheld reading
  • e-Paper technology for crispy readable text even in bright sunlight
  • Very long battery life to help with travel requirements
  • Support for common library formats such as PDF and EPUB
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection to fight piracy

So, Which is The Best eBook Reader for You?

It depends on a few parameters such as the size that is comfortable for you, your internet connection priorities (Wifi, 3G etc) along with the parameters mentioned above. Of course, price is a big concern as well because some of the eBooks that have come to the market are priced pretty high boasting new technologies. However, at the end it all boils down to the ease and comfort of reading and how easily you can download the books.

The eBook readers were initially devised and promoted mainly by the online book stores and by the same reason I personally like the Amazon Kindle Readers that are now available for prices as low as $75. Barnes & Noble NOOK is another competitive product from another book vendor.

Personally, I avoid high end and fancy looking eBook readers. If you are looking for eBook readers for old people, then you need to consider the simplicity of its user interface and controls more than the pricing part. Of course, it has to be a light weight one as well (Also read: Best tablet PCs for old people)

If you are interested in knowing the current technologies around eBook readers, please read this Wikipedia link on eBooks

Happy reading!