Why is Education Important?


Why is education so important? In the civilized modern world we are taught by parents that we should to go to school(s) to get educated, earn a degree and get a good job. Is that what education is all about?

The importance of education

Given below are some of the reasons why education is very important in everyone’s life.

  1. For most jobs in the modern world, basic school and degrees are the bare minimum eligibility and specialty or professional degrees come on top of that as a major career defining parameter
  2. College graduates get several times more salary than undergrads or high school graduates
  3. The right education will enhance your brain growth, knowledge and thinking capability thereby making you a better performer at work and in life
  4. Good education and longer schooling develop your verbal and soft skills making you a more confident performer at work
  5. Continuous education – even after getting a job – will give you more competitive advantage over others

Is education about studies and knowledge alone?

Why is education important from a different angle other than acquiring knowledge and getting job advantages?

This is where the ‘civilization’ and ‘social grooming’ aspects come into picture. The education is much more than a degree. The right education grooms you as an individual who has to lead a good life in the society with good civic sense, social responsibilities, ethics and values. It is no secret that more educated individuals display more courtesy and awareness of his duties in life than just claiming his rights.

Another important difference between education (the knowledge it comes with) and your tangible assets is that nobody can steal or loot you of your knowledge. In fact, the more you share or the more others take it from you, the more knowledgeable and experienced you become. Isn’t that something amazing about knowledge and education?

So, send your kids to school and train them to get hungry for more knowledge throughout their lives. After all, the college dropout making it big in life is probably a good advertisement tag line but usually happens very rarely in life.